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  1. Yea everything is fine now afterwards I played for another 30 minutes or so without that problem and logged out and back in multiple times (tweaking options).And I logged in like I normally would when the situation occurred so I have no idea what happened.
  2. Player Name: Sam 'Saiko' Raines Server: S2 Date & Time (Server time): Sadly I don't know the exact server time but it was at night and about 10 minutes before the post.
  3. So what happened was i logged back in. as soon as that happened i took a couple steps, reloaded, and then started spinning in circles randomly i couldn't press any buttons and then i just fell to the ground and died. I have no idea what happened but im sad i lost a lot of gear for no reason..
  4. Jotsy

    trading question?

    // Drop it Lucia it was a simple question I wanted a confirmation on because I've only been playing for 2 weeks now. The thread got out of hand I agree ( though I'm glad it got attention so people know this happens and the person who did it gets known as a bandit trader ) what's done is done the thread was closed for a reason drop it. No need for sassy remarks. I understand its apart of RPing and not everyone is going to be a hero but it was still a question to bring up. ( I apologize if this is your character I really can't tell if your OOC or not but I'm assuming its OOC plus sassy sarcasm)
  5. Remember this players name/I.D. He posts trading posts in trading forum accepts your offer asks where to meet and then robs you. He is a theif and should no longer be trusted in trading.
  6. Jotsy

    trading question?

    Yup this guy just robbed me no one trade with this kid ever again.
  7. I finally got whitelisted and because I did I will release my second character incase my first character dies so here it is and I hope you guys love my 2nd character! Character #2 My names Alex Rush only 19years old I'm a pretty big deal since my family is one of the richest families in the west coast. I love my private school it's an international school and every year we go to someone's hometown. This year is the Czech Republic in a area called Chernarus. The beaches look lovely and so do the main towns but most is just countryside. I'm more of a city boy. Don't have to work a single day of my life cause of my parents. My dads the CEO of a technology industry in the U.S and my moms the head nurse at the state hospital. I've always loved my mom but my dad has a weird way of showing his love or doesn't show it at all. We still enjoy to hangout after all he did show me how to shoot my first pistol since he's an ex-marine. Never touched a rifle but I've been itching to use one. When I was little I had to stay at the hospital until mom got off work and she would show me a new technique every day in case something happened at school. I didn't understand them as a kid but as I've matured I realized how important it is to learn the basics. My cocky attitude usually gets me no where that's why I don't really have a job nor do I want one. I don't need to be bossed around just for some extra cash. I'm not very good with people I first meet that's why my only friend at my school is my girlfriend Olivia. She brings the nice side of me out and makes me do things i would have never done without her. I'm hoping my dad will take me in and I can be the CEO of his company I love being the leader if not i go solo. The trip is supposed to be a 2 day trip since it takes a full 24 hours to get there. My mom thinks something bad might happen cause last year was brazil and our taxi got hijacked and most of the kids got robbed. So she made sure I took some medical supplies before I left. The plane landed safety and we went to our hotel for the night. The next day there were rumors about a plague spreading across Europe and how it was getting close to Czech. We had to leave early and booked a flight for the next day. The night before we left I took my girlfriend Olivia out on a midnight beach walk. We really weren't supposed to be out that late but everyone was asleep. Tonight was the night I was going to tell her that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. We walked around on the beach and started to star gaze for a while. It was getting pretty late and my eyes were heavy. She was already asleep on my lap after an hour and a half of walking on the beach talking about what happens after we graduate so I decided to slowly close my eyes and drift off into sleep. The dream that I had was so peaceful it was me and Olivia getting married and having kids. We would live everyday like it was our last and be together until we died. It was the best dream I had in a while and kind of loosened me up for the future. I thought I was ready for whatever came ahead... Until I woke up
  8. hello everyone in the community i hope to have my application accepted so i can listen to everyones story and do some RP'ing :)I think my character is pretty unique a druggy painter whose got an addiction to painkillers if he doesnt get his painkillers every hour he will start commiting crimes like robbery until he gets his drugs i hope you guys like just the basic summary of my character and i cant wait to see everyone soon tm.
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