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  1. Shiro

    The Aegis Corporation

    I sens a lot of baiting and hate, but that is alright, the truth is still you are stealing a group concept. How things have been handled of how my group leadership was don't matter. You don't have premission to use the art, the lore or anything in between. This is someting i created, even if the idea is a inspiration from the umb corp. I can ask you very nicely to not use my art or anything related, but from the things stated above you just do what you want to do so i will be contacting rolle directly. Aswell, i don't play in this community anymore, nor i want to play in it but that is my choice! and it is also my choice if i give premision to use my work.
  2. Shiro

    The Aegis Corporation

    I love it when somebody is taking my work and the art that is created from other groups for yourself. But you don't give a rat ass about that, you just do what you want to do. + by the fact you never send me a pm asking premission. I never gave you leadership from the other group. I don't know how the community generaly feels about this kind of things but zero, this really needs to stop. Create your own shit by using new art, new names and make it your own. This is not cool dude.
  3. Shiro

    Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    But the are recieving hate because ... allah.. muslims.. the whole jizz. This happend a few years back and group concepts like this always gets destroyed because of the bigger echo of many players in this community. I do wish this group all the best and I hope the will succeeded and not get burned out with all the negative energy that is going around in the community. From a oldtimer, goodluck! stay frosty and not salty..aint good for the heart. Tony means well Dew as do I.
  4. Shiro

    Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    I made a joke dewy lad. But don't worry I understand that the frustrations of the community can get a bit.. tense.. have a good one
  5. Shiro

    Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Praise the maa.. mohamed? Man.. man.. man... nothing has chanced in this community after so many years... Don't get me wrong, I don't play anymore. BUT I just had a look at the lore and the roster and everything just looks fine. The problem that the group is having now is that the are walking on ice with the community.. The community will always be divided with this kind of groups. I suggest to walk away from the forum and proof them wrong with providing the best roleplay you can ingame. Haters will always hate. Do what you love and just don't feed it.. just don't! mabey I should come back to the community with a bang and create a nazi group! take the edge from you guys haha... !!!
  6. Gaylaxy

    • Gaylaxy
    • Shiro


  7. Shiro

    Invalid Execution/BadRP/Metagaming S1 Dubrovka 19:20

    Point of view from: The Father. A couple of hours ago I made my way towards Debrovka where I met with a character called Luke.(Aberration character) Shortly after I encountered two other souls that initiated on me and while this was happening (Aberration) ran away. A few moments later a few of the people I was rolling with saved me from the hostage sitation and my group apprehended two people. This was Aberration and a other person. We torture roleplayed and killed the person that initiated on me and Aberration character was a part of that aswell. When this happend and the situation got resolved my group members IC felt that the did not trust Aberration character because he was a part of of the conflict at the first place and he was talking his way out of things. Because of this The group and my character took him aside and starting questioning his character. Within the roleplay he become more hostile and disrespectfull against us and started to show signs of no valua for life. I had to cut him off many times because he was being disrespectful against The Father and the rest of the group members. When this happend my character and the rest of the group members gave him multiple reasons that he had to stop being overpowered IC. On a other note. Why did my character mention his other character ingame. Before we decided taking him and torturing him, my character had a chat with the group IC about trust and respect and family the events what happend between my group and his alt character called stitches was wearing heavy on us IC. With Aberration playing on a other character and not playing on Stiches I wanted to give him a oath or a mention/sign of respect towards him. I will post a screenshot now that Aberration contacted me on steam telling me that it was his character. Read the first section. To continue to talk about this sitation is from a personal standing is that I always give my 110% when it comes to roleplay. I take pride in playing a character for four years in this community and the roleplay that me and my group give is top notch! With that being said I would like to mention a few things myself. I would like to report Aberration for Harassment Meta gaming No valua for life. 1: Harassment. Durning the encounter when one of my group members killed Aberration he contacted me with a lot of OOC hate towards me personaly. I was personaly quite supportive towards him and I told him on steam that if he felt he had to make a report he should do it. He continued to give me OOC hate and he told me in the end of the chat after telling him he had to stop now or I would remove him from my friend list. But he kept on going 2: Meta gaming Within our IC encounter Aberration meta gamed and used the name The Deviants group name.Looking at the screenshot above he openly admitted this in steam. Secondly He also spoke to us about different roleplay events, past and present what happend to us IC. `Things between groups like The deviants and lost souls. I am personaly frowning upon this as he mentioned it is a new character and don't know us IC aswell. Could you elborate on that please Aberration? And do you have hard evidence that you know this IC? No valua for life. When we took you hostage and after one of my members took your fishing rod you started to show signs of no valua for life. Constantly raising your voice and interupting the hostile roleplay we provided you deemded trash rp. Because of this, after many many many reasons given and you not complaining to their demands, the killed you. But I did not kill you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mentioning the fact why I combat logged, I am suprised that that is even being mentioned here but looking at the report I did. I never did it on purpose but I was getting so much flamebated by aberration on steam and also I got harashed by a other member called The Marshal gving me his point of view on things on TS3. Clearly the two where talking OOC with each other in a room ( what you can see on the screenshot ) to talk about the situation. While Aberration was contacting me by steam, The Marshal was doing that by TS3. My screen was going absolutely berserk and I was trying to do Three things. Resolve the issue with Aberration, Resolving the sitation with The Marshal and Resolving the issue with my members OOC on TS3, because the where asking what the hell was going on + talking to staff. I just did not i didn't realise it was just 22min instead of 30min. To proof this, here are more screenshots. To end this report and tell my point of view. I think Aberration wants to report me for OOC hate? I am not 100% sure, clearly The Marshal is sending me his point of view of everything on TS3? With all do respect I feel from a personal standing I have recieved a great amount of salt from a few community members. I do wish to report this aswell. I feel that I can not drop someting like this. This community should be build on respect and that is not being done when you call somebody to blow you or telling Stop fucking killing people without legitimate reasons. Not only I feel Harashed but it also took my whole gametime and experience out of the game.
  8. Don't worry next time when I see you I will give you one.
  9. Glad you enjoyed the rp, myself.. well i dced! nothing new ofcourse, but when I came back you two where gone.. That was really a cold shower for me
  10. Within upcoming weeks our group The Family will be organising a ìngame - Event. For this event we are looking for individuals that have talents with the instrument or enjoy singing in-game. Do you enjoy being in the spotlight? Shoot me a PM or leave a message here. and we have a chat in TS3. Father.
  11. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Aisling

    Nice rp today! oh wait.. we did not had any :P soon? 

    1. Aisling


      There was RP!!!

    2. Shiro
  12. HAHA! nice one mate You are almost there.. young one.. see you soon for your final initiation..
  13. Shiro

    • Shiro
    • Killstar

    Proud of you, young one. 

    1. Killstar


      Thanks father :)

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