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  1. Cameron_David

    Starbound RP?

    I love Starbound, this isn't a bad idea.
  2. Cameron_David

    Official Kingdom Come: Deliverance Thread

    Looks sweet, I'll keep my eye on this.
  3. I'm not just asking what you listen to, why do you like it?
  4. I love music, I'm sure that a lot of people can agree to that too. So what is your favourite song currently? And how does it Speak to you, why do you like it? As for me, my favourite song is: K391 - Summertime It doesn't have lyrics, it doesn't address any particular issues, but it is just so upbeat and even epic at some points that it just simply cheers me up. Love it.
  6. Exactly, this will also hinder the developers because they won't be able to work to their own, comfortable deadlines.
  7. I've been thinking a lot about games in early access, particularly with the "too early" release of DayZ Standalone. I'd simply like to hear your views and opinions on the subject, and I'll start the thread with mine: I generally understand early access releases as helping the developers squash bugs, hear feedback and receive a bit of income to help with development, but the concept would fall short if the developers decide to run off with the money, because the biggest issue I have is that they're monetizing on a job that's half done. And building a community around a half done game is like renting rooms in a motel that isn't even fully built, maybe even structurally unstable. So do you all think that releasing games on early access is good or bad?
  8. Cameron_David

    Your bestest friends you made on DayZRP

    Robert, a great guy, met him on normal DayZ. We were both applying for a whitelist but then his CD key got stolen, I felt sorry for him so I purchased him another game and gifted it to him on steam. Best mates now.
  9. Much appreciated mate, but you'll likely want to wait! We've just migrated the site to a different host and we lost our backup in the process so we're rebuilding it slowly! It's completely empty right now Alright
  10. Cameron_David

    Solution to having too much PvP

    Yup, it'll work, definitely, let's get this going mates.
  11. I seriously enjoy this game, I can't wait for when they get steam servers going so I can play with all my friends. Maybe some of us here can even host an RP dedicated server or something?
  12. Memorize the rules and stick to them, also, never be nervous when you roleplay, make a relateable character to you and it's easier to play them, don't ever FORCE yourself into a role because you're trying to be fancy.
  13. Alright, , I'll use all of y'alls advice and get my problem sorted, you can mark it as solved so that this thread doesn't drag on any longer, everything is up to date, battleye and arma, so I'll just reinstall my DayZRP when I can, thanks guys.