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  1. Jeremy Delaroux

    Born in Barcelona, Spain. Jeremy is a battle-hardened veteran. A West Point Graduate he served for the 228th Aviation Regiment as a commissioned officer during the Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan. His hatred for the Middle east people is extremely deep, notably after the Afghanistan war, due to the strategic American failure in the Battle of KamdeshDemocracy and the catastrophic losses suffered by the American Military. After Being wounded on a leg, with a rank of Captain he was sent back home only to once again suffer the horrors of war.. In a very different way. By this I mean that somehow he ended up in cherno. Find out about more IRP! He is a rigid tactician who always follows protocols from his superiors. However, This doesen't takes away the fact that he can be extremely charming and sociable. A strange guy with a rather 'special' sence of humor and a nonsense mind with a pretty smile and a deadly baseball bat with nails on it... He named it spikey.
  2. Sandy's adventures in cherno :v

    The tittle say's enough.