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  1. Rammur

    Radios and robberies

    Yeah ts can be a pain in the but rp wise normally in a rp encounter i see alot of people rp taking the radio away anyways.So technically shouldnt even be tsing people ts is kinda a honor system real rper are not gonna use it period in any kind of encounter.
  2. Yeah i changed my mind on how i feel about h1z1 i think i posted what 2-3 months ago lol.Game is horrible so horrible all that seems to be concentrated on is that damn battle royal mode which is fun but not the survival we all kind of expected .
  3. O agree but when it comes to txt chat, sometimes it gets pretty fast and heated and its hard to type everything out and not everyone on the servers are english ive run into quiet a few non english speaking people and thats not really a bad thing it makes up for some really awesome rp moments not knowing what each other is saying lol. Best guide ever btw.
  4. Ton of rp potential from what iv played
  5. I haven't even ran into bandits on SA yet. Or at least any kinda good ones. The closest thing I've had to being robbed was when I was a freshspawn in Cherno and a group of guys ran over to me and started screaming at me to get on the ground and then they stole my shirt and beat me with a crowbar to break my legs but accidently knocked me unconscious and started freaking out because they thought I was dead and they were gonna get banned for KOS. Then I woke up and they gave me a splint and told me to get the fuck outta there. Lol me neither i either run into the one who trys too hard just to get a kill they actually break the rp or you run into the people who are soooo use to rp in other games they actually start tattling in the forums about being kosed when in fact they were initiated on and didnt do as they were ordered.Right now sa servers are really really iffy atm i miss the dayz rp on the mod now.The community there knew what to expect and how to play.Getting a influx of people through twitch now it seems.
  6. get out there and look around meta gaming is the worst way to find out.
  7. Its also no WoW or some other fantasy game where peoples version of rp is pre scripted tavern rp people need to fall out of that mentality and relize this is dayz and alot of peoples rp consists of staying alive and well staying away from possible threats like me im a loner and i tend to hunt and forage in the woods for the most part and i avoid most people. And for the gear focus its kind of impossible to avoid because a good portion of the game that said gear is needed just to live lol weather,wetness,killen the occasional zombie hell i think the shoes even wear out now over time.
  8. Only rp im seeing now is i run into someone and its comes down to a " get down put your weapons on the ground" etc etc and boom dead .I cant wait for logs tbh i love pvp as much as the next guy but the server suppose to be immersive i have yet to run into an actual rp bandit lol.Just a buncha people trying to force confrontation and 90% of the time they do so againts the rulesets.
  9. O yeah im good now thanks. I was just checkin before i got a little hunting camp started lol.
  10. Cool sorry owen forgot about the question forums lol.
  11. Will tents and bags dissapear after server restarts? Was gonna get a little make shift hunting camp started with a bag but wasnt 100% how the persistance works.
  12. Diffrent Dev Team. Also most games take even longer to make, maybe we are used to have a game finished fast since we have a CoD (and other games) every year. But compare to other games. Many games are released unfinised and buggy - sometimes some games feel even more buggy then DayZ SA. They are doing good, I am happy that I can play the game and not wait for 3-4 years (thats what it normally takes to do a game I think) while helping with player-data and stuff. Oh and btw, i dont like the "character life-span" if it will force-restart my character I would cry...really. That and dayz is in a 3 year dev cycle we are seeing alot lately because a few devs over on arma 3 have come over to work on dayz now so we will be seeing alot from over there comming here as well.
  13. I like sa since it in alpha just wait they do have plans for mod support so dayzrp staffers will eventually be able to have fun once again.Only issue i have with sa is some of the new players comming in they seem to think because its a rp server that means its a pure pve server and there is no risk so when you do get a actual honest top god legit engagment going they start screaming Out of character about your not allowed to kill etc etc.Or you get the chuckle heads who come in and dont rp at all they just half ass say something like "hello im gonna kill you now" and simply use that as a excuse for an engagment lol. And SA is in a 3 year dev cycle as they stated back at release alot of people seemed to have read over that fine print.
  14. Not sure how well pulse will work since player name can be changed almost on the fly i cant wait till logs are implemented.I havnr play much on rp servers in sa though to many new people and too much meta game now not enough onthe fly rp for my liking. That doesnt sound like a kos situation considering you said yourself someone initiated it.