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  1. Thanks a bunch for the answers. I've made my previous character. Gonna try to log in now. Will come back with feedback after queue. Thanks a bunch!
  2. John Olive got to Chernaus by already being there when the outbreak had started. On vacation with his family. His wife and two daughters. When the chaos hit John was camping in the mountains with a family friend they met while on vacation. He was there alone without his wife and daughters because in the previous day they had fought because of a stupid reason. John had cancelled a family activity to meet with someone to discuss business. Being told to sleep on the couch he got upset - took the tent, left the hotel room and went after his friend to go camp in the woods. After two days of camping and cooling off they returned to the city where they found complete chaos and mayham. Bob's family was nowhere to be found. They desperately searched for known persons but at some point Bob's friend - Steve, sprained an ankle. It wasn't long before the first infected came and killed Steve before John could do anything. Since then Bob has been searching for his family but with extremely slim hopes. They are probably one of the infected now..
  3. Hey. I used to play on this server a lot, then I got a CS:GO VAC ban and I waited 1 year for it to clear. Now it says that I am again white listed and it gives me the server password however when I try to join I get an error saying "no character with that name found" or something like that. Any idea what's up with that?
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://steamcommunity.com/id/JohnOlive1337/ Why the verdict is not fair: Verdict is not fair because I got banned for a previous VAC ban on a different game that I didn't do but accepted the consequences for Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The whole post above.. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get whitelisted again because I broke no rule and was close to being - if there is anything like - a model citizen. What could you have done better?: not given my CS:GO account to a family friend because kids can't be trusted and nobody can with your Steam account
  5. Greetings. I have applied for a whitelist after linking my account with Steam. I have also asked a friend to ask an admin on support if that's a problem and I was led to understand that since being an old VAC ban and in a different game it matters not. I have played around 10-11 days or so approximately. Made new friends, managed to gather loot, even found a tent - set it up, was having genuine fun. And today I tried logging in to find out I am no longer whitelisted. And when I came on the website I noticed on my profile that I was blacklisted because of that old CS:GO VAC ban. Firstly: I have cleared the issue with Steam and the conclusion is as follows: I allowed a family friend kid from another country to play CS:GO on my account. (I don't even play that game, I got like so little hours in it, you can check - and I got a shit-ton of other games in my Steam Library). He used a free downloadable wallhack and got me VACd. I appealed the VAC with Steam, they acknowledged that the IP came from a different country than the one I am in and where I log in from but their answer was "automated Steam Guard bans are forever and can't be lifted bla bla". So basically I got punished for being stupid and giving someone else access to my account. Fair enough. My main Steam account will be forever tainted because of this and I'm owning up to it. It's my mistake. But in DayZ I did nothing wrong. 1. I stuck to the rules. 2. I informed and asked about the VAC ban on my account regarding CS:GO and was given the OK to apply. 3. I applied and GOT ACCEPTED. 4. I was allowed to get involved with the server and people, play for 10-11 days, gather gear and invest time. 5. Why? This is just cruel and very saddening. It's literally the worst thing that could have happened around Christmas. Why say I can go ahead and apply? Why accept my application? Why allow me to play for almost 2 weeks, get hooked, make friends, invest time so that you just take it away? So please, I beg of you - this is an exception to your rules. I broke none. God knows I've read your rules a trillion times. Please lift my blacklist and whitelist me again because I am not a cheater. I'm just stupid and gullible. And if that was something to be punished for I would have understood if that was stipulated in your rules. But it's not. And I've also learned my lesson not to let anyone else use my account. I'm even gonna play the emotional blackmail Christmas card. If there ever was an undeserved ban it's this one. Thank you for your time and I wish all of you Happy Holidays. I also ask of you if you could accept/deny my request as soon as you can because waiting and anticipating is the worst part.