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    Waiting for SAO 2 Episodes ;__;
  2. Ahh this was great I still have this execution footage! The ending was literally perfect.
  3. This is actually really cool I want to do this as well for my new character! Its ok I have only gotten one confirmed kill ever on dayzrp. Mainly cause I played a hero took a long break now I play a bandit Ive seen a bunch of people die in front of me but not by the hands of me.
  4. Yes thank you both for the quick replies!
  5. Wanting to make a thread post about my characters Lore and Story but I want to include some background music for people when reading. I just want the small play button and it says track 1 or whatever. Hopefully you know what im talking about (most people have it in their stories now a days)!
  6. Jotsy


    What anime is that? Its a comedy anime and one of my top 5 favorite animes. Its called Nichijou which means Daily Lives. Its about a couple of girls and their daily lives in high school its really funny and the cat that is in my signature is Sakamoto and is my favorite character EVER (mainly cause hes a cat) Recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor!
  7. I posted about this earlier this week and now its happening again I verified game cache and happened again 2 minutes ago. It might be because of slow internet but its normally average speed (slow to others) and I've been fine with logging in. Didn't start happening till about 2 weeks ago. So I don't know what is going on. Things I've tried so far - Verified Game Cache (didn't work for me) - Deleted every DayZ game mod (overwatch,epoch,etc) except for DayZRP and DayZ P.S : Only happens for me when I log in not when im playing mid session.
  8. Hold up. You realise what community you joined right? Like... haha I said REALLY bad accents not bad accents. I know we have a good amount of people with bad accents but at least they kind of sound like where they say they are from. By really bad I mean like unable to hear clearly cause the accent is butchered, say they are Russian but sound like full blown American. Basically if you put forth the effort and study up on what the people sound like I will give you the benefit of trying. " You realise what community you joined right?" yes... yes I do
  9. I think DayZRP is kind of how Rocket wanted regular DayZ to be (helping others, get a group and get loot together, have fun, share supplies, interact with other players.) So it should be the way someones DayZ experience should start! *thumbs up*
  10. - How every character knows how to use a gun properly and knows what ammo it uses. When they were once like owner of a baking company. - Abundance of military people. - as said before really bad accents - People who just bait others into initiating so 20 men can pop out the bush. - When people go // or OOC A LOT!
  11. Jotsy


    My reason for voting no on currency at all is for being able to buy guns or possibly vehicles. I would vote yes however to a small currency for RP items such as cigarettes, cards, cigars, etc. things that would help your character or help you RP better. Plus like Rolle said it takes away from the survivalist aspect of DayZ which is the reason everyone plays. If you add currency then its just a game about money and then you never have to find things on your own. I would prefer to play a Zombie Apocalypse mod not a Real Life mod on "money means everything/happiness".
  12. This is a masterpiece! Seems like it would definitely be a hotspot for people to relax at or spend a night at.
  13. Jotsy

    DayZRP Expansion Poll

    Personally I'd much rather see DayZRP not expand. Expansion means more servers, more servers means more problems. Plus keeping it as it is will only show improvement and keep a closer community. I'm sure someone has said this in the thread but I'd much rather have quality over quantity.
  14. I hope you get whitelisted! I'd love to meet you in-game. You should read around the forums if you haven't already and get a feel for the community :3
  15. Jotsy


    Loving Tokyo Ghoul and SAO 2 at the moment! recommend it to those for current to watch. Watching One Piece veryyy slowly... *cringe*. If you can't tell what anime is my favorite anime by looking at my signature and avatar then most likely hate you
  16. Since this has been going on for 6 pages now. Might as well say welcome to the community! I hope you like cats :3 o7
  17. Really? Maybe I have no self confidence but I don't find my RP that great (average) im glad you enjoyed it! #ProspectLyfe
  18. Jotsy

    What do you want us to improve/add?

    Kind of going with what John Eastwood said I would love to see cigarettes with animations of one in the characters mouth and smoke coming out. It would increase trading within the community as well for example if their character really needs a smoke they can trade medical supplies or food etc. ( make it kind of rare )
  19. Ready Or Not... Here I Come.... You Can't Hide [video=youtube]
  20. Haha was good fun! I'm a prospect of the clan so I was there (had the cz550 sniper rifle black hood).
  21. Will do thanks for the quick replys! o7
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