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  1. Steam said i had to chose wether i wanted to download the files off the cloud, or upload my local files. Figured my character that i had was in the cloud, but when i reentered the server my character hadnt just reset, it had also changed it gender (prbly bcs of the update) (played 3-5 min before the post went up)
  2. Hi guys Just played and went around with two boys on the american server, but i got disconnected. i was walking around with a tent in my hands without it being visible. looking on the ground it said "Pitch tent" and i figured screw it. Then i got disconnected afterwards i found out mu character was on my computer and not on the cloud, which apparently is a big "no no". So now my character reset and the two boys are all alone out there :l I was just wondering if any of you guys could explain how to utilize the whole Local files/Cloud files? sry for the rant
  3. thx bois, i guess ill retrace my steps tonight, camps of the north east watch out im gonna jack ur shit
  4. Hi guys, a few times while i was playing today i came by tents in woods, piled up with stuff. are these defined as settlements, and can i freely snatch up the loot for myself or is that generally frowned upon while the current owners are afk or other disposed? Saw some good stuff in those tents too any tips would be appriciated
  5. Alz

    Nooby question

    the dark deed is done :l (anyways; me doing a girl voice might screw up the rp)
  6. Hi guys im super new to the community and just joined the server, my char is male and i accidently didnt change the char and was spawned as a female. Should i just find a high place or is there a way to change ingame - ty
  7. sry m8, just figured i could ask around to find the piece of text i needed since this question seemed a little specific (im done now so its fine) if u happen to know the directions to a the place i can learn about the scenario tho, id love to read it through since i feel i got through on some weird terms
  8. Hi currently going through the process of answering test questions and fell upon this puzzle " -do not post whitelist questions- " since the person is a stranger and cant be deemed a group member or friend we cant share rights, but the hostile actions taking place seems to warrant reaction :l can anyone direct me to a place where i can get a definitive answer to this question, cus i cant seem find a mention of this instance ty
  9. dang got one wrong again.... 8 hours here i go i feel lke this question is kinda weird, since it doesnt state that u r part of a faction, (by calling ur friends, friends and not clanmembers) it seems to me that only other factions can attack the settlements, which apparently isnt correct http://prntscr.com/djayzw i guess it afterwards state the opposite :l
  10. np buddy, i havent yet passed the test myself, since the timer seems to reset without me gettin to answer questions :l
  11. hi m8 im new aswell, this might be what u r looking for http://www.dayzrp.com/dayz-lore/
  12. same thing just happened to me