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  1. Boneyman

    S1: RDM in Stary - 17/12/2016 20:15

    My POV: I was following Shadows around while he was teaching me how to RP properly. We headed into a building and Shadows set fire in the fireplace because I was cold and wet. A bit after that I heard someone asking if he could enter the house. Shadows let him in, but he left soon after saying something about military tents. We stayed indoors and soon we heard someone yelling at us to drop our guns on the floor, come out with our hands up and walk into a shed. We were told that we would be shot if we do not comply. So we walked into the shed and get shot.
  2. Boneyman

    Anyone out there?

    *Marko presses the button on his walkie talkie.* "Yeah, there are people around. Though I can't really say around where I am right now. I would have to know that myself first. *He lets out a short and strained chuckle.* "But good luck on finding someone out there." *Marko lets go of the button with a sigh, continuing to wander the woods.*
  3. Boneyman

    Ho ho ho!

    *Marko presses the PTT* "Y-yeah I guess that is reasonable, you being Santa and all that" "But thanks for that deer that had its head stuck in a fence. Now I'm more confident that I can actually make it to Christmas." "Also, could you give Rudolph my condolences about his cousin? It's a harsh world out here. I'm sure he will understand." *Marko releases the PTT and continues to roast the unfortunate deer, staring it hungrily *
  4. Boneyman

    Ho ho ho!

    *Marko presses the PTT* "Hello there my dear Santa. I am your long term fan Marko." "Would it be too much to ask the knowledge of my current location?" "I mean really. I don't remember the last time I knew where I was on the map. Or even what map..." "Only thing that is not a tree or rock I can see is a tall, red and white tower of some kind." "Or if you don't want to send me a magical GPS box from the heavens, I can settle for a stupid rabbit or deer that does not recognize a shotgun as a threat." *Marko gives out a weak chuckle and releases the PTT, continuing his break*
  5. Boneyman

    Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    This programs seems great. I am fairly new to RP stuff, so I might apply to this in near future. But I am going to have a go at it all myself first and see if it picks up. I wouldn't want to be a burden right from the start. At least not without trying myself first.
  6. Thanks a bunch. I have read the rules and I am fairly confident about being at familiar with them. And I think I will check that program out too. Thank you! I checked out my application and it seems that it has been already accepted. So I think I'll go try my luck right away.
  7. Hello people! I wish to be part of this community so I am starting by introducing myself. So here I am. Now I am just waiting for my application to be accepted so I can hop in and start contributing to the fun. I hope I didn't make any stupid mistakes on the application...