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  1. Sir Doctor

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Hahaha, I'm sorry I ended your night ended with a flop. I look forward to better, less chilly encounters....
  2. Sir Doctor

    Worthwhile investing time?

    Well I'm glad this thread has led to discussion, definitely gives me a good appreciation for the passion of the community here! In all honesty, I can't really make a fair opinion as I haven't jumped into the game yet. Though I'd go with whatever promotes Roleplay over grinding and allows the servers to function reasonably. I believe some of the compromises suggested in this thread have some merit. EDIT: 2 months is a long time, I think once the 3 months are up we should come back to this discussion with the experience of what those 3 months have taught us. e.g: is it too grindy? do we need to change up some of the xp boosts? do we need to change the lore? etc etc Husky! Jeez, it's definitely been a while. I'm doing great. We'll have to catch up on TS sometime soon.
  3. Sir Doctor

    Worthwhile investing time?

    Of course, I was more concerned about whether or not the LiF community would last. Glad to have those concerns put to bed!
  4. Sir Doctor

    Worthwhile investing time?

    Awesome! This is exactly the answer I was hoping to get, especially intrigued by the feeling more alive than DayZ comment. Do you mean in terms of the community/friendliness between players? If so, that's great and exactly the kind of change of pace that I'd be looking for. I think I'll see if I can convince a few of my mates who are already part of the DayZRP community to jump on with me this weekend!
  5. Sir Doctor

    Worthwhile investing time?

    I've recently returned to DayZRP and been enjoying playing on the DayZ servers again, but I couldn't help but notice the Life is Feudal server there on the homepage. I've always been interested in getting into LiF mainly due to Mr. Moon's short film in it, but have never had the chance to dedicate a decent amount of time to the game, and now I do. But I have to ask, is it worthwhile investing time into this server? Or is this just another short-lived DayZRP side project that lasts a couple of months before dwindling to closer? Is the community and supporting staff big enough to sustain the server? Thanks in advance! TL;DR: I'd love to join the community, but not if it's only going to last a couple of months.
  6. Sir Doctor

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Karl was taught a lesson in a meeting with The Horsemen... Karl was looting a small town not far from his camp when a voice behind him called out to him. Karl being the jittery man he is, jumped and pulled his gun up to the man. After things calmed down. The man, Jesse, invited Karl to a 'safe haven' or 'paradise' and decided to put his faith in people to the test one final time. Upon arriving at the 'safe haven' he was greeted by several men with guns and basically taught a lesson about gun safety. I enjoyed the roleplay from you gentlemen, and look forward to, perhaps, further encounters with you lot!
  7. Sir Doctor

    I'm sorry but...

    honest and to the point catch u l8r sk9r
  8. Sir Doctor

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    That was Snow, Scaler and I, hopefully one of your guys got the whole thing recorded, we'd loved to see how it played out from your perspective. The whole situation and everything leading up to it formed a really cool story arc for the brothers... Thanks for provided a sickening conclusion to the story.
  9. Sir Doctor

    The Story Of The Serpent Brothers.

    Could use some formatting work, otherwise a good start to some interesting characters.
  10. Sir Doctor

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great time roleplaying with the group in Stary Sabor. I loved how the situation was hostile and tense but we were able to still create enjoyable and entertaining roleplay that (I hope) everyone enjoyed.
  11. Sir Doctor

    Star Citizen

    It's supposed to be out before the end of this year!
  12. Sir Doctor

    Northern Alliance Media Thread

    I'm hooked on your Northern Alliance videos Stadic, very entertaining and compelling. Just wish we could find this level of roleplay everywhere on the servers.
  13. Sir Doctor

    The Gorka Times - [WIP] - Hiring!

    Congrats on being approved! Hope to bump into you! I think my character would appreciate a taste of his old life...
  14. Sir Doctor

    No Man's Sky Today!

    How do you plan RPing in a game where the chances of running into anyone are near zero?! Don't mean to sound rude but genuinely curious? Not rude at all. With a group of friends from here we're working on a basic lore that would make sense in the NMS universe. We got something down that I believe will allow us to explore the games story mixed in with our background. We have a specific reason to know each other, a reason to find each other, and will be using Discord for IC "radio" channels (Pretty strict, no ooc and stuff like that). It might not be the best, and nothing that will work for hundreds of people, but for a small group of dedicated RPers it could be a lot of fun . Wow That sounds great. I was thinking in my head perhaps radio roleplay could work but I wanted to see what you had to say. I'd love to get involved with this, unfortunately I doubt I'd be able to do anything on radio with having to work around timezones and rl commitments. Perhaps a text RP thread or discord channel?
  15. Sir Doctor

    Official statement by Mr Chang in regards to the war. [open]

    [align=left] *Karl sits on the edge of the small pier, watching the tide come in, his feet dangling off the side as he listens to the exchange of voices on the radio. Over the past week he has heard a lot about the conflicts of the various factions further inland but this is the first time he has heard anything directly from a member of these groups. Karl lifts the radio from where it was lying next to him and brings it to his mouth* "Kingdom man, my name is Karl Lockwood, I know nothing of substance about this conflict of yours, but I respect your sentiment and your words have resonated with me. You seem to hold the value of your men's lives in high regard and I applaud your attempt to reach out to your rivals and attempt to settle this peacefully.. perhaps one day law and order can be restored to this land" *There is a pause, and Karl chuckles, and says bemusedly* "Ah, what am I saying... Good luck.* *a click then static*