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  1. Hey Guys

    Thank you all again!
  2. Hey Guys

    Thank you everyone! I just sent my whitelisting so I got a few minutes. Gonna look through the forums a bit I think.
  3. Background Story

    Thanks for the help guys. Yeah I got it re-done and everything, but I used Word this time. I'm glad I did, because I was roll-backed twice after the first time! Seems to be a problem with the Whitelist. Thanks everyone for trying to help!
  4. Background Story

    Thanks dude! Fucking so annoyed! Aww well nothing can be done! Thanks anyway bro!
  5. Background Story

    I just spent a hour typing my background story into the whitelisting. I then hit next and it went back to the questions and deleted all my work! Is there anyway to get it back?
  6. Hey Guys

    Thank you all for the warm welcomes! Much appreciated!
  7. Hey Guys

    This guy gets it
  8. Hey Guys

    Thank you, I will definitely look into this!
  9. Hey Guys

    Hey guys, I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. I go by Fedorah, so that's what you can call me I am a streamer and I wanted a cool RP stream to do, so I found this sever. I look forward to streaming and playing here. The sever seems well managed and I can't wait to start playing! See you soon!