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  2. Thomas Zondervan ( Sensei duck ) - a man with a goal and a purpose. One with the can - and the can with him. Making his mark in Chernarus - Finding those that are worthy in becoming a part of the level 5 can fury. Will you proof worthy?
  3. Hey! who knows it might join you this time shan! it looks pretty good.
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    Calling dips on it
  5. Season 6 Flirt GIF by Friends

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  6. 2013 Player here. I remember the mod days and the less restrictions on lore and group creation. Sometimes you had a group that did not make sense. But a lot of times you had groups like the hobo's, SVR, the raven shield corporation. Why I wanted to log in is because of the people and their creativity. After 2015 the community became way more stale, A lot of people got banned aswell. Yes a lot of those people where cunts because the hurt other people by judging and saying nasty shit but a lot of them had some brilliant ideas aswell. Look at Joffrey for example. I feel that dayZ is not stale. I feel that the community became stale and the members within it. Chance that, find a new community direction with each other and get more creative with the creation of groups. It is a big map, You can even add PCB'S go do that! The whole chedaki, SVR. CLF, Russian ect propaganda and old groups have been done! figure out new shit old timers or find some inspiration from white names. The there the people that keep your community alive in the end of the day. This community is based on conflict, Looking at the suggestion topic in discord. Those dank CSGO knifes. Instead of that you can focus your resources on clothing. On a side note of my rambling. Did you guys ever roleplayed with each other at the start of the outbreak. I mean wearing full police clothing, medic clothing, firefighters, soldiers trying to help people. Instead of conflict, grow with each other. try to be good.
  7. So! what did you guys get for the birthday! 

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      welding mask ;-;

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      welding mask 

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      Pride armbands.

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  8. Happy to see new groups popping up in the community by all the newly founded members. Keep it up! 

  9. Nothing beats this guys! 

  10. Following this topic. I bought the game when we had a server going in the community, never touched it again because of the ddos attack. I really hope we do a server again! because it was so much fun.
  11. Hey all, If you have steam, go visit your shop and look for a game called Age Of Wonders 3, It is free atm. https://store.steampowered.com/app/226840/Age_of_Wonders_III/ Enjoy and have fun!
  12. Myself and a friend where thinking about starting a similar group idea the other day. But, decided it was for the best to archive it because recruitment IC can be pretty hard when you run around trying to confort everybody to christianity. Aswell you will get a lot of groups IC that is going to test your power. Your background lore could use a lot more attention as I do not like how things look like now. It feels like a mem. The general idea is very good and with the right amount of energy and roleplayers can make a amazing group. Keep working on that recruitment, lore and grafisch and all the best of luck. It is in the end a amazing idea.
  13. Khasavyurt. Aksakov’s child. The renowned mental institution built in 1991 after a decade of planning; a project worth millions which quickly became a living hell for all of those sent there; years of modern medicine which cumulated in the widespread usage of one of the oldest traditions in medicine: bloodletting. This 2,000 year old, generally humane method of therapy was twisted by the sickened mind of Ivan Aksakov, Chief of Medicine within Khasavyurt and the man who pushed for so long for the planning and construction to begin. Born 7th March, 1946 within Chernarus itself, Aksakov had always lived life with a silver spoon in mouth. His mother – a psychiatric nurse – was often said to have been one of Aksakov’s main influences before entering the field, and his father – an extremely well-paid accountant – allowed the family to fuel Aksakov’s intelligent and curious school years. Constantly outperforming other students, Aksakov was a gifted individual with a penchant for sadism, and was a suspected psychopath in his early years of life due to his love of torturing small animals. Attaining a degree in Medicine was easy for Aksakov, who was said to be the finest student to ever graduate from his class. He travelled between a few hospitals in the 9 years between his degree and doctorate, garnering the experience needed to fuel his need to be the best. In 1980, he attained his PhD as a doctor of Psychiatric Medicine. With his newly achieved doctorate, Aksakov effortlessly rose to becoming Chernarus’ best psychiatrist within the span of a year, fuelling his ever-hungry ego. Trusted by both professionals and public alike, the concept for his Khasavyurt project was conceived in 1981 and was refined throughout many years whilst he built the wealth, trust, and experience needed to undertake the one-of-a-kind project. Supported by his government, he was given a huge grant to begin construction and it was eventually opened in 1991… at first, some less-scrupulous individuals were hired as staff, and patient intake began shortly after as Aksakov rested in his office – the best psychiatrist in all of Chernarus provided with a constant stream of test subjects. Forever enthused with archaic techniques, his love for bloodletting was quickly found before its widespread adoption throughout the asylum. He always believed there was a cure for the mentally ill, though he took pleasure in inflicting pain against those individuals – especially those who had been sent to Khasavyurt after committing a crime. His thoughts on “moral therapy” were slightly different to those of much of the medical world. Those that submitted to his barbaric treatments were given more luxuries: permittance to practice religion, hygiene lessons, larger cells, better sheets… other rewards were dependent on a patient’s interests be it writing or reading, dancing or drawing, and even more. Those that resisted learnt quickly that there was to be no resistance within Khasavyurt and were simply put through additional pain for their procedures – higher voltages were used in shock therapy, or more blood was drawn with a blunter blade to ensure any dissent would not remain for long. Aksakov was at the centre of his own personal paradise, a dream he had chased after for many years… but now, left to his own devices, Aksakov slowly transformed into the individual many people refer to today: a demon, torturer of those that desperately sought help who would never admit that his love for inflicting pain far surpassed his duties to attempt to “cure” the men, women, and children that were bought into the asylum. Khasavyurt’s intake rose sharply in 2004 after Aksakov signed a lucrative deal with various government officials allowing for Khasavyurt to become an extreme political prison, a weapon to harness against only the most problematic of defects. Money rained into Khasavyurt, though Aksakov’s own pockets were the only place it ended up. Standards slowly dropped, the conditions constantly covered by corrupt officials who needed a place to send their enemies. That was, until now. Not even Aksakov could have foretold what the infection would do to Chernarus, and soon the country became a dead zone. Radio contact with the outside was lost, trucks full of supplies stopped coming, and when the infected came… the doctors had no choice but to abandon their seats upon the throne of Hell. They left the inmates to rot. Bandits and the undead eventually came knocking, and in a single eventful night, Khasavyurt was no more. And what of Aksakov, you might ask? His body was never discovered, though no trace of his departure was either. His livelihood is a mystery – though know one thing for certain… as long as he lives, those that managed to escape vow to hunt him… though, we leave those poor souls for another story.
  14. I can't help it! so addicted  to roleplaying again  praise him! PRAISE HIM! 

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      \o/ praise him 

  15. could you elaborate more on the note: we should focus our resources on other things? What is currently being worked on?
  16. 41 people said no to the idea, we are not a roleplaying community of 41 people. We have 259 new people in the community that have been whitelisted and 1057 members online on discord alone. While I said no to the idea. The point here is that the idea will never get enough attention and will be judged on the opinion based of a few members. I don't think that aint fair.
  17. Nothing left me more speechless after playing this game. Pure art. I highly recommend it. The voice acting and soundtrack is already worth your money. 

    Check the spoiler for a very impacting scene. 




  18. While I fully agree with you, the only aspect I am torn about is that the game mechanics can bring you so far. I feel we are stuck in a loop and doing things over and over again. That would be a temperary solution, will ingame progression of the character be persistent? For example if I have my gear on s1 and move to the Namalsk map, do I have the same gear?
  19. I am looking forward to meet you guys IC! Congrats on the approval. The art style is so stunning!
  20. Awsome roleplay tonight @Mr. Blue

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