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      \o/ praise the maker ? 


  2. Thomas Zondervan ( Sensei duck ) - a man with a goal and a purpose. One with the can - and the can with him. Making his mark in Chernarus - Finding those that are worthy in becoming a part of the level 5 can fury. Will you proof worthy?
  3. Shiro

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    Hey! who knows it might join you this time shan! it looks pretty good.
  4. Shiro


    Calling dips on it
  5. Shiro

    Small beginnings

    Looks sexy
  6. Season 6 Flirt GIF by Friends

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      Alan Woods

      no way what GIF

  7. 2013 Player here. I remember the mod days and the less restrictions on lore and group creation. Sometimes you had a group that did not make sense. But a lot of times you had groups like the hobo's, SVR, the raven shield corporation. Why I wanted to log in is because of the people and their creativity. After 2015 the community became way more stale, A lot of people got banned aswell. Yes a lot of those people where cunts because the hurt other people by judging and saying nasty shit but a lot of them had some brilliant ideas aswell. Look at Joffrey for example. I feel that dayZ is not stale. I feel that the community became stale and the members within it. Chance that, find a new community direction with each other and get more creative with the creation of groups. It is a big map, You can even add PCB'S go do that! The whole chedaki, SVR. CLF, Russian ect propaganda and old groups have been done! figure out new shit old timers or find some inspiration from white names. The there the people that keep your community alive in the end of the day. This community is based on conflict, Looking at the suggestion topic in discord. Those dank CSGO knifes. Instead of that you can focus your resources on clothing. On a side note of my rambling. Did you guys ever roleplayed with each other at the start of the outbreak. I mean wearing full police clothing, medic clothing, firefighters, soldiers trying to help people. Instead of conflict, grow with each other. try to be good.
  8. So! what did you guys get for the birthday! 

    1. groovy azu

      groovy azu

      welding mask ;-;

    2. ToeZies


      welding mask 

    3. KennethRP


      Pride armbands.

    4. Crim


      Hunter pants 😄

    5. Jman14102
  9. Happy to see new groups popping up in the community by all the newly founded members. Keep it up! 

  10. Nothing beats this guys! 

  11. Shiro

    Life is Feudal?

    Following this topic. I bought the game when we had a server going in the community, never touched it again because of the ddos attack. I really hope we do a server again! because it was so much fun.
  12. Hey all, If you have steam, go visit your shop and look for a game called Age Of Wonders 3, It is free atm. https://store.steampowered.com/app/226840/Age_of_Wonders_III/ Enjoy and have fun!
  13. Myself and a friend where thinking about starting a similar group idea the other day. But, decided it was for the best to archive it because recruitment IC can be pretty hard when you run around trying to confort everybody to christianity. Aswell you will get a lot of groups IC that is going to test your power. Your background lore could use a lot more attention as I do not like how things look like now. It feels like a mem. The general idea is very good and with the right amount of energy and roleplayers can make a amazing group. Keep working on that recruitment, lore and grafisch and all the best of luck. It is in the end a amazing idea.
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