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  1. Exams have been taking over my life for the last couple of weeks. I'll be back to cherno soonish! uni life..
  2. Its a bit too close to the sanctuary isnt it? Why not over the east side of the map? Or North?
  3. Hey mate! Come join in on the forums! Looking forward to discussing topics with you!
  4. It was a great game! I hope to see more of this. It was a great break from the infected.
  5. I use my own accent, because its different to most of the other accents you hear.
  6. Rules are what make this mod and server great. So its perfectly acceptable that you were rejected. You can have another chance, so don't forget that next time!
  7. Hey guys How do you make stashes? I've heard that you need sandbags, and was interested in how you go from there.
  8. +10. More skins the better. I love this. Most ghillies are like this anyway, either this, or just throw over blanket thing. I hope this gets added!
  9. I'm keen on hearing peoples views on this aswell. I think snipers are useless on here unless you've got a 3+ person group. or if you just want to kill zombies from a distance.
  10. It almost feels like my first couple of dayz on DayZ. (He. See what I did there.) Everything is a new experience. And I love the abundance of Russian / Eastern European weapons as opposed to western weapons. It's great not seeing everyone with an M107 or AS50.
  11. I listen to this while flying / riding in helicopters. Especially the Huey! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ScisGFllPY Also. I have no idea how to embed a YouTube video.