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  1. On 4/15/2020 at 2:49 AM, Malthis said:

    Had another server where this was done, group called "The Imperium of Man", it was a forward scout group, and they were basically fascists taking blood samples. Anyone that had any form of physical or mental handicap was deemed not worthy for the breeding program and taken as slaves to work the construction/mining site to build statues to the Emperor who was based in another country. The RP hinted that all females would be taken as "breeding stock", and so all women on the server were treated extremely well as they were the future as long as they were "pure". 

    It wound up with a ton of people captive at Prison Island forced to do manual labor such as grow crops, while another group was at the Severograd construction site. Occasionally The High Inquisitor would show up and torture people for information and make sure they were loyal to the Emperor. My character worked for them as the head of the spy network to make sure people remained loyal, those that weren't loyal got sent to the prison, those that were strong and served a purpose continued in the outside world to provide us resources like meat and pelts.

    this sounds so sexy! So Excited Reaction GIF by Originals  

  2. Greetings, 

    I feel that dayZ in general could have a more so to say value of life improvement while it comes to different typ of zombie visual looks. Knowing that a lore wipe is coming I had a thought and wanted to show a couple of mods from the workshop. Also I added a personal favorite mod that I think you guys might like! 


    This mod adds visual damage to all vanilla zombies, making them more creepy.


    Different types of zombie modes ( some look a bit off, but that is a matter of tast 😛 ) 


    Infected Wolf

    This is a RE-TEXTURING of canis lupus grey into an infected version. Comes complete with gore, moldy fur and some open wounds.




    Adds ability to skin and quarter Infected.
    Infected yields:

    infected meat, which has some toxicity.


    Infected skin, can be crafted into an infected skin-vest,infected skin-pants or infected skin-jacket with rope/sewingkit/leathersewingkit.

    Infected mask.



    Season 6 Thoughts GIF by ABC Network








  3. Posting videos of turkish people being murdered in a helicopter is a line you can't cross. I do hope for the love of all that is holy that staff will deal with this.. I am frowning upon the fact that somebody gets permanent banned for calling somebody a simp. Mabey he crossed many lines in the past  and this was the drop? I am sure there is much more to the story? 

  4. I think A lore wipe could be great. A new story can be told and you can build new characters on that story. You can work on your personal roleplay, try different types of roleplay and have great interactions. It can also bring new and old community members back to the game alike. A lore wipe don't make a lot of difference. What makes a difference how the lore is being told and how much freedom you have within that lore to make a faction / group. I played in different dayz community's. One of them had a natural flow of progression. Groups where being made in-game not on the forums. Everything was natural. But what was so great about it is that stories where being told and relationshipS / factions being build IN CHARACTER. When shit hit the fan so to say. The admins / Game masters made a map with KoS zones / hot zones. It brought a sense of fear back into my gaming experience.  Short story. A lore wipe might make a difference. But how community members and staff leads it makes the true difference.  Don't be afraid to try something new. Or get out of your comfert zone. 

  5. 19 hours ago, andysuter said:

    We heard IG a month or so ago there was an unofficial group using the name templars using black armbands with the gold cross. Not sure if it’s the same group but we could never find them in game.


    Im a man of God, I just keep bad company. You tend to get used to the screams and smell of burning flesh after a while. However, I am tired of finding human fingers and toes in the garbage bins. 

    That would be me 😉 

  6. Following this topic. I bought the game when we had a server going in the community, never touched it again because of the ddos attack. I really hope we do a server again! because it was so much fun.

  7. Myself and a friend where thinking about starting a similar group idea the other day. But, decided it was for the best to archive it because recruitment IC can be pretty hard when you run around trying to confort everybody to christianity. Aswell you will get a lot of groups IC that is going to test your power.

    Your background lore could use a lot more attention as I do not like how things look like now. It feels like a mem. The general idea is very good and with the right amount of energy and roleplayers can make a amazing group. Keep working on that recruitment, lore and grafisch and all the best of luck. 

    It is in the end a amazing idea. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, Peril said:

    Honestly, while I can appreciate the need for variety, I think we should focus our resources on other things, and we definitely don't need to add more third party mods than necessary.

    could you elaborate more on the note: we should focus our resources on other things? What is currently being worked on? 🙂 

  9. 7 minutes ago, KingRP said:

    Based on the results, people's opinions clearly haven't changed yet! 🙂 I respect all of you's honesty's! 

    Personally, I do not care enough at all, I just wanted to make sure we're all on the same page on this issue. 

     41 people said no to the idea, we are not a roleplaying community of 41 people. We have 259 new people in the community that have been whitelisted and 1057 members online on discord alone.  While I said no to the idea. The point here is that the idea will never get enough attention and will be judged on the opinion based of a few members. I don't think that aint fair. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Major said:

    It wouldn't be the same gear, but you could use Lore assets to move back and forth. Due to the fact that the infection started in Chernarus, a lot of people already have started research on things an stuff can be translated over to Namalsk and continued there.

    Awsome, ty! 

  11. 8 minutes ago, Phatal said:

    I just want to remind everyone that, a lore wipe always seems like a good refreshing idea and then 2 weeks into the new lore things tend to go back to how they previously were. In fact this exact scenario has happened twice in the past. 

    I think everyone just needs to focus on how they affect the lore, and work that way. New players can easily come up with ways to get their characters in Chernarus they just don’t read/can’t find the extra lore info the LMs have in the stories and journals section. 

    I’ve supported lore wipes in the past and tried new things post lore wipe, but it always devolves into a pseudo old lore mix.

    Something that hasn’t been done since mod is actually just sticking with the lore and pushing it further. Major and I have a lot planned that we’re waiting to release and start releasing over the coming months. I think for once instead of trying to reset the lore we should push through it and develop it. Everything the players do in game and all the events upcoming will have effects on the country and the countries around Chernarus.

    idk tho. If you think the solution to “it’s been 2 years and I’m bored time to turn it off and on again” then so be it. I’m just interested in trying to play the lore out, rather than ending it. Plus again, people always like lore wipes until they realize no attitudes really changed, only names. 

    While I fully agree with you, the only aspect I am torn about is that the game mechanics can bring you so far. I feel we are stuck in a loop and doing things over and over again. 

    1 minute ago, Major said:

    What we should do is add one of the other maps that exist within the universe and have the same Lore on there but also connected to Chernarus. Namalsk and it's connection to our infection for example.

    That would be a temperary solution, will ingame progression of the character be persistent? For example if I have my gear on s1 and move to the Namalsk map, do I have the same gear? 

  12. For a unique group idea I am in search of a graphic designer. You must be able to to keep the group idea as a secret. Being confidential is a must.  I require help with a logo and banners. Any other additions is welcome but not a must. I pay in beans, a lot of beans! 


  13. I love role playing with this group. The camp role play is very intriguing but with an honest note: it feels on the save side.  It takes a lot of time and character development to achieve goals and gain trust with the role players and sometimes, it feels a bit overwhelming.

    There are so many unique role players that you want to role play with. 

    Role playing with this group is not for everybody, but if you feel like taking a step back from action and have internal character development, I would search these guys & girls in game because you will meet some great role players among the roster that can teach you a thing or two and make you grow in the right direction. 


  14. The report speak for itself we encountered two people running towards a build up base builded by @Eli Tate @nick azcarate. While I walked towards them I crashed and logged back in server 2 .

    23:02:27 | Player "David Benjamin Williams" has been disconnected

    23:05:17 | Player "David Benjamin Williams" is connected

    Mr.blue character told my character straight away,We are being hold up and I should drop my weapon. I complied and dropped my weapon. While the hostile group started to move towards the camp/build up base. I shortly followed. We stopt towards the gate the told me to put my hands up. At this moment I told them in character I will do this, and asked for a moment. (in character)

    While I looked at the animation screen pressing > ( looking for that surrender button ) The wanted that I should do this now, made that demand/treat at 0.09 of the video and 2/3 man started to shuffle rotate around me while I was typing a message as fast as I could to say:

    23:09:29 | Chat("David Benjamin Williams"): //stil working on it

    23:09:43 I got killed. 

    The gave me in total 14 seconds to make their demands. 

    The moment while I was killed I was in the progress of typing a second message  asking  how to surrender as I could not find this option in the emote (>) screen. 

    Aswell I would like to point out I was not a part of the chat logs noted here: 

    23:05:01 | Chat("Eli Tate"): //BUTTON

    23:05:05 | Chat("Ibrahim Al Suwaidi ibn Mustafa"): //f2

    23:05:18 | Chat("Ibrahim Al Suwaidi ibn Mustafa"): //f5**

    I connected back in the server at: 

    23:05:17 | Player "David Benjamin Williams" is connected


    I would like to state that: 

    I am confused about the situation because nobody in there right mind would not comply when 3 angry man shout to put your hands up while you are not even having a gun in your pocket aswell If I would try to do something It is a clear no value for life and I would consider it powergaming. I hold no anger against anybody and was really looking forward to roleplay with this group. Shame it had to end like this. 

    If the staff have any questions, please let me know. 







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