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  1. *Hector presses down the PTT* Alright, stay near there i'll make my way there in a few hours. Stay away from trouble or i ain't getting involved. *He releases the PTT*
  2. *Presses down the PTT* Look i don't know where you are, but how about you tell me where you're headed and i could leave some supplies somewhere for you? Could maybe keep you going for a while, my one piece of advice is don't run straight through towns or cities, that's just you signing your will... Stay safe... *Releases the PTT*
  3. *Hector hears the cries over the radio and pushes down the PTT. SIGH* Well, i'm sorry to break it to you... But a kid at your age in that much trouble? Kid you probably already dead... Well if you had any sense you'd have weapon anyway. Run, that should work. *He releases the PTT*
  4. Well this community is dying, so i will probably go inactive for a little bit, got better things to do depending on how i feel...

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  5. Just want to say RIP to half of the community

  6. *Kai smiles and presses the PTT* Haha, i don't know what you are talking about friend? About visiting a settlement? I don't even know who you are, only your voice i remember. That was probably not aimesd at me but if it was, you've got the wrong guy. *Kai releases the PTT and laughs*
  7. *Kai presses down the PTT, humoured* Look kid, you don't know me, you've never met me. Once you have, that's when you can tell me that i don't know how to live the 'new way'. Got it? Good. *Kai releases the PTT and laughs*
  8. *Kai presses down the PTT* I still think he could be a valuable asset to you in 'hostile' situations. Crazy people are not afraid to pull the trigger, or appear to not be afraid anyway, i don't know how it works. Good luck... i guess you'll need it *He releases the PTT and begins to smoke his cigarette*
  9. *Kai presses down the PTT* Does not sound like war stories to me, just a bunch of dudes arguing over the radio. You know what, instead of trying to face each other over a frequency, just settle it face to face, if you do want to use a radio? Please don't do it on this frequency. *He smirks* Look mate, i don't give a shit, say what you want. I am allowed to be proud of my service and confident of my abilities. And believe me friend, if you don't think that my skills used in the SAS won't help me, then i don't know what you think of the SAS. One of the things they teach you is survival, definitely not needed. How to deal with being surrounded by guys with guns? Nope they don't show you how to get out of that... I'll leave you to ponder on how much of an idiot you sound. *He smiles to himself and releases the PTT*
  10. *Kai smiles at the comment, presses down the PTT* Huh, impressive friend i must say. We should breach a building together sometime eh? I could teach you a few things and vice versa *He chuckles* Ryan? Who is that? Anyway, 6v2 is impressive *He claps and releases the PTT, letting out a sigh as he lights a cigarette*
  11. *Kai chuckles at the previous comment and presses down the PTT* Not quite military, but that's pretty fucking cool, ish... I'm trying to imagine it now, seems like the sort of thing the Taliban would try... *He laughs* I've never beat a man with a spiked baseball bat... Should probably try it. *Kai releases the PTT* *Kai presses down the PTT* Nothing like a good bullet to the chest eh? I'm surprised that a press vest could even stop a bullet from an SVD, decent. *He cocks his weapon* Question is, did you kill them all? Did you do it by yourself? I bet you've never seen the SAS breach a building have you? Because that is one thing you should see, it is efficiency my friend, efficiency. *He smirks and releases the PTT*
  12. *Kai is sitting around his fire with his tent and equipment laying to the side of him, he finishes his beans and takes his radio from his vest, presses down the PTT* Well, hello everyone. Now i'm sure i'm not the only one who served their country before the outbreak. Personally, i served in the British army for several years. So, i was wondering, for anyone else who served, do you have any war stories you want to share? I do love a good story from a fellow soldier. Feel free to talk, i'm not going anywhere any time soon. *He begins to take apart his weapon to clean it. Releases the PTT*
  13. *Kai presses down the PTT as he puts his backpack on the ground next to him* Schizophrenia? Cool, wish i had a crazy friend! *He chuckles to himself* And being in trouble?! Bless, can someone not take the heat? You can't avoid getting into trouble nowadays, just shut up moaning and get on with your day! Give the crazy dude a gun and you will get what you want from people... *He mutters to himself "That isn't actually a bad idea..."* *Kai releases the PTT*
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