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  1. Hey I decided to come back to the wonderful community of DayZRP after seeing the .60 changes that are upcoming. Figured I would get back into the hang of RPing with the community and overall getting a feel for the game again. I tried to log in and realized I wasn't whitelisted anymore? Maybe this is due to inactivity as I haven't played since 2014 cause I wanted to have a good start on beginning years of college, but I was surprised to have to go through the whole whitelist process again. I understand re-reading the rules cause i'm sure they have changed but i remember waiting at least a week for my application to get accepted and I just want to get in there and RP with all of you! If I say that I am back will i get re-whitelisted as i do not have any sort of strikes against me and have overall not caused harm in the past. Or do i need to go through the application process again?
  2. IGNORE THIS I WAS TYPING WHEN ADMINS REPLIED. I was reading around in the announcements and saw they did have some changes with the whitelist system. they said existing members need to renew their whitelist every 6 months and those who do not will have their whitelist suspended until they do so. The way they renew it is by re-doing my steam login which I did yesterday. So wouldn't I have technically not renewed it and have had my account suspended untill i renewed it? Which would mean i wouldn't have to reapply and do the whole application process again. I have no problem with doing the application process again i just don't want to either put all this work into my application again when an admin can easily fix my whitelist or have to wait weeks for acceptance again as i'm sure many are applying with the .60 changes upcoming.
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    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    i need my guid reset please! misread an E for a C because its so hard to distinguish. ;-; // Voodoo: GUID Reset, please re-enter on whitelist page
  4. so i messed up on my whitelist guid and misread an E for a C which completely screwed me over. Anyway i can get my whitelist guid removed so i can redo it... sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Yes indeed I cried for like days and was depressed. still 10/10 anime just can't listen to the dango song without tears. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-CLANNAD-Dango-Family-Plush-Doll-Cushion-Pillow-Size-M-/251319088315 If you enjoy crying I REALLY recommend Angel Beats. Pretty much had the same effects as Clannad
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    Animes I recommend this season: Haikyuu! TLDR - Volleyball anime with comedy Zankyou No Terror TLDR - 2 kids preforming terrorist acts with riddles really action packed. Sword Art Online II TLDR - Don't feel the need to make one cause everyone knows SAO unless you live under a rock. Tokyo Ghoul TLDR - Boy who is half ghoul/human. Action shows a lot of blood and gore. (ghoul meaning he has to feed off humans) For the most part these are the ones im watching this season that I think others will like a lot. The other ones im watching no one will probably like ;__; Clicking on the name will bring you to the first episode! :3
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    Ah! Ill cave! The only anime I ever watched and like was "Shiki". You should Watch Akria,Afro Samurai,Ergo proxy,Wolf Brigade or anything high quallity! Anyway Watching Space Dandy and darn hell its a funny s fuck anime with good dry humor. Especially Episode 3 with the Zombie outbreak! Watched it and i let this picture explain what think of that show. If i want to kill myself then ill watch all those episodes. I found it really funny ;__; gomen-nasai
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    Ya its definitely a wtf kind of show.. mainly the ending For those who like comedy anime/are too lazy to watch a 5 hour long anime series. I recommend Plastic Nee-San its literally the funniest thing ever the whole series is about 30 minutes long due to the episodes being 3 or 4 minutes but its probably the funniest anime I've watched in a while. Its pretty random so you've been warned. But you can easily finish the whole series in one sitting. http://myanimelist.net/anime/10711/Plastic_Nee-san
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    (NA) Hearthstone Tournament [On Hold]

    Name: Jotsy Deck 1: Early Game Warrior Deck 2: Control Shaman Deck 3: Zoo Hunter
  10. I used to have this problem as well. But launching it with DayZRP Launcher fixed the problem idk what causes it.
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    I know who Death Gun is! :3 Research plus light novels = gg rekt wp
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    Yes indeed I cried for like days and was depressed. still 10/10 anime just can't listen to the dango song without tears.
  13. Great idea fully support it 100%! Kind of what Soren said (btw glad to see your ban appeal went well :3 very happy for you!)it will force people to live without it cause a lot of civilians just kind of hang out there thinking its the only place to RP since it has a lot of players. So it will spread out people to explore other places.
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    If this is true then its bad... Sometimes my character freezes up and then falls to the ground dead (due to my side of the connection to servers) so I have to Alt+F4 right when I log in or else he dies. Its not like I use it for combat logging or to disconnect quickly ( I actually wait for the 30 seconds) its generally because if I don't my character will die due to some stupid connection problem I get once in a while.
  15. If it is a mental institution most people like to run away from those things.So maybe seeing walls around the area making it feel very small and creepy but still safe would be nice cause if someone is forced to go there looks like they can just run away whenever they want and I don't think the number one mental institution would have reports of runners other than that love the placement of the buildings. Maybe have medical supplies in the treatment area and food and drink in the living area.
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    For those of you who don't have a crunchyroll (like me) figured id help you all out! Click here for HD Anime its a lovely site and encourage all of you to use it if you like 720p for free. :3 or if you don't trust clicking the word here is the site name http://rawranime.tv/ Your welcome in advance. Senpai loves you <3
  17. Moxy this is amazing *bows down*! Love the loft area could definitely make for good RP. I as well like the intact C130/half barn c:
  18. Jotsy

    1.63 support thread

    Verfied Cache of both games and I haven't found a troubleshoot post with the same problem yet so maybe a corrupt file which will lead to a fresh install
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    Most likely my last

    Anybody who has the name Senpai deserves my respect! o7 you will be missed.
  20. Jotsy

    1.63 support thread

    Ever since update I have been able to log in fine but once I get in game my pants and shoes textures are white and my M16 doesn't have an icon/invisible but I can still use and reload it. Then after about a minute of playing my screen goes white and I have to alt f4 out of the game in order to exit. Any help?
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    Haven't really heard of many of those except for Elfen Lied which is pretty good imo.
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    APB RELOADED - All Points Bulletin

    Played it a couple months ago. After they got rid of jumpshotting and nerfed shotguns. I pretty much had no fun playing the game because it was just a bunch of sub machine guns and assaults. Might play it again if they boosted shotguns Had a nice looking character. Btw its not too much on P2W but it definitely helps. Most guns however are balanced if you are the better player so no gun is P2W its more of the features (bonus XP, more customization slots, more money, etc.)
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    [split] DayZRP updating to ArmA2 1.63 beta

    Thanks Conor! o7
  24. Jotsy

    [split] DayZRP updating to ArmA2 1.63 beta

    DayzRP not showing in my expansion list but its in my folder? any help?
  25. Agreed they interviewed B-17 and it was very good RP. Everyone in TS was laughing their ass off at them arguing at each other.