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  1. Well lets see cookie, i only just about a month ago even heard about DayZRP, and right when i find out i applied as soon as i could so yes I'm new to the forums and things but I'm trying here. I have not donated and the white-listing is taking time but I'm patiently waiting because i think id truly enjoy it, and i realize my channel has no relation to DayZRP, that's why its in the off-topic section you nimrod.
  2. Ummmm dufuq? i honestly dont know whats going on that's not my channel and idk why he has the same Channel name. if you go to the youtube search bar type in "SilentMonkeyHD Channel" and it should pop up with my channel. but yeah this is very confusing im sorry about this Here just to help you guys cause of this mixup this is my Channel URL : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGhFTfrHAW5Oxv346Bsflew Sorry for all this confusion
  3. I actually do have 2 videos up and like i said in the beginning i am a very new youtuber at the moment and i do plan to make alot more videos, and about your problem I'm not actually sure why you cant see the videos i can just fine but i'll look into it
  4. Hey guys, just coming on here to try and promote my new Channel I've made on youtube now. It's called SilentMonkeyHD, I am just a new youtuber at the moment so any feedback/support from you guys would really help me out. Once i get white-listed also I plan to try and record some RP so I really cant wait until I get white-listed wish me luck and thanks guys!!
  5. Thanks guys, hiope to see you in-game soon!
  6. Very, very slowly moving up the whitelist waiting bar. Currently at 182, which is honestly not as close as i'd like it to be. I found out that the longer the whitelist application is the better placement you'll get, but i really took my time with that and thought i did a good job. well maybe i did, but theres obviously alot of people in front. cant wait to actually get whitelisted, wish me luck!
  7. I actually have to say this game is definitely not my style....actually looks pretty bad in my opinion but its not up to me, good luck man
  8. I think its a great idea! But this might take a long time to actually implement, in the long run though it will be a very good thing. Good job
  9. Theres a loooong waiting list to get in but i hope both of us do! see you on the inside!
  10. Good luck on the application! Mines already submitted but theres a loooong waiting list here, hope to see you in game!
  11. Josh Graber

    Database cleanup

    Should clear up some of the people that don't actually play anymore, good plan!
  12. Congratulations! I hope when I get accepted, hopefully shortly here, we can play sometime! Enjoy the game it's quite a blast!
  13. If you're trying to join currently just like I am, then i'm sure you feel my pain. I want nothing more than to be able to join, and i know the server admins are doing their absolute best on getting that 3rd server up and accepting as many applications as possible. I really hope that i can get whitelisted very soon, so that when the third actually does pop up here shortly then i could actually start playing. to wait even after the third came out because i didnt get accepted and they recruited the max they can at the moment for numbero tres would absolutely kill me. I've been in love with this server aspect ever since i saw a video about it on youtube, and only recently i have actually tried getting whitelisted because before i did not actually own the Arma 2. The day i bought Arma2, the absolute first thing i did was to come on here. Im excited and scared. excited that i may get accepted, and scared that there's a possibility of waiting an enormous amount of time. To all of you who feel my pain, good luck, I hope we can all get in one day.
  14. I think that base-building would be an excellent addition to RP it gives people something to do other than fight clan to clan constantly and the clans can make their own bases and let in whoever they want instead of one clan having a "trading" post and not including half the other clans inside.
  15. I thought the issue was not enough slots? at least thats what the site says on the whitelisting page