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  1. Born to Scottish parents, Chloe wanted to be a model, a designer, an engineer, everything, she hunted and fished a little with her father, joining the girl scouts and learning some survival techniques, as she wanted to camp around the world. She went to university and studied with great people, and wanted a break during 1 year, and met a guy yo go backpacking around Europe with. their first stop was the Stans, Ukraine Russia, and Chernarus. After a long week of travelling, they ended up in Chernarus. Travelling with him when the outbreak began, now trapped, they'll do anything to survive, not yet aware of the horrors of an apocalypse, and must learn how to survive. It's her and any friends she makes vs everyone else.
  2. Report #26 S1 EU - 07/06/17 22:17 - Invalid Kill Server: S1 EU Date: 07/06/17 Time: 22:17 Rule breaks: Invalid Kill Your in game name: Chloe Summers Allies: Misky Enemies: Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: Description: Me and my friend misky were responding to the event thing north of mishkyno, and heard gunshots on our way, followed them to see a large group of people, some bleeding, and then 1-2 guys came from the hill overlooking it and as we watched, decided we were with them, and killed us. We are not affiliated with anyone involved. In the evidence linked (recorded via shadowplay) it did not capture my voice.