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  1. *A thick Australian accent booms across the airwaves* "Looks like we have a bit of anti wolfpack propaganda. Unfortunately anyone that has met the wolfpack or is affiliated with the wolfpack, is going to know that you are full of more shit than a city waste treatment plant." "They have helped me on more than one occasion, and I have not seen them attack anyone that did not deserve it." "Keep up the good fight lads and ladets". *J.D. puts down the radio and starts packing up his kit to move to the next location.*
  2. *A thick Australian accent broadcasts over the frequency* "I was held hostage lastnight by them at Green mountain. It looks like they are trying to stir trouble at the charity camp in the Green mountain compound. I was lucky to get away with my life. Not so lucky for the guys that tried to storm the camp" *There is a small pause* "From what I could tell they were interested in my blood type and were wearing ping arm bands. They were that jumpy about raiding the camp that there were moments I was left by myself not knowing where or what to do." "They must have been recruits because they didn't know how to look after a hostage or have a proper plan to infiltrate the compound. Still a dangerous bunch of fellas though, keep safe mate." "J.D. out" *J.D. places the radio down and starts to pack up his great to move out*
  3. *An Australian accent booms over the airwaves* "J.D. here. I'm sorry to hear that Mate, if you are able to make it over the next day I'll try and work my way up north. I'm thinking I'm going to have to set up a medic outpost up there for people that fall to that same fate. Good luck Cobba, keep fighting the good fight." "J.D. out" *J.D. let's go of the PTT, gets out his map and starts plotting out a route for the northern sectors.*
  4. *A thick Australian accent transmits over the radio* "G'day Cobba it sounds like you are in a spot of trouble. I have the antigen you are looking for to help cure what we call down here 'toxic exposure'. The only issue is I'm located in Cherno and have no way of getting up north. If you are able to make it down here without kicking the bucket I'll be more than happy to patch you up. J.D. out." *The radio falls silent*
  5. *J.D. awakes from the crackle of the radio. He reaches for his radio and presses the PTT* "Hi there friendly neighborhood Doc. What region are we talking about here? Im an Australian firefighter based up in Severograd, I have medical experience, but would like to learn more and help out the community. Lets just say there are not a lot of fires that require putting out anymore. I know how to use an axe, I know how to use a gun, I know how to stitch and I know most of the drugs in the hospital and what they are used for. Looking forward to hearing from you" *J.D. Releases the PTT and looks out the window of the pub he is in. "If only there was some beer here."*
  6. Haha anytime mate. It was good, although with all the info we got I almost had an information overload I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time where we finished up. As an Australian every pub feels like home
  7. J.D.


    I think there is a glitch in the matrix
  8. J.D.

    One of Them

    haha @Abrun4 the car is still there
  9. Ha ha me too! Welcome mate
  10. @Mace thanks for chatting with me and letting me in on some secrets Hope to catch up with you again for sure! Until then take care
  11. It was good to catch up to @Connvexus and @Stradic today for some good old banta. Looking forward to catch up to you fellas again for sure! Pops and Gerry are a blast!
  12. I would like to give a big shout out to @arttu I had an awesome time chilling with you, although I almost froze to death at one point Hope J.D. gets to bump into you again at some point! I dare say he will hang around for a while.
  13. Hahaha! Any time mate. I had a blast with yous too, I'm keen to catch up again.
  14. Day 535 Today seemed like such a good day to go for a walk out of town. The streets were quiet the sun was shining, it did make the glare on the snow hard on the eyes. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for some new shades. It wasn't too long until the weather made a turn for the worse. I would have been about two kilometers from Novaya before it started to go dark. I wasn't sure if a storm was developing or I had lost track of time and it was very late arvo. Hmm mark watch to the list too. Nonetheless, I decided to high tail it back to Severograd as I knew I had most of my supplies there and I wasn't to prepared for a blizzard. I decided to hit up some of the facilities some of the old security contractors stayed at to see if they had left anything of importance behind. This must have been my lucky day. Not only was I able to find a bag with no holes in it, but I was able to find a long range radio unit. At the time I didn't care if it didn't work as I knew I had batteries and repair kits to work it out. The advantage of this particular fire station is that it has its own garage and work benches, even some power tools, but no power. Once I got back to the station I was able to drop in a battery and to my surprise it lit up. I chucked it into the top of my bag and climbed to the top of the tower and plug the aux connector of the stations long range antenna into the radio. Before I knew it I was flicking through frequency after frequency. For a while I didn't hear anything but then I flicked the radio to 102.5 mhz and I started receiving voice. From what I could hear it was a woman's voice and a few men. At first I thought it was in another language but it was thick accents that was making it difficult to understand. I tried making contact with them. I stated that I was firefighter Dyson and that I was transmitting on 102.5 mhz. Eventually I was able to get a reply that they were located in Myshkino. Now by my calculations, that's a bit of a distance away, and not to mention a massive mountain that is in the line of sight of that town. This brings me to believe that there must be some repeaters that are still functional for the moment. Maybe someone even got green mountain working with the smaller repeaters? Either way I might stay on this channel and see if I can make contact with them again on a day that I won't freeze my balls of on the top of the fire station. On a side note I was able to get the megaphone working and was able to shout to someone in the town. I checked if they needed anything I could see through the binoculars that they shook their head and they were on their way. I'm starting to think I need to get power going in this place. It's starting to get cold and I would love to get some more lighting and some hot water going. Maybe I might be able to reach out to some other firefighters that are around. New items for list: Sun Glasses Watch Start working on power and storage for fire station.
  15. Day 532 Today I woke up to snow! I have never seen a white Christmas till now. It is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. On one hand you have the soft powder that softly crumbles under your feet, and on the other hand you have the bitter cold that chills you to the bone. This is going to make times all that more harder. I decided with the weather the way it was that I would stay in the city today. I would only do a short supply run for a bit of food. I am stocked up on everything else so I can take a rest day. It is Christmas after all. I did however meet with a passerby today. He was working his way through the town cleaning out the infected as he went. It appeared that he had an assault rifle and was making quick work of them. I kept an eye on him from the top of the fire station as he made his way closer and I was able to make contact. I was dressed in my fire uniform so I appeared not to be a threat to him. The reflectors don’t make it easy to hide however the coat is nice and warm. The stranger said his name was Dean and offered me supplies. I said I was all good and if he needed anything. He said he was heading to an airfield to the west. I assume that he might have been after more ammo with the way he was popping of the infected. I gave him a wave from the roof, and he was on his way. I think i will spend the day cleaning the mess hall and kick back and read the book I found. I have no idea what its about, the front and back cover have been torn off it. I hope it’s a murder mystery. I do like those.
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