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  1. (dyslexia dont judge to hard i have done my best) As i was in the middle of making camp for the Night and as i bent over kneeling and lit my small fire in a covered ravine i felt a presence i lookt up and saw a stranger an old man in rags only skin and bone, i grabd for my rifle cursing to myself for not hearing him come but stops midway as the stranger said in a low toned voice no need my son in English but whit a clear distinction of a Russian accent im just and old man hoping to share the fire whit you for a while is that okay? i look at him suspicious but said okay, if he wanted me harm i had been dead by now i thought. The old man sat down and like magic he pulled out a small dead rabbit from his rags, my mouth started to water and the old man looks at me and said tell me your story and the rabbit is yours. i didn't belive my ears can this old fool be real? i cleared my mouth and said come again? he repeated what he said and i ask where do i start? the old man looks at me whit big ice blue eyes and said joyful how about your name and We'll See Where it Leads Us? Okay i sad and started. My name? its Sven Ericsson but my friends calls me Ded13eaT, (pronounced Deadbeat) cause of my lazy traits hehe my chuckle died fast and i felt a sad chill gripping my heart, used to call me i corrected myself, now its the only name i go by as a hollow reminder. my childhood was challenging whit a drunk to father and a week mother that just did as he said at the age of 6 i had to take more and more care of myself cause of the death of my mother as she had "fell down some stairs" my father said, i hated him and his staind tanktop from vomit and ash as quickly i could i joined the military at the age of 16 and i never lookt back as the years past. I got deployd in Chernarus as a swedish UN Officer (Cpt) whit my squad overseeing and maintaining order to the help workers that was sent in after The Chernarus Prime Minister declared a state of emergency, requesting reinforcements and supplies from the United Nations. As order sixty-two went underway the situation became more and more unstable whit the CDF bleeding thin in numbers and resources, by the time my squad got the information the borders where already closed, The most CDF wiped out and no contact was made whit the command we had to hold out and help manage a refugee camp outside Sverdlovsk. As i gave up a loud sighing after remembering the camp and all the memory's that came whit it i stood up to stretch and faced away from the fire and continued whit my eyes closed and clutching my fists hard. There was an incident whit some civilians and UN soldiers at a roadblock and all hell broke loose as the people of Chernarus turns against their protectors, my squad got killed one by one and i survived by blind luck falling in to a ditch in a hopeless retreat knocking myself unconscious they must have thought i was dead cause when i woke up dizzy and confused i was alone only hering some gunshots far in the distance. As i scratch my scruffy cut beard stubble and laid another log on the campfire i continued, that was over 2 years ago now i think? time flow so different now i cant even tell,anyway when i learnt about the what happend at the Russian borders from some fleeing farmers whit wild eyes to tired and scared to fight i traded the information for some water i had in my canteen and started roaming the towns looting what i can and traded what i didn't have for some spare 9mm bullets to a pistol i no longer had. I had been a solider my whole adult life so the infected, also known later as zombies i pointed out to the stranger across the fire was not my biggest concern food and water was, trading was always a risk and looting likewise. wen i didn' sold my services as a merc or Traded goods between settlements it was hard amd still is. I Turn around and the stranger is nowhere to be seen the only proof of his existence is the small rabbit laying next to the fire as the small shine of the fire is fleeing in to the night.