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  1. Matt 33 Belgium Matt, a self believing, calm individual. He finds himself now stranded in Chernarus after the events of the outbreak. Scavenging for food and supplies to live a life in this wretched world. Though as the months roll by, he overcame his fears and but fights on. Hope drives him, though not knowing what he hopes for. He is a licenced construction worker from Belgium, at least stationed in Belgium within a organization that provides workforce for critical conflict zones around the world. Unlucky for Matt, Chernarus was his destination. - At first he was thrilled to help so many people is such grave danger, but failed to realize the danger the world actually was in. He always thought that "The media always portraited a problem way worse than it was. Just like a shitty low-budget movie." - But in this case, the media was right. He came in with the ships along the shore, all under NATO flag. Quickly they started working on more refugee camps, outposts and what else was ordered of them. Though supplies was not always around. So improvising had to be done with old wooden houses that had to be deconstructed to make out some planks and what not. Matt left his post to save his own life, as panic and chaos overwhelmed his surroundings. He has lived and tended to himself in the woods west of Zelenogorsk and beyond. Living of what he knows and have found. Only had few connections with people. Matt holds no real military experience only half a year of service when he was eighteen. He is a commoner and the tradesman, a skilled woodworker. Over the years he has aqquired quite the knowledge with repairing power tools; perhaps an aspiring electrician. - That has shown to be a grand skill when it comes to many of the things you can find around Chernarus. His tools are his weapon of choice when it comes to dealing with a problem, but only when the problem is not with a human! He will try his best to sway away from violence, as he is only but himself in a foreign country with few people he know of. He did sport himself a hunting rifle in Belgium, which makes him a very... Average shot. Hopefully he is one to acquire a deer or a boar one day!
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