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  1. Since DayZ stand-alone's out and I've lost some interest in DayZRP for the time being, I'm planning on leaving a while - or I MAY just log on very rarely, it could be more than a month since I log in at any given time and I don't really want my whitelist to be wiped. How would I go about taking some time off without being thrown off? I have spent 20 euros in total in donation to this server - so I'm not planning on going forever, and I do hope to stick around for when DayZRP for stand-alone comes out!
  2. I thought this would have been a whole new feature to add to the game and was near impossible. I once discussed with a few friends - but if it's out there and exists, that would be absolutely awesome! +1!
  3. Words out of my god damn mouth. I agree completely with this - had a bad run in with a similar thing a few days ago where people tried to argue that the attempted abduction of a living person wasn't hostile as long as they didn't give the ultimatum "-or we will shoot". Despite all guns raised, surrounding one man and commanding him.
  4. Well. My post decided to delete 5/6 of itself. Ignore what I wrote; I'm too lazy to rewrite too it was basically about zombie hordes and stuff.
  5. I'm not sure how difficult it is to manage this for the admins but I would love to see random things crop up - such as when the Desal plant or any other safe settlement is full - the noise of cars, talking,
  6. This seems very well thought out and extremely viable to fill in any doubts of the old lore, that seems quite hit and miss with some people! Kudos!
  7. And to be honest, when people yell like that with their weapon pointed - people tend not to stop. Have you realised that?* If perhaps they said "HEY, PLEASE STOP. I NEED HELP!" Maybe somebody would be inclined to realise that the man is not hostile. *Because people think they are going to get robbed. The idea that the person is going to be hostile before them even saying! That's the point I'm trying to get across.
  8. Original that you would scrutinise in such a manner, really. There's a difference between ASKING someone to stop a car, or COMMANDING someone to stop a car. There's even MORE of a difference between asking if someone may take something rather than that they WILL be taking something whilst also aiming a gun at someone's face. Anyway, I don't want this to turn into the shit-storm that's going on with the thread, so I'm peacing out of this thread.
  9. I have never ever heard anything more absurd in my life. Which rational man would ever have done that. In Hollywood films 30 years ago, perhaps..
  10. I see - well, that's promising. I hope they get that sorted then!
  11. I'm sure people have realised the Create Vehicle Restriction bug where MANY people are getting kicked for some odd script error presumably. But I, myself, am having troubles even getting into the server - my computer and speakers are emitting a very odd noise when trying to load up the application after connecting from the lobby. If I alt-tab from the game, the computer seems to stop straining itself (no longer makes a noise) but obviously when I go back on, it continues to whir - something up with server 2? (I can join server 1 just fine and dandy).
  12. Whilst this occurs, I'm trying to log into server 2 and I'm stuck on the loading screen and my computer screen* is making a weird noise whenever I swap to the Arma app/loading screen, it's alright if I alt-tab. What is this doing to my damn computer haha(?) *The speakers from it are emitting an odd noise etc. P.S. I can't join the server and a LOT of people are getting kicked from this script error.
  13. What a grand reception! Very welcoming; thank you, I hope I do indeed enjoy my stay here! Looking forward to interact with you all (hopefully)!