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  1. The static would be interrupted by the sound of an engine followed by multiple detonations. "Eco, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu, Zulu to ATC, ATC come in, over..." "Eco, Charlie, whi-" The speaker is suddenly interrupted by a louder detonation within the engine. Almost immediately after, the sound of the engine would begin to decrease significantly. "PAN, PAN... PAN, PAN... PAN, PAN... - This is Eco, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu, Zulu, RPMs dropping and engine parameters reaching red, does anybody copy, over?" The speaker would remain silent, for a couple of seconds all that can be heard would be the sound of the wind crashing against the aircraft while his hands frenetically go through the POH. "Shit... Shit... - Airspeed 75 KIAS, best glide speed, heading towards 230, anybody copy?" Another detonation is heard within the engine, killing it completely. "Fuck, here we go." Eventually, the transmission would go back to a bunch of white noise.
  2. 3.3 You may not focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP. For example, "rule play" is prioritizing things like kill rights or OOC information above more appropriate IC actions or behavior. Always prioritize role play over rule play. Well, there is that and the fact that I didn't really understand who was initiation on who, now I don't believe that a report like this without video evidence would be taken that seriously and there's also the chance of having it to be classified into an invalid report. I do feel just a little confused since its the first time that an encounter like this has happened to me with this kind of behavior from the secondary party, development, and outcome. Kinda wanted to know how other people felt about it or if similar situations happen daily. I would but I wouldn't like to have it classified as an invalid report and get a two-day ban, know what I mean? - Like I said, this is a first to me.
  3. So I'm just killing time around that abandoned settlement located in Kabanino, minding my own business when I encounter this guy crawling around town, I go up to him talking and what not, and all that he seems to do or care about is crawl and look around while not responding to any of my questions, which seemed quite sketchy at first. Eventually, he said something about waiting for his friends or so and out of nowhere people start swarming the town, appearing from every single hole located in the wooden walls. They start asking me for things like my gun, jacket, maybe if I'm a trader or so and well, to all of these questions I answer with a clear no. Anyway, I end up giving my jacket away since I had about 6 to 8 people around me with guns and just when I think they're going away, somebody yells from outside the house that I had just relocated myself in ''Everybody in the compound put your hands up'' To which I thought that maybe a rival group to the one that was just with me is attempting to initiate on them from outside the compound (Kabanino is surrounded by walls from that old player made town called tombstone). I walk out with my gun out, yet lowered, asking the guys that were just with me about what's going on since I thought that they were pretty much done with me, and the second I turn around, one of these guys runs up to me from the corner, firing immediately, of course, no questions or answers given. Throughout this entire encounter little to no roleplay was given and all that they seemed to care was, well, my loot. Anyway, for the first part I'm not entirely sure if this is report material really or if situations like this happen often in the server nowadays so yeah, I'm posting this here because I would like to know what you guys think about these types of situations or the loot over RP problem that has been going on according to other community members. I would post a video about it but I was sadly not recording at the time of the incident, anyway let me know what you think or if things like this have happened to you before. (For future reference - Server time: 2019-04-19, 03:25)
  4. The twenty-six-year-old remained silent. Just sitting on top of that one rooftop located somewhere in Pustoshka. Jeremy kept his gaze locked onto the road at all times, maybe hoping to find a soul to greet, maybe hoping to rescue a small yet meaningful conversation or maybe looking for the smallest trace of sanity to show up in front of him. Upon hearing the white noise that was coming from the radio, he reached for this one in an anxious manner, following by raising it closer to his mouth. After a minute or two had passed since the radio went silent, Jeremy brought his thumb towards the PPT, pressing this one with skepticism. For a couple of seconds, all that could be heard was the sound of the wind and the several trees around the area moving along this one. Every now and then the distinguishable sound of waterproof fabric moving would be noted on the background. Then, from a second to another, a voice broke the silence. "This is Sand-man speaking." The speaker presented a piercing yet somewhat polite tone. There was a short pause followed by more words. "It's good to know that there are still some decent people walking around the world... - Yeah, I hear you friend. The north is quite a shit show right now, I don't really recommend it to anybody, at least not now. Honestly, there's not much we can do about all the hostilities, unless you want to get yourself a one-way ticket to ''six feet under the ground...'' -If you catch my drift." The speaker would pause for a brief period of time, a sigh following. "No matter how hard we try, conflict always finds a way to set in, you know?. Right now all we can do is take care of our own and those who are the most important to us. These are rough times, but hopefully the storm will pass soon. Stay safe out there stranger." With that said, Jeremy released the PPT, focusing his gaze once more onto the road, just going back to his daily routine.
  5. Doll... Dolland... ¿Because there's nothing there? - Fuck, I don't really get the reference. At least he seemed alright, quite troubled but still, good lad. Well, he fitted in the ''My kind of company'' list at least. It's quite sad to see someone that deep into his fucked up mind. With time you learn to control yourself, but in the end, that thing that people call mind gets the best of us. Yesterday was a slow day. My highlight was probably these two Chernorussian girls that came through town. We talked and it was nice, their names were Lex and Ala... Well, of course, they were nicknames but you know, at least I have something to work with. Apparently, they were into a pill called ''Comfort'' and they were kind enough to hook me up with one, of course, I took it. I'm not gonna lie, it felt good. Really good. Shit, I still feel good. It feels a lot like MDMA but better. I don't know... Quite a weird day. I'm hoping to meet those two in the near future.
  6. Last time I got in a car with you I didn't have the same luck man
  7. The tittle say's enough.
  8. I had a feeling... like something moving in the back of my neck... Turns out I was right. They're all weird, really weird... But they are not bad people, not yet at least. I meet up with Constance and her people. I got to talk with a rather good amount of them and oddly enough a guy that was staying in that town with them turned out to be an ex-member of the clowns. They used to be quite famous back in the day, by 'Back in the day' I'm talking about like two months into the outbreak or so. Their main way to entertain themselves used to be putting grenades into peoples backpacks and watch them explode. Kinda fucked up but hell, to each their own. Turns out he changed his ways and now only does that stuff to bad people... Kinda like an anti-hero or something. It's safer down here in the south of the country, the town has some busy traffic but thanks to my luck we didn't meet anybody with bad intentions. There was a couple of weird moments during the day, mostly with Constance... For some reason, she wanted to know if I had ever wondered how I tasted like... Then she just took a chomp at her wrist, not sure if she drew blood or anything, not like I care or should care, but it was really fucking weird. Kinda placed me on edge. Then after I mentioned my reasons for leaving the north, which is mostly the cannibalism and the rising tensions between the Jackals and the 24'th, she wouldn't stop asking me questions about Novaya or if anybody knew who these groups of cannibals were... I don't know man, it's sketchy but I can't jump into conclusions yet, after all, they seem like good people. Maybe she is just different or maybe it's just a fetish or something. I'm thinking about fortifying one of the houses in town so I can stay with the rest of them and hopefully call them my friends. Who knows... Somewhere to call home could do me some good.
  9. I've been carrying this white handbook for a long while now. Back then I didn't really have a use for it, other than writing down the short landing and short takeoff distances of an Airbus 320 or maybe the different radio frequencies of the several airports around the world but hell, eventually when you spend enough time traveling alone... Well, you just feel the need to start taking the load of your thoughts into something, so here we go. My name is Jeremy Delaroux, better known as sand-man nowadays. I've found myself stuck in this country for a good while now... Now, I'm not entirely sure about how long exactly, since nobody keeps counting nowadays but, pretty much since the people started going nuts, and well... Biting each other. Now, about me? - No, I am not a fighter nor a criminal. Back in the day, I used to be a pilot for KLM, you know. Travel the world, meet people and fly planes. That was my life, a good life, quite lonely but a good life. I remember the day I got here like if it happened yesterday. It was just another day in the office for me. Get picked up by the van, go to the airport, meet my crew, introduce ourselves, do the check and balance, plan out routes and all that stuff. I remember the news were always talking about conflicts in these areas back then, strange things happening within the country and what not, but not like I was worried about it. After all, we were only supposed to stay in the country for a couple of hours, and well. Conflicts are conflicts after all. Everything was alright when we landed, I remember there was a lot of military personnel in the area, but I only assumed they were exaggerating, just like any other airport in the United States or Europe. About an hour after we landed the air traffic was shut down which seemed kinda odd, but it has happened to me before. It usually happens when a plane that is flying in the airspace nearby the airport gets into an emergency, and well, from there the air traffic controllers need to give them the priority to land. I've never been so wrong in my entire life. From there, things just went from bad to worst. People were talking about rumors of cannibalism in the streets, riots, police shooting civilians... It was chaos. We thought that they were going to allow us to fly back to Holland but it never happened. From there, well. It's pretty self-explanatory what happened. Since then I've been roaming the country without a clear destination. Just surviving. I've met several groups along my way, hell, I even got the chance to take part in a group myself. Green Mountain Radio, they used to be a group of reporters that kept the people of the area informed about factions, conflicts and so on... Shit, they even played music. Awful music, but better than nothing. Sadly that didn't last forever. Eventually, it fell apart and I had to get myself out of there. As I'm writing this, I'm on my way to meet up with some strange people I meet a few weeks back. I believe they are good people and I pray to god (If there is one) that I'm right. I guess only time will tell...
  10. *Jeremy would press onto the PPT once more.* "I'm afraid I do not, and I have no problem with you coming with a friend. We could use the 102.5 to communicate, I rarely see people using that frequency. I'll make sure to keep my radio on and in that frequency and once you figure it out, just call for Sandman." *Jeremy would release the PPT once more.*
  11. *Jeremy having the radio already in his hand would press the PPT once more, the sound of the wind and his footsteps crashing against the grass taking over for a second or two.* "Sounds like a plan friend. Say, maybe if we meet in Kabanino we can meet sooner... - Since you know, it's somewhat in the middle of both locations. Up to you really, after all, I am a great runner." *Jeremy released the PPT once more.*
  12. *BBBBBBZZZZZZZTTss...* *Suddenly static would be heard for a second or two, the white noise suddenly being interrupted once Jeremy pressed the PPT of his brand new radio... - Well maybe not brand new, but it sure as hell was better than the tin can he was using an hour ago. Suddenly silence and a soft breathing would be heard.* "Sorry if I made you worried friend. Sandman speaking once more... - One of the meat sacks had one of these radios on him... Lucky me." *The twenty-five-year-old spoke with a rather sharp yet polite manner while keeping a charming and almost natural tone to each one of his sentences. Jeremy would look towards the main road hoping to see something of interest before focusing on a small map. Of course, most names translated into English and Spanish with a pencil.* "I found myself stuck when going through a hospital of some sort near Severograd, but I am okay... So following the main road from a town named Ratnoe towards Novaya Petrovka, well... There's a storage unit, you know several garages I guess you could call them, all stacked together on the left side of the road... I.. Ah... I can see just in front a building which by the looks of it was used to cultivate wheat or something similar. They are quite a lot of barns stacked together." *Suddenly a pause can be noted, the sound of Jeremy's jacket being heard as he lowers his free hand. Listeners would probably guess that he was indeed looking at a map of some sort.* "From now I think I'll hang around the area. If you wish to meet up friend don't hesitate in contacting me... - I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Sandman, over and out." *Eventually Jeremy released the PPT.*
  13. *BBBBBBZZZZZZZTTss...* *Few seconds would pass followed by the sound of more static before suddenly the transmission is heard clearly.* "Com' the fuck on..." *One could assume that the speaker was too focused on moving the several wires and knobs that the radio had to realize that by now, he managed to get it working. Some echo would be noted giving the listener the hint that whoever was speaking was indeed inside a room. Throughout the room, the sound of objects hitting the windows, doors and walls would be heard followed by the constant sound of both female and male growls, screams and moans, these ones more than likely coming from the outside.* *Several seconds would pass, the soft breathing of Jeremy heard while the sound of knobs and walkers outside is predominant. Eventually, the speaker would clear his throat while eyeing one of the windows nearby him with a skeptical look. Said window would be tinted in a dark red color while the shapes of humanoid creatures would be seen in the outside.* "Yuck.." *The slight sound of disgust would be heard, yet with a tone that did not reveal fear, but rejection towards whatever was outside the room that the speaker was in. Finally, after a minute or so since his first sentence, Jeremy brought the microphone near his mouth." "Testing... Testing... One, two..." *Suddenly a bitter yet somewhat charming chuckle would be heard. Jeremy cleared his throat once more and began to speak." "Apparently I still got it in me... - So, rangers. It's Sandman speaking... I don't necessarily need help at the moment, but I am interested in maybe having a talk with you guys and hopefully joining your ranks..." *Jeremy would stand up placing his free hand against one of the by now, red tinted windows. The sound of hands sliding against the glass surface and forearms tapping it rather weakly would grow in volume, the twenty-five-year-old just staring at the humanoid figures outside said window.* "Let's just say that I've been on the road alone for long enough... - Anyway, try to get back to me asap on this same frequency. Sandman... Over and out." *For a rather large amount of seconds silence was heard, this one suddenly being interrupted by the sound of hardened plastic hitting the ground and static. One could assume that the speaker simply dropped the microphone or device that he was using to speak.* *BBBBBBZZZZZZZTTss...*
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