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  1. Jesse C. Glover grew up in a middle class family in Houston, Texas. His mom stayed at home to raise him and his younger brother, and his father, a 2nd generation Ukrainian immigrant, was a worker for the oil refineries there, but he worked long hours so he never gave much attention to his children. In middle school, Jesse never found much interest in school, instead focusing on things his parents disapproved of like his PlayStation and weed. Eventually, Jesse struggled through high school and without drive or grades good enough to go to college, he remained at home, lying to his parents to tell them that he was working at a local fast food joint when in reality he was selling less than legal substances. A year went by before his parents found out he wasn't really working, and kicked him out of the house, suspicious of something illegal (how else could you be getting that money?) and not wanting him to corrupt his younger brother, who was a freshman entering high school at the time. Jesse, without anywhere to go, decided to use the money he saved up from his sales and take a short trip to Ukraine during the summer of 2017, hoping to learn more about his ancestry (really just an excuse to prolong responsibility) and vowing to his parents that he'd go to trade school upon his return. Unfortunately, a strange thing happened in Chernarus the day he arrived in Ukraine, and within days all flights were shut down, Jesse was stuck. Soon, the infection spread, but Jesse found that he was immune. Ever since then, each day blends in with the next with one simple goal: Survive. Recently, he made his way down southeast to the Green Sea, hoping to join a community in Chernarus after hearing about settlements popping up along the coast.
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