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Status Updates posted by Shiro

  1. TWO Games that I hold very dear. Have a look at the trailer !



    1. ToeZ


      Two very very good games. +1

  2. Sometimes I feel like making a group. A group about religious christians yelling deus vult, Wearing lab coats and a knight helmet, Having swords and axes in their hands and making this land pure again. In the name of god. 


  3. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Peril


    I am just going to leave it here. I just want to thank you for all the help you provided me sinds I got back into the community. You took your time to fix my game and when I needed advice or assistence you where there. Being in staff can be a choir and sometimes it is very unrewarded. By writhing this I just want to show my appreciation for the awsome work. Keep it up and do what you love.  With regards, 

    The father/shiro

    1. Peril


      Thank you for the kind words Shiro ❤️

      My DMs are always open if you need anything 🙂

  4. Liked your RP today, love.. The Father. 

  5. Starting to brew a very nice event idea! any people know a good media / video editor and a graphic designer? 

  6. Come back

  7. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Peril

    Thank you for the help today to get my game to work! 

    1. Peril


      My pleasure man!  Maybe I'll see you in game some time 🙂

  8. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Aisling

    Nice rp today! oh wait.. we did not had any :P soon? 

    1. Aisling


      There was RP!!!

    2. Shiro
  9. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Mando

    Proud of you, young one. 

    1. Mando


      Thanks father :)

    1. Majoo


      I'm glad my recording was on!

    2. FalkRP


      Well 20 quid, is 20 quid just saying 

  10. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Empress Midori

    love your profile song! 

    1. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori


      If you don't know the band.

  11. 5.38 AM in the morning after a 9 hour roleplay session.

    Goodnight sweet community!


    1. Aisling


      Darn was looking for you guys! Tomorrow then.

    2. Shiro
  12. This is so cool! my interview is up! 

  13. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Brady

    Happy to see you in staff Brady!

    Make me proud! 

    1. Brady


      I will Father(not my dad)!


  14. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Lyca


  15. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • ToeZ

    Happy Birthday Toezies! make a great day out of it! 

  16. I just love my new profile song <3

  17. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Chibi

    Hey Clumsy! Happy Birthday from The Father and The Family! <3

  18. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/140913395 Give this guy more love on his stream, he is a part of a family <3 

    1. MrKindred


      Hey Thanks for that Father Praise The Maker!!!! xD


  19. 93 beans and still a casual. 


    1. Aisling


      Hmm.. 748 beanz... *dusts off shoulders*


    2. Chewy



      *Slow nodding*

    3. Shiro
    4. ShanePVP


      Chewy flamed for her beanz

  20. Thank you for the follow! 

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