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  1. My friends got shoot from youre possition with a AKM that you had in the hands,and nearly killed him.How is that no hostile for us ?
  2. When getting shoot from every direction possible you dont have time to think and since my friend got shoot near head from YOURE possition i took you as a hostile like most normal people would do.
  3. you did it before you typed and lets be honest who has the time to read the chat while being in a team fight? Use mic to avoid this non sence.
  4. if you aimed at me what do you expect?nice greetings while being in a firefight?
  5. Basicly the suspect is me so from my point of view it was like this,me and my group were headed to green mountain while we heard mosin,m4 shots i head to investigate the shots.I saw 2 people with hands high so i knew the were getting rob by i dont know...maybe 4-6 people.My group went to the guys with hands up when suddenly a firefight broke out i went to hide over the offroad to vybor and hide.When the firefight was alomst over my group got fired from above hill so i went up there saw a guy aimed at me,than lowered the gun and said ''hey'' but it was too late.I had no time to read chat if he chatted with mic with me it woudnt happend and i thought he was one of the robbers there were alot of people involved not sure how many but when he was shooting my friend were underfire by a guy in the hill i thought it was him.
  6. Division

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need guid&pid reset Thanks :3 //Voodoo: PM Sent. PID Reset change in donation exchange
  7. Im 1 out of 903 still waiting...
  8. Welcome,Donate,be active on forum,friendly that things will get you speed up at whitelist
  9. Cant wait till i test out my skin (Favorite one)