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  1. Neom am I being a mug but... Have you chosen your avatar because you look like him or is that a coincidence lad? Also we all know you Photoshoped that grill in there
  2. and i'm sure you ignored the women Why the frogs leg is this page filled with Siorre's face?
  3. Ugliest ak ever? Its really nice looking just the stickers ruin it Some admin best take away my posting privileges, ama bout to smack this kid up!
  4. Ugliest ak ever? Why you heff be jealous?
  5. Biddy slow down mate Jeeeesus
  6. I recommend this guy, he's a top lad and does top notch streams. He's a really accurate player that can hit head shots for days also he streams on a daily basis. Check him out here: http://www.twitch.tv/jakem10001
  7. Was that Fozzy? ehh?? It was some random on the other team, don't have a clue who he was. We asked him for his rank and he said he was LEM Simmer down love
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