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  1. Anyone out there?

    *Marko presses the button on his walkie talkie.* "Yeah, there are people around. Though I can't really say around where I am right now. I would have to know that myself first. *He lets out a short and strained chuckle.* "But good luck on finding someone out there." *Marko lets go of the button with a sigh, continuing to wander the woods.*
  2. Ho ho ho!

    *Marko presses the PTT* "Y-yeah I guess that is reasonable, you being Santa and all that" "But thanks for that deer that had its head stuck in a fence. Now I'm more confident that I can actually make it to Christmas." "Also, could you give Rudolph my condolences about his cousin? It's a harsh world out here. I'm sure he will understand." *Marko releases the PTT and continues to roast the unfortunate deer, staring it hungrily *
  3. Ho ho ho!

    *Marko presses the PTT* "Hello there my dear Santa. I am your long term fan Marko." "Would it be too much to ask the knowledge of my current location?" "I mean really. I don't remember the last time I knew where I was on the map. Or even what map..." "Only thing that is not a tree or rock I can see is a tall, red and white tower of some kind." "Or if you don't want to send me a magical GPS box from the heavens, I can settle for a stupid rabbit or deer that does not recognize a shotgun as a threat." *Marko gives out a weak chuckle and releases the PTT, continuing his break*
  4. This programs seems great. I am fairly new to RP stuff, so I might apply to this in near future. But I am going to have a go at it all myself first and see if it picks up. I wouldn't want to be a burden right from the start. At least not without trying myself first.
  5. Greetings everyone

    Thanks a bunch. I have read the rules and I am fairly confident about being at familiar with them. And I think I will check that program out too. Thank you! I checked out my application and it seems that it has been already accepted. So I think I'll go try my luck right away.
  6. Hello people! I wish to be part of this community so I am starting by introducing myself. So here I am. Now I am just waiting for my application to be accepted so I can hop in and start contributing to the fun. I hope I didn't make any stupid mistakes on the application...