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  1. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Murdercool

    Murder! long time no see! 😄

    1. Murdercool


      Waddup Shiro! Long time no see indeed my man, I'm back in Chernarus ! I hope your well 🙂


    2. Shiro


      I might! I just need to get a really decent mic to start roleplaying again,. 

  2. DAMMED! I can't do a Chernarussian accent.. I will just sound like Nintendo's Mario.. Guess I will play a mute or not roleplay at all. R.I.P.  

    1. VoodooLR


      Nothing says you cant be a tourist to the country I hear the capital has cheap alcohol and parties. Or maybe you came over to see nature. (There are a lot more tourist things all will be revealed with the wipe)

    2. Corry


      when i started doing the chernarussian accent i sounded like a american cowboy, but the more practice i did the better it became 

    3. Serf


      Just practice! I used to struggle with accents but now it's so easy just to slip into a Chernarussian/Eastern European accent.
      I'd most often practice accents in my car going to and from work

  3. Hello folks, 

    What has chanced when it comes to the aspect of building in dayz with patch updates and  mods on the dayzrp server?

    On some servers you can build for example a weapon wall, sea chest, while on other servers you can craft a tent. What can we craft on dayzrp? Anybody able to give me some insight? 😉

    1. Chewy


      you should ask in the questions department but eitherway tldr

      you cant make fences or gates with base building, sea chests exist which afaik you can bury like bags, tents you cant craft.

    2. Whitename


      Fences and gates: Gone

      Craftable tents: No storage, RP only

      How to build a base: Pick a house that already exists, build a door, put a lock on the door. Either that or put your tents in the woods

    3. Eagle


      A door.

  4. Damn! the new patch looks pretty amazing! can't wait what the community introducé next! 




  5. When are you to old to roleplay? I mean.. Love it, but turning 37..  any old farts out there like me? 

    1. Shiro
    2. VoodooLR


      and I thought I was getting abit old at this at 30 looks like I have many years left 😄

    3. Fae


      @Malthis is a fellow boomer 

    4. Malthis


      It's alright, @Fae is quickly catching up.

    5. BravoActual



    6. Fae


      @RiZ is also a boomer :^)

  6. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Corry

    Corry, are you still playing RP?  With love and joy. Daddy

  7. Evil Smile GIF by memecandy

    1. Corry


      the grinch GIF


    1. Corry


      \o/ praise the maker ? 


  9. So! what did you guys get for the birthday! 

    1. Azu


      welding mask ;-;

    2. groovy toez

      groovy toez

      welding mask 

    3. KennethRP


      Pride armbands.

    4. Crim


      Hunter pants 😄

    5. Jman14102
  10. Happy to see new groups popping up in the community by all the newly founded members. Keep it up! 

  11. Nothing beats this guys! 

  12. I can't help it! so addicted  to roleplaying again  praise him! PRAISE HIM! 

    1. Corry


      \o/ praise him 

  13. Nothing left me more speechless after playing this game. Pure art. I highly recommend it. The voice acting and soundtrack is already worth your money. 

    Check the spoiler for a very impacting scene. 




  14. Awsome roleplay tonight @Mr. Blue

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      God wills it

    2. Shiro
  15. For a unique group idea I am in search of a graphic designer. You must be able to to keep the group idea as a secret. Being confidential is a must. I require help with a logo and banners. Any other additions is welcome but not a must. I pay in beans, a lot of beans!

  16. TWO Games that I hold very dear. Have a look at the trailer !



    1. groovy toez

      groovy toez

      Two very very good games. +1

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