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  1. IGN: Max Simons / Maxim Simonik / Whatever Country: Australia English skills: I speak Australian :/ DayZ Mod Experience: Over 2k Hours Casual Dayz Mod. Over 2K DayzRP Mod hours ontop DayZ Standalone Experience: 500 hours Roleplaying Experience: Been in the community since Aug 2013, so i guess I've experienced a few things. Also played in various other ARMA 3 Dayz and Life communities, as well as a few 'Spin off mod' communities when SA got stale. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hostile roleplayer Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yeah to many to name. Honourable mod mentions include SASR 2013 - 2014 and SVR 2014-2015. Honourable SA clan Saorise & WarMachines' OREL (Beginning of SA). Additional notes: Timezone is a bit hows ya father, however i often appear in US and EU hours if enjoying myself. Im LFG to regain some interest in DayzRP; really would only consider strong hostile clans due to the effort needed for me to play peak time. Best way to contact you: PM
  2. Not sure how many of you Spring chickens know me or have played or talked to me before but I've been gone for most of 2016, briefly popping my head in for small periods here and there. So as the title says I'm still MIA; after finishing off education commitments I had this year I've moved to a tropical island in straya leaving my PC at home so I can work my ass off till I'm back at UNI in the start of March. I look forward to catching up with those who still remain present next year! Adios o7
  3. Was interested till i saw mental stealing Al Khoul's song on his character page!
  4. The mod is by far the superior DayzRP experience, whilst Stand Alone does provide better survivor styled aspects, the whole game feels and looks like a half job (yeah i know its in development but fuck they are slow). The reasons i support this #MakeDayzRPGreatAgain include how little SA actual does and the fact it really is a boring experience compared to what DayzRP used to be. My support however doesn't cover ARMA2... Whilst i regard A2 as one of my favourite games ever and clocking around 4000 hours on Dayz alone, bringing back the mod or whatever this new thing will be wont draw in the new dayzrp populous due to it being a old game that is outdated by SA and .60. For the new DayzRP members to join us hardened mod lover a established and working A3 server with in depth lore and direction needs to be established. #BringBackTheDevTeam
  5. Just clarifying, You do not like the group idea as a whole due to our anti-western goals? Your not a fan because we are 'Pro Russian'? Or because we have goals that groups before have failed to accomplish / maintain? If you read our story you will see that we are simply a group of survivors whom carry the idea that the west has ruined the east. We are not 'Pro Russian' in ways of government or nationalist ideologies, we are simply a band of survivors who do mainly originate from Russia wishing to strengthen our community and the whole the eastern world through expelling westerners. I am personally curious as too your opinion and do not speak on behalf of the group, its members or our goals; however i'm expressing my understanding of the group.
  6. Well we got accepted very quick +1 Beans to lore team
  7. Yeah the boys lets get into it
  8. Absolutely gutted that im not your friend!! Nah but SVR for lyfe comrade
  9. Maxim Simonski

    Born and Raised in Sevastopol, Maxim grew up like your average eastern European life in the 90's, however technology and coding was his calling. Maxim attended Sevastopol High School and focused on two aspects of life; Coding and Languages. After Graduating he began to work as a intern for a Systems Analyst and Software developer firm, the job saw Maxim travel the Ukrainian-Russian region allowing for his passion for languages and coding to blossom. When the civil kicked off in Chernarus Maxim barely noticed, the region was backwater and almost third world in his opinion. When the War ended and rebuilding began to commence Maxim was fully trained and running his own 'Grey Hat Hacking' company, at this time Maxim saw the developing market of Chernarus a possible location for branching out his new enterprise. In late September of 2014 Maxim arrived in Chernarus to scout the country for a possible region to begin establishing business in. After deciding upon Novigrad in early November news began to spread through online forum 'DedSec Hacking' and local word of an infection spreading through the region of South Zagoria. Young and arrogant, Maxim ignored the rumours and continued recruitment for his new business sector. In the coming days the Chernarus government had closed all borders and grounded all plans trapping Maxim in the fray, when the CDF failed the effectively combat the infection he began heading North East with hopes of escaping the land through the Russian Black Mountain border. Plans never seemed to work for Maxim, issues regarding supplies, infected and knowledge of the region resulted in his eventual stranding in the South Zagorian region. After laying low along the eastern coast for what seemed like hundreds of days, Maxim began having issues finding food that didn't look or taste rotten; due to this Maxim has now emerged from his hiding ready to combat the coming infection and starvation.
  10. I see an issue with the suicide elements of it, however what if you pull the pin place it on the floor and back up just outside damage range. That would be allowed right?
  11. So ahhh im gonna have a rant also... Fucking DayzRP man... for some reason my connection is perfect on every single fucking server and teamspeak known to man but oh no not dayzrp. Running around in game, spent a good 4 hours gearing up and getting to where im at only to lag the fuck out to the point i cant move and suddenly a invisible fucking zombie starts making love to me. After being knocked in and out of life about 10 times dayzrp's connection to me shits itself and i loose connection from the TS and the game resulting in my death. TLDR Dayzrp and my network dont like each other and make me mad because i wasted 4 hours to be fucked by a invisible zombie and bad connections. Love hate relationship for this game and our servers.
  12. Was online in my spare time (Big year of study and shit ATM) and i had a look around and cant find more than two people at once. NWAF KAB VYBOR are just empty or got a random guy looking for gear, Altar had not a single soul, Tisy a single guy gearing up. Strangest part of it all is i found 3 guys at once in Cherno which was odd but since then only found one group of two who robbed me. Help a bother out and point me in the way of life (All this soul searching done with servers around 40-FULL pop also.)