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  1. My name is Justice Tellmore. I was raised in a rich community by poor parents in Alberta Canada. There was 6 of us in a small 3 bedroom town house. Most of my memories from my childhood are of them drinking and fighting and the police showing up. As a teenager I was constantly getting in fights, and being suspended from school. But was always able to talk myself out of most difficult situations. Once I reached 18 I moved to manitoba and joined the military. I was a Sgt. In the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry. I served 2 tours in Afghanistan and took part in a JTF2 operation in iraq as a heavy machine gunner. I was discharged in 2011 with ptsd after my k9 partner was Kia during my second tour. I left the military and went home to manitoba to settle down. In 2013 I learned that my sister Kim had joined the WHO as a relief officer. I took her under my wing to train her in advanced CQC and combat operations. I wanted to make sure she would be able to protect herself and others in the areas she would most likely be sent. We spent the next couple of months training when she got her first set of orders. She would be heading to Chernarus with a UN relief effort for some large flu outbreak. I saw her off at the airport in October 2014. The last time she was heard from was a garbled radio message to her port commander, sent from somewhere north east of pulkovo. I quickly learned of her disappearance and caught one of the last flights to Europe that was allowed by the FTA. Once I landed in made my way south east across the continent. Witnessing the deterioration of society and the downfall of humanity as it spread across the world. I arrived at the russian/Chernarus boarder and was met by the most disturbing sights. Helicopter and plane wreckage was everywhere, the flaming hulls of tanks and APCS, and the bodies... bodies everywhere. Seeing this must have triggered a flashback, as when I came to I noticed I was no longer in the same area, I had gone south apparently. I was now in Chernarus and knew I had to find someone to help me understand what I had seen at the border and to start to see if I could get any information on the where abouts of my sister.
  2. Is it normal to wait 2+ weeks for whitelist reveiw?

    Well that's awesome. I was unaware as there was no notification to inform me of that.
  3. Last I heard from anyone on it was on the 16th. Would this be considered normal? I'm on holidays and would really like to start rping
  4. Your worst death in Dayz?

    Had a good one today. Only one on sever. Full hydration full energy. Health. Running beside road to nwaf from South. Ran between 2 trees came to a dead stop on other side. Guy just drops. You are dead
  5. When has lag struck at the worst time for you?

    Back in the mod. On the upward pull of a barrel roll in the h1 huey. Sync back in strait up and down facing strait up to the sky. Couldn't recovery and 4 of us had to bail after it stalled out and started to plummet.
  6. Where is Everyone From?

    Manitoba canada
  7. Good day

    Hello. Just finished my whitelist, waiting on acceptance. I look forward to meeting everyone in game.
  8. Your worst death in Dayz?

    Back in the mod. Took off in jumbo jet front north airport on lingor island flying to South airport. Took fire from unknown player in chopper. Plane starts to nose dive. Game glitches and won't let me exit the plane. Had to ride that sucker Strait into the ground. That or running to the top of the turret at rok castle and for some reason being launched over a 1000m into the air and then landing on beach west of cherno.