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  1. @Poster Pleassure as always. Thanks to the soup gods as well! @CaosAndEffects @God @Havikar Quite interesting how a bandit hunt turned into a double date. . . Smfh, good Rp either way lads. . . Good times, good cheer, good night. I'm forgeting quite a few but you know who you are.
  2. -User has been cautioned for this post-
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wip.
  4. I'd like to add to my POV that despite telling the 503 lads not to shoot through discord, nobody heard me due to the fact that several people were talking over each other. Of course I did not realize this since I immediatly deafened myself in order to make out what the other people in the scene were saying.
  5. POV: So me and the lads from the 503 are killing time in the middle of a field after we heard several shots coming from the soup kitchen. After a couple of seconds I spot two geared guys heading our way to which I warn the others. So with that done we decide to hop on our cars and get out of there since we already came from a hostile situation and were pretty much ready to log out. As I get inside the car I notice that it's in 3rd gear therefore it took me a few seconds to get it back into first, accelerate and so on, this allowing for the two unknown players to catch up, initiate and kill one of the 503 lads that sat on the back. Through all the screaming and gunfire I manage to stop the car, turn the engine off and wait for the two unknown men to start making requests. After they strip the co-pilot off their gear and weapons I'm asked to step out and drop my gun, vest, helmet and backpack. After doing so one of the hostile players starts giving us orders yet sneezes cutting out the VOIP to which I ask "Well what now?" He then replies with "Remember what I said." After seeing how they had no problem killing hostages, I followed what the co-pilot did in order to keep myself from getting killed which was get back onto the same seat that you were in the first place. I get in the driver's seat yet I'm asked to get out and get in the back. I get out of the driver's seat and head towards the back door but after seeing the body of one of the 503 members I decide to go around while talking to the hostile players. "I'm slowly walking around the car to get on the other side." but half way through the sentence I get killed.
  6. Glad you're back @Poster, hopefully you'll join the dark side in no time.
  7. Had fun tonite raiding random bases on our way to soup @Aisling, hope I run into you more often
  8. Looks great, keep it up
  9. BBBBBBZZZZZZZTTss... Few seconds would pass followed by the sound of static before suddenly the transmission is heard clearly. "Com' the fuck on..." One could assume that the speaker was too focused on moving the several wires and knobs of the radio to realize that by now, he managed to get it working. Some echo would be noted giving the listener the hint that whoever was speaking was indeed inside a room. Throughout the room, the sound of objects hitting the windows, doors and walls would be heard followed by the constant sound of both female and male growls, screams and moans, these ones more than likely coming from the outside. Several seconds would pass, the soft breathing of the male speaker heard while the sound of a rather large amount of infected is predominant. Eventually, the speaker would clear his throat while eyeing one of the windows nearby him with a skeptical look. Said window would be tinted in a dark red color while the shapes of humanoid creatures would reside in the outside. "Yuck.." The slight sound of disgust would be heard, yet with a tone that did not reveal fear, but rejection towards whatever was outside the room that the speaker resided in. Finally, after a minute or so since his first sentence, Eli would bring the microphone near his mouth. "Testing... Testing... One, two..." "Apparently I still got it in me... - So let's make this quick, the name is Eli Knox and I would first of all, like to clarify that I have no affiliation or blood bond with the twat that was on the radio yelling nonsense." "As far as I'm concerned all my relatives are either somewhere in Spain or dead." Eli would then stand up placing his free hand against one of the, by now, red tinted windows. The sound of hands sliding against the glass surface and forearms tapping it rather weakly would grow in volume. "Now that I have that out of the way. . . You better keep that clown in check. I don't want people getting me mixed up with your daddy issues. Eli Knox, over and out." For a rather large amount of seconds the sound of the infected is the only thing to be heard, this one suddenly being interrupted by the sound of hardened plastic hitting the ground. One could assume that the speaker simply dropped the microphone or device that he was using to speak. BBBBBBZZZZZZZTTss...
  10. Updated with latest entries, hope you enjoy.
  11. I'll be updating once a week, leave some beanz if ya feel like it, Enjoy. Entry N1 - 21/2/20 Entry N2 - 21/2/20 Entry N3 - 23/2/20 Entry N4 - 3/3/20 Entry N5 - 3/9/20 Entry N6 - 3/11/20
  12. @Leonatos @Acfalle Great RP lads, looking forwards to meeting up with you two again. 9/10 - Need more bears.
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