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  1. The UN permadeath issue.

    I mean, you still said yes when a person in the group asked if it was going to be a perm. Doesn't really matter who the person was who shot you.
  2. The UN permadeath issue.

    Screenshot says otherwise. I mean, you answered HIS questions to execute and perm you so...yeah.
  3. The UN permadeath issue.

    Ouch. Definitely looks like you're perma'd then. Anything else would be a rule break. I mean, you can even see that you typed a whole sentence after they asked for permission to perma you. You said yes after. Probably like a good 10 seconds after them asking to perma you.
  4. The UN permadeath issue.

    I mean, if you were executed in front of a big group you have to think ICly it's going to spread around. Especially since it was at the UN camp. So pulling a Jesus and coming back from the dead after you were publicly executed will definitely seem strange to a LOT of people. Just expect to get a lot of " I heard you were shot in the head 8 times at the UN camp." or "I saw you getting shot in the head 8 times when I was at the UN camp." Other than that, have fun.
  5. Any Mod lads still about?

    Not many of us left. I originally was with the 501st. It's been a while since then.
  6. Draiven Kane

    I am...was a helicopter pilot for the United States Army. I specialized in "less than safe" operations. Mainly anything that had the words "suicide" and "mission" in the same sentence. You may be asking yourself, "If you were in the United States Army, why are you in Chenarus?" Well, I was stationed at the Manas Air Base a little bit north of Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. After the virus broke out everything went to hell. I've been travelling from place to place trying to survive. Some days it's easy, some days I barely make it by the skin of my teeth. I already know my family back home is either dead or turned into one of those brain-eaters. Damn near everyone is dead or dead...ish. Those of us who are left have been changed by this "apocalypse". We're tougher. Stronger. And a hell of a lot meaner. If we aren't busy killing these living dead, we're busy killing each other. The second part has been happening since man could hold a rock. In a world where everything has changed, it's nice to see that folks can still find the time to kill one another. I mainly live off of whatever I can scavenge in some of the smaller towns. If you head into one of the bigger cities you would be digging your own grave. Whenever I can't scrounge up something from the nearby towns I head into the woods and go hunting. Ammo is scarce, but keeping myself well fed is higher on my list of priorities. In this new "post-apocalyptic" world you need all of your strength. Because if you don't have that, then you better buckle up. Because you'll be going on one hell of a bumpy ride.
  7. So you've been told to "Bark like a dog" Guide:

    *barks like a dog*
  8. RDM? Really?

    That's why I said if someone doesn't listen, but isn't a direct thread you can just smack them in the head so they go unconscious. And while they are unconscious you can access their inventory and remove the weapon, no? You don't have to outright kill them. He should definitively get at least a verbal warning if that is the case. But was there any proof inside the report to prove that he did it deliberately though? About hitting him in the head with something heavy to knock him out. In the standalone if you hit someone in the head with something heavy, i.e. the nail bat I had on my back, it would have killed him in one shot. So he would have still reported me for rdm. Had someone doing a hostage roleplay a while back and he accidentally killed the hostage because he tried to knock him out by punching him in the head once. Guy was semi-low on health and it killed him instead of knocking him out. Melee is crazy right now.
  9. RDM? Really?

    In the video it showed that I repeated it two times and he didn't drop it. I told him to put his hands up as well. I also gave him 26 seconds to comply, from when I told him to put his hands up and drop his weapon, and he didn't. That's why I was so against me being banned because I did everything the rules said to do. I shot him when he pulled out whatever he was trying to pull out of his backpack. At least that's what it looked like from my perspective. Didn't know if it was a gun or grenade he was pulling. He wasn't complying at all and then tried to pull something, from my perspective, once I got to 1 second left. Just happy that I'm no longer banned. It's nice to be able to play again
  10. RDM? Really?

    No point at all. We dit it Reddit! d---()---b Aaaaay!
  11. Regrouping [Open]

    *Draiven looks down at the radio in his hand. As he hears the news he let's out a long sigh and starts looking up towards the stars. He thinks back to everything him and his group have gone through together and slowly presses the PTT.* I may not have gotten much time to truly get to know many of you but, I consider each and every one of you as close to family as a person can get. We've fought side by side and even with each other, but I know that no matter what we all still have a bond that can't be broken. This isn't the end of us. This is just an evolution of what we are. As it was before, we fought for each other because we were under the same banner. Now, we will fight for each other because we're friends. *Draiven releases the PTT. As he looks up at the stars a smile starts across his face. He pushes the PTT down again.* I'm on my way, Izaak. See you soon. *Draiven releases the PTT. Looks down to the road ahead of him and starts heading north.*
  12. Anarchy Media Thread

    This is my perspective. I genuinely thought the guy out there was one of the Anarchy members. You guys just had SO many guys there going in and out of the barn lol. I was just like, "Why is one of their guys pointing a gun at me randomly." Also, not in this video is TS. For some strange reason shadowplay won't pick it up.
  13. No problem man. MY NAME JEFF!
  14. Alba 19 -Snipping Discussion

    +1 to this. This censorship is ridiculous. People come here to role-play someone the opposite of themselves. It's a game. We don't need to make this some PR friendly safe place. This is DayZRP not Tumblr.
  15. Coming back after a long absence.

    Samaritan! How have you been? I saw that Moxy said he might be coming back as well.