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  1. Nikolai was Born in 1993 and he used to live in a cabinwith his family his mother died when he was under exactly 10 years old his younger brother was very affected, being the bigger brother he lacked attention but he didn't mind he loved his younger brother, his brother enjoyed killing birds Nikolai liked that with time he became a quite twisted kid and would get in a lot of severe trouble he seemed disturbed but the only thing that always made him happy was his younger brother, he would sneak out with his dad's weapon sometimes and practice shooting with it his father knowing this decided to force him to take basic firearms training if he was going to shoot at least he wouldn't hurt himself when he got older he commited a crime and was sentenced to death but the day before he was going to be executed the outbreak started and he was able to escape jail his younger brother had not heard of these events since he was out of his house the day his brother got arrested aparenttly he had been called by the government to be stationed at a checkpoint, having seen the horrors of the outbreak he decided he would dedicate to protect his brother (he switched his second name to avoid being recognized by whoever heard the news of his "incident")
  2. Skinom

    The Legion

    so this can actually work? wow
  3. Skinom

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    you gotta have faith G this can work
  4. Skinom

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    ikr everything is either pvpers or peaceful rp server is lacking some fun stuff for the sake of variety at least
  5. Skinom

    The Legion

    10/10 amazing group the true kings of severograd
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