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  1. Hello Rolle,

    I am currently a new person trying to join this server. I have seen videos that have taken place on it and I thought that I would try to come to any roleplay on it. DayZRP seems to be one of the only servers that actually takes Roleplay very seriously. However, it appears that I am just short of the age line (My Birthday was March). I was wondering if perhaps I could be given a chance, even if I am underage, to be able to Roleplay on this server of yours. Many thanks -tildedab.

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    2. Shadows


      He's gonna say no, dude. Sorry

    3. evanm23


      no he isn't ^^

    4. tildedab


      @UndeadThanks my dude! Really hope I do, can't wait to play with all of you amazing people.

      @Shadows Well, I hope he dose. It is worth a try. :3

      @evanm23I hope that he will let me in. :D