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  1. Don't worry next time when I see you I will give you one.
  2. Glad you enjoyed the rp, myself.. well i dced! nothing new ofcourse, but when I came back you two where gone.. That was really a cold shower for me
  3. Within upcoming weeks our group The Family will be organising a ìngame - Event. For this event we are looking for individuals that have talents with the instrument or enjoy singing in-game. Do you enjoy being in the spotlight? Shoot me a PM or leave a message here. and we have a chat in TS3. Father.
    • Shiro
    • Keira

    Nice rp today! oh wait.. we did not had any :P soon? 

    1. Keira


      There was RP!!!

    2. Shiro
  4. Lost Souls Media Thread

    HAHA! nice one mate You are almost there.. young one.. see you soon for your final initiation..
    • Shiro
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    Proud of you, young one. 

    1. Ninja


      Thanks father :)

  5. The Family: media / picture thread.

  6. The Family: media / picture thread.

    @Galaxy Well done !
  7. Would love to have you! see you soon
  8. The Family: media / picture thread.

    New video! http://plays.tv/video/59161e2615c5ab62f8/i-can-blow-you-p
    1. Majoo


      I'm glad my recording was on!

    2. Western

      Well 20 quid, is 20 quid just saying