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  1. Well, you can always just pressure someone into giving you their stuff because of the implication you might rob them, without actually initiating. Only works if you're a really spooky lookin guy though.
  2. Gonna find it real hard to take a group of people calling themselves 'The Soul Reapers' seriously.
  3. Snow


    I'm liking the idea of a survivalist group, but I'm seeing a sorta disconnect between half of your goals, and the other half of your goals. You say that the Rangers look out for themselves, only intervene if they feel like it, and you've got this whole idea of brutal survivalism with that intro test of yours. Sick idea, but then you add on that you intend to "Provide escort service for those who need to be guided across the land", and "Help the people of the area indirectly, and directly with discretion." Seems like you've put together two ideas, one of a bodyguard/escort service/help the people type thing, and the other an isolated survivalist 'only look out for ourselves' group. I ain't running your clan, but to me it seems like it would be better for you to focus on one or the other. Back in the day there were some guys called The Outpost Rangers, and if I remember right they had a similar idea, but more refined. There wasn't any of this 'know a square km like the back of your hand', they were just nice people who looked out for themselves and others. Lot more positive and conventional 'good' than your group right now, but I think it would be a pretty good group to seek inspiration from. Lastly, that lore. I don't want to rip into someone's writing, I'm not a god at it myself, but it's pretty clunky. Do we really need to know the scientific word for fat? I can't say that helps anyone understand the Rangers better, or even Hunter himself. No explanation for that change from random fat guy to a hardened scavenger either, maybe you should add a bit more detail in there as well. Overall, I really like the concept you got going here, it's just that it could do with a lot more work, and a lot more refinement. Good luck!
  4. Pretty nice guide, bit generic, but it's always good to see people helping out new RPers. However, I gotta say, I really disagree with your third point there. Sure not everyone from every background is going to know about certain obscure rifles and their ammo, but something like calling an AK an 'Eastern rifle' sounds worse to me than just calling it an AK. I'd wager most people on the planet know what an AK-47 is, and vaguely what it shoots, same for something like the M4. Pretending to be completely ignorant about weapons, except which half of the planet they're from, isn't realism. It just makes your character look like a bit of an idiot.
  5. Snow

    [Active] [2CDO] 2nd Commando Regiment | Aussie group | Rec: OPEN

    Not if 2CDO's running around, can't stand you Australians!
  6. Snow

    [Active] [2CDO] 2nd Commando Regiment | Aussie group | Rec: OPEN

    m8 Wot? Oh wait you wrote that didnt you ill fix that up :^) You've been gone for so damn long i almost forgot you existed Can't you recognise the terrible storytelling?
  7. Snow

    [Active] [2CDO] 2nd Commando Regiment | Aussie group | Rec: OPEN

  8. Would be pretty cool if you set up a little base tucked away in the wilderness, like what FM did with Pobeda Dam. I reckon this could work out pretty well, if you got enough people willing to get robbed 24/7.
  9. The rules look pretty trimmed down now, have things got more relaxed or am I looking in the wrong place? Depends on how you look at things I suppose, rules are easy to comprehend.. overall things are pretty balanced for both sides of the fence. Cool, I might hop right back into banditry then, doesn't look like there's anything to tricky to worry about.
  10. The rules look pretty trimmed down now, have things got more relaxed or am I looking in the wrong place?
  11. I've decided to get back into RPing properly after being gone for (I think) almost a year now. Looks like a lot has changed since I stopped playing, and I can't recognise half of the people on the staff list, but I'm seeing more familiar faces than I expected I would. Anything important I should know before I head back in? Also who the hell are these people, seriously?
  12. Snow

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Now the great task is to maintain that shiny star I'm now a bit scared to play, considering how a few bad games could put me back down.
  13. Snow

    Official CS:GO Thread

    After 168 wins and 405 hours played, I've finally done it. I've escaped silver.
  14. Snow

    [WIP] [AFNA] Australian Freelance News Association [LIMITED IG RECRUITMENT]

    This idea looks pretty damn awesome, I've just got two issues with it. Firstly, I doubt a news network providing both Australia and New Zealand with international news would be very successful. One country or the other would probably work, but both? Secondly, the name. To be perfectly honest, Ashfire is a ridiculous name for a news company, and I can't think of any network which has a name similar to it. Maybe try something a little more restrained?