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  1. The shape of a slim yet athletic figure is barely distinguished in the middle of a forest. The unknown male figure would be sitting against a rather large pine while several stars can be seen in the sky. Eventually, Jeremy after taking a drag of his cigarette would go ahead and press the PPT raising his right hand near his mouth. "Hello, Kirby... Or whoever is listening really." The voice was that of a twenty-five year old and presents a rather piercing yet charming touch to it while keeping a polite manner. "It's Sand- ...Jeremy speaking. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm okay and still in one piece." Of course, a chuckle followed the sentence. A very small yet warm chuckle. Jeremy remained silent for a couple of seconds while taking another drag from his cigarette, in the distance an owl can be heard through the radio singing very faintly. "I'm sorry I didn't attempt to reach you guys sooner but I'll get back to all of you as soon as I can. I've been looting a lot... I've also found a lot of new places and faces... But anyway, I just wanted to say hello. I'll be seeing you guys soon." Jeremy would keep the PPT pressed while the sound of wind passing through trees began to grow slightly. "Sandman out." Jeremy would release the PPT.
  2. Jeremy would press the PPT once more, bringing the walkie-talkie closer to his lips. "So much for diversity, am I right...? - But really, is it really that hard to have a conversation nowadays with people?" the twenty-five year old would keep the PPT pressed while thinking about what to say next. In the background his breathing could be heard just barely followed by the sound of several birds and a very slight current of wind. "Anyway... I was expecting to exchange some information for... Y'know... Safety measures... Guess that is not happening today at least." A rather bitter yet pleasant to hear chuckle would follow that sentence before Jeremy added... "Sun is up... Birds are singing... I'll be on my way now... By the way, good luck searching for a unknown's voice on a unknown radio frequency... Anyway, stay safe out there... Sandman... Over and out." Jeremy would eventually release the PPT, changing the frequency of his radio...
  3. The twenty five year old simply smiled before pressing the PPT gently... "Racist Russians... Guess it's better than nothing... Say, who do I have the pleasure to speak with?" Eventually, Jeremy allowed a small chuckle to escape his being, this one presenting a smooth and rather charming tone to it. Of course he released the PPT short after.
  4. *Bbbbbbbbbbzzzttpppss...* Suddenly the sound of an owl can be heard very faintly in the distance followed by the wind passing through the trees and the static of the transmission. In the background, a very soft yet noticeable breathing is heard, shortly after, the sound of something small burning can be noted. "Hello, world... Sandman talking." The man spoke with a chocolate coated tone while keeping a piercing yet polite and rather charming attitude towards every word he said. After a rather small pause where that same sound of burning paper mixed with some sort of dry material is heard, Jeremy would speak again, once again exhaling the smoke of his cigarette with a soft sigh. "It's actually my first time speaking on this thing... I mean... To the world in general... If, there's any world left really... - Anyway, I just wanted to check on how things are going out there, in the no man's land." The unknown voice presented a rather strange accent while every now and then, the sound of burning paper could be heard, this sound, of course, just being Jeremy taking drags from his cigarette every now and then. "It's a lovely night... My friends are sleeping and I'm just enjoying the stars... Friends... I got accepted into a group today. It's something new for me but I'm really enjoying it so far." Eventually, the voice would go silent for a good amount of seconds, Jeremy taking one final drag from his cigarette before tossing it away. "Anyways... I cant sleep... If you are out there and need to talk... - Well, its an open frequency, so you might as well say something..." A rather charming yet quiet chuckle can be heard after that sentence, the unknown man going to let out another sigh before wrapping the transmission. "Sandman out."
  5. Born in Barcelona, Spain. Jeremy is a battle-hardened veteran. A West Point Graduate he served for the 228th Aviation Regiment as a commissioned officer during the Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan. His hatred for the Middle east people is extremely deep, notably after the Afghanistan war, due to the strategic American failure in the Battle of KamdeshDemocracy and the catastrophic losses suffered by the American Military. After Being wounded on a leg, with a rank of Captain he was sent back home only to once again suffer the horrors of war.. In a very different way. By this I mean that somehow he ended up in cherno. Find out about more IRP! He is a rigid tactician who always follows protocols from his superiors. However, This doesen't takes away the fact that he can be extremely charming and sociable. A strange guy with a rather 'special' sence of humor and a nonsense mind with a pretty smile and a deadly baseball bat with nails on it... He named it spikey.
  6. DieselTheSnowMan

    Sandy's adventures in cherno :v

    The tittle say's enough.