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  1. Lore search

    Wow, very useful, thanks
  2. Lore search

    Thank You very much=)
  3. Lore search

    Is this DayZRP community Lore? click here
  4. Lore search

    Oh my God, bro you made my day. There is almost all needed info here. This URL shoul be added in Information bar. Thank you very much But htere are still some questions like are there any questions which are not stated here, and what about Community Rules questions.
  5. Lore search

    Hello everyone I am a new on this server and I have got a few questions. I havent yet passed Whitelist test, because there are 2 problems: 1. There is some info. which I cant find while surfing the internet. This is an information about DayZ SA lore. I dont know where to find info about the first infected, first infected towns, etc. Please write maube some links where I can read this info. 2. There are some questions, answers for which are not stated in Community Rules. Like who can ban fow things that are not stated in rules, etc. Please, give some links or remove questions, which are not stated in Community Rules. And for Lore questions add please some links to read the info.