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  1. Yeah group is done and me with this community. requesting archieve. @[email protected]
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    • Father


  2. Shame on you Shiro. This is horrendous conduct. So very disappointed *shakes head*

    1. BillyR
    2. Phoenix


      Lol Bye shiro.

  3. Why you do this, you hype us up group gonna be great again then back out middle fingers up. Not cool man. Just disrespectful not telling us all face to face.

  4. Don't worry next time when I see you I will give you one.
  5. Glad you enjoyed the rp, myself.. well i dced! nothing new ofcourse, but when I came back you two where gone.. That was really a cold shower for me
  6. Within upcoming weeks our group The Family will be organising a ìngame - Event. For this event we are looking for individuals that have talents with the instrument or enjoy singing in-game. Do you enjoy being in the spotlight? Shoot me a PM or leave a message here. and we have a chat in TS3. Father.
  7. We are doing our favorite sport.. hunting..
  8. @Squillium @Western group diplomancy updated! have a look guys
  9. Recruitment chanced: Selective IC recruitment only.
  10. When are we rolling out some more gentlemen?
  11. HAHA! nice one mate You are almost there.. young one.. see you soon for your final initiation..
  12. nice!