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  1. Welcome, goodluck getting in I've been in queue 375 for a month now.
  2. Well, after making my app weeks ago my queue went from 375 to 250 and is now 374, realizing days later PsiSyndicate is making another series on DayZRP. I heard you could donate to get in or is that false?
  3. After attempting to whitelist about 2weeks ago, the queue bumped me from 375 to 360 to 300 and back to 370 and now looking back on it I probably won't be accepted so bye.
  4. It's been going on for a while now, in placement 359 now.
  5. This is quite amazing, glad that your character is original with other specs
  6. As someone who hasn't even experienced some of DayZRP yet, I feel as if people breaking your legs, then driving you down to Kamenka is quite a harsh punishment and I think this would be a wonderful idea, although bandits still might not change their minds and beat you then break your legs, etc.
  7. Hey, looks like we'll be waiting together, made my application a few days back and my place in the queue is bumping up and down.
  8. Hi, my name is Shay. My DayZRP name is Juffree Dauj'vich and I'm hoping to get accepted in the white listing soon and will be sticking around the forums a while till it get's seen.
  9. Okay so, after doing the white listed thing 5 days back my placement in the queue has been going from 375/676 to 360/676 and back to 375/676 constantly and is actually annoying me now as I haven't seen it make any progress in the queue. Can someone tell me if it's suppose to happen, if it's a bug, if I've been denied or what.