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  1. Cletus was living in Little Rock, Arkansas with his entire family. Father Blake deiced that it was time to go on a family vacation. When we were leaving somehow father Blake got the family on the wrong flight and we ended up landing in Livonia. About 3 days after landing the outbreak had started in cherno. Once it spread to Livonia a bitter got father Blake and mother Rose leaving Cletus and brother blake alone. Brother Blake killed the zombie that got mother and father. After a while we ran out of food and Blake started eating mother and father. Cletus couldn't bare the thought it made him sick, he tried a little bite but didnt like it . Cletus was young and didn't know much, he only had his brother so he stayed by his side. Cletus was a quite kid, he never really spoke and he was scared of most of the zombies and people. He is just a lost soul, trying his hardest to wrap his head around things.
  2. apaliics

    AOGM S2 Prison

    Pov: I stacked the hes-co kits to get in the prison only because the combo locks are bugged. We didnt want to start hacking our way in to just run into a combo lock and not be able to keep going. we were in the middle of a raid so im not going to take more time trying to make sure the hesco kits are nicely placed. I do agree it could have been more realistic instead of the floating holy stair case. After we got in i was running stuff to the cars i wasn't apart of the actual looting i was just running the goods to the car.
  3. I was inside the compound when noah ran up and initiated. I spent a lot of time just holding a angle in a bush, once they pushed inside the compound my group of guys all pushed them at once. @JoeRogan had already been engaging the intruders from the outside walls so we flanked them. I was killed when we pushed.
  4. apaliics

    The Guard

    We are archiving PG we are chatting with staff,about these issues. I understand the name might not be creative but it goes with our lore and makes the most sense1 we are i was given ownership of the guard for a couple of days until we found out we cant rework the group like we wanted to do and the ownership never went thru to me yet so downhill is still leader. I realize that i have to be without a group so i have left the group i just posted early so my bad on that.
  5. apaliics

    The Guard

    Thanks greg! I have been chatting with staff about the requirements your talking about so we will get them sorted out! At the end of the backstory it hints that we are going to Livonia but ill make it more clear. A recruitment section would be a good idea as well. What are some big lore misses you think we could add?
  6. apaliics

    The Guard

    Thank you man! ah Rome Eternal
  7. apaliics

    The Guard

    "Peace and Security through Strength and Order." - Legatus Jack Mason "Fear is proof of a degenerate mind." - Publius Vergilius Maro "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end." - Marcus Annaeus Seneca "Some might say Rome has fallen, I say "Rome Eternal" to that" - Tech Kapkush The locals of Chernauras recall a great storm during the winter of 2020. Blackest of skies and the harshest of winds. As the story goes, the frost was so cold that to even step foot outside was to invite death himself to your doorstep. That the cold could snuff out your fire in an instant, and birds froze solid in their nests. Even the dead ones were deadlier than ever before, skin hardened from the cold gave them iron like armor and strengthened their blows. They say the so called Praetorians angered the gods in their imposing citadel. That on this particular night, a great storm swooped down from the heavens and swallowed the building whole in a winter maelstrom. Only when the gods had drank their fill of blood from the Roman's bones did the storm lift, leaving carnage in its wake. Others speak of the war with the 5.0.3; they recall the bodies piled upon carts. They smirk at memories of screams of agony as legionnaires choked on their own blood, gasping for ragged breaths, lying in the fields of red and smoldering ash charred fortifications. Men eviscerated, organs spewed aloft, left in their own piles of shit to rot with the dead ones for having taken a stand against the 5.0.3. Well I say those stories are bullshit. And the truth, well the truth is best told by those who were there. During the winter of 2020 the Praetorian Guard witnessed a rebellion from within. Members of the third cohort mutinied, spitting on their oaths to Rome and the Legatus both. The citadel didn't fall to the wrath of the gods or the onslaught of bandits. It fell victim to the cowardice of man, espionage, and betrayal. Emboldened and attracted to dark tar twisting inside their souls. These cravens coveted the blood of the innocent and fed upon their fear. In the dark of night once again in the absence of their legate, the treacherous cohort struck a deal, and opened the gates to the enemy; stripping themselves of any remaining honor. While the traitors bodies were crucified within a fortnight, the damage was great. The enemies of Rome poured through the gates razing the deserted stronghold to the ground. For a second time, the Legatus crested a hill to meet his nightmare in reality. The flames leaped into the sky engulfing his home whole once again. Instead of the wrath he had felt so passionately before, he felt only sorrow. Deep guilt wracked the legate and nearly destroyed the man where he stood. With one breath he ordered the decimation of the Iron Legion. In ancient Rome decimation was a form of military discipline in which every tenth man in a group was executed by members of his cohort. Used by senior commanders in the Roman Army to punish units or large groups guilty of capital offences, such as cowardice, mutiny, desertion, and insubordination, and for pacification of rebellious legions. True to the command of their commander and the will of Rome, every tenth legionnaire perished by their brothers blade. Those who had betrayed the guard were subsequently hunted down like the rabid dogs they were, and quickly found themselves decorating crosses with their own blood. Without a place to call home, the Praetorians quickly subsided into hiding. In the wake of the war with the 5.0.3 and without a unified front to appose them, the conflict appeared bleak. Shaken by the events the Legatus, Jack Mason, gave a final order. The Exodus. Rome could not prosper here in this hell. Rome could not suffer here in the hell. As soon as the snows melted, the legion was to march north through the mountains, and then west, beyond the horizon until they reached their new home. But they would do so under the command of a new Legatus. The burden of command thusly was passed onto another, and a new chapter turned for the legend of Rome. Evening dew clung to the blades of grass on the ground after an afternoon shower. A red sunset dissolved into an ocean of oranges in a now cloudless sky. As his men anxiously climbed yet another hill a sense of anticipation hung in the air. Each man stopped as they reached the top and stood breathlessly out towards the distant horizon. Legatus Tech Kapkush joined his men on the hillcrest wiping the sweat from his brow. As he took his final step he was blinded by the new light meeting his eyes. Adjusting to this new sensation he felt his boot meet with metal and dirt. He reached down and picked up an old battered road sign partially smothered in dirt. Outstretching his hand he shielded his eyes from the sun and gazed upon the landscape. He knew he had found their new home. Before him stretched rolling farmland and lusciously wooded streams; as he soaked in every detail of the terrain ahead of him his eyes fixated on the sign in his hand... The Praetorian Guard was started with a bunch of survivors that had a similar goal in mind. The goal of having a better way of life then what we have now. The Praetorian Guard grew fast, it had a community of people to protect plus a bunch of well trained men on the roster. As time went on the group started drifting from what it once was. Tech was there from the start he saw the good and the bad. Many friends were walking away from the group, some even became the enemy. Tech found himself with a broken group that couldn't be rebuilt to what it once was. Jack Mason had left the group and it made Tech feel like he was abandoned. Since the Praetorian Guard was no longer living up to its name, Tech deiced to let the group rest with the reputation and honor it had left. The Guard was then birthed into life. The Guard was formed by Tech and the last surviving members of the Praetorian Guard. The Guard is a military organization that gives a helping hand to communities and fights off the hostile/bandit groups if need be. Instead of trying to build a community of our own, The Guard wants to help the communities that are already established stay established and help anybody willing to start one up. The Guard knows how hard it is trying to build something and make it last, so we are here to help. The Guard will be a private military organization that operates in a tactical manor, providing security, supplies, and a trained task force for any given mission. The Guard will be rebuilding its structure but staying true to the Praetorian Guard ways. (IC GOALS) 1. Establish a B.O.O (Base of Operations) (Day 948) 2. Establish connections with other communities. (Day 955) 3. Help communities with security, building, supplies, ect. (Ongoing) 4. Recruit new members to bolster our ranks. (Day 950) 5. Strike fear into our enemies who have wrong us in our past. (Ongoing) 6. Construct a forceful private military contracting service. (Day 958) 7. Help other communities against bandit groups. (Ongoing) 8. Have a solid operating task force. (Day 990) (OOC GOALS) 1. Help keep established communities alive and striving 2. Create a different roleplay environment for remaining members of Praetorian Guard 3. Create a good mix of hostile and campfire roleplaying LEGATUS - Tech Kapkush @apaliics CAMP PREFECT - Brian "Ace" Peterson @TearsFallSilent MILITARY ADVISER - Mason Germaine @MidnightShadow CENTURION - Jay Thompson @Acfalle OPTIO - Ruslan Maksim @Vasily Zaitsev EVOCATUS - Wolfgang Fox @Wolfgang Fox LEGIONARY - Mark Fields @Simon Grugnug LEGIONARY - Leo Thron @Leonatos LEGIONARY - Arthur Drake @BucketsFPS LEGIONARY - Brian McCoy @McCoy III LEGIONARY - James Sephen @MrSpetzer ----------------------MEMORIAL-------------------- 《PEACE TO THE FALLEN》 Joseph Bloch William Bradford Pontifex: Father Anthony Delgado @Dyhadration
  8. I (Tech Kapkush); do solemnly swear; to support, defend, and uphold; the Laws of the Praetorian Guard. I will faithfully and diligintly; execute the orders of the Legate; and all officers appointed over me.; To serve the public trust; and defend the citizens of Rome; I will show no fear; favour; or thought of personal safety; before the enemies of Rome; I will pursue evil-doers and protect the innocent; laying down my life if necessary; in the cause of said duty. Rome is Eternal, my life is not. I agree to giving Praetorian Guard KOS rights if i leave without mutual agreement or betraying them.
  9. apaliics

    New Haven

    I love the idea hopefully everything works out! PG supports y’all
  10. Absolutely love these guys! Always have amazing RP with them. Plus they are Praetorian Guards best friends
  11. Hi Im Tech Kapkush, my pov is this: My friend Wes was robbed by a guy named Sigfired and my group doesn't take to kindly to people robbing our friends. I got information from Wes on the guys that robbed him then the novo tower people also told me they had problems with the same guys. I met Sigfried in novo apartments a couple days ago but i wasnt 100% if it was him until i was given more Intel. I ended up putting a search party out to find him. We ended up finding sigfried in Cernaya Polana and Hob Carson just so happened to be there with Sigfried. We played off friendly then we held the men up. One guy i don't know the name of was being told to drop his hands and he wasnt after being told many times. He deiced to start talking shit to greg, so greg shot at him, killing him and also accidentally killing Hob Carson because he was behind him. I don't have video evidence
  12. Thanks homie! Thanks Dawg! same here thank you
  13. I understand its feedback I’m just trying to explain why it went the way it did from our side. I’m giving you feedback as well, I’m saying that your overall approach was not the best. Putting your gun away and asking for a peaceful talk can’t be changed but how you go about the talk and what you say and how you say it can be. I agree with you on the KOS, and I agree that we should talk more I was dead half way through so I wasn’t there for most of the sitting around. I appreciate the feedback.
  14. I’m not complaining about the lack of RP lol. You are the one on forum talking about lack of RP. I’m just explaining our side of why it went the way it went. I don’t know anything about people DMimg you other then Lev. Let me explain how things work for you; You don’t make a agreement with someone and break that agreement. Then turn around right after breaking said agreement and ask for another agreement. As for shutting down the agreement; your telling me that if some group asked for a agreement and they broke it came to your base asking for a new one that your gonna agree to that That’s not how things work. If you read what I said I said both sides are at fault. Yes we could have talked more near the end, but at the same time you could have approached us in a different way. Maybe not killing some guy outside of our base right before getting there. Maybe explain why you broke the first agreement, maybe give a peace offering, maybe have something better then wolf pack to offer. We had a good start with each other raiding the 503 with you guys was a lot of fun. You brought all of this on yourself when you broke the first agreement. I’m done speaking
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