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  1. Her name is Julie, she's 18 years of age. Julie went to school and worked before she and her family had to move to Chernarus from Denmark, due to her father got into some problems with a danish gang, that forced them to escape the country. She was 16 when they came to Chernarus in March of 2017. When the outbreak happened Julies parents thought it would be smart to try board up their house to protect themselves from zombies, but one day some bandits came and broke down the planks to try and get in, Julies parents had to kill them, but in the process they got badly wounded, Julie tried to tend to their wounds, but she did not have enough resources to do so, and the zombies started to get in through the broken windows so she had to run away from her parents, leaving them in the house filled with zombies. Julie, heartbroken, tried to find somewhere safe, where she wouldn't be found by anyone, she's been looking since the outbreak. She has realized that even though she lost her parents to bandits, it doesn't mean that everyone is bad, but she is cautious around others, to makes sure they aren't trying to rob her or hurt her. If she finds a wounded, hungry or thirsty person, she tries her best to help them, even if she does not have a lot of supplies for herself.
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