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"7 Kills / 2 Death By Stair"

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  1. Maxim Simonik

    Maxim Simonik was born in Novorossiysk, the main Russian port on the Black Sea, on the 5/8/1992. Throughout his youth Maxim was characterised by two loves, his fanatic love for the cities football team; FC Chernomorets Novorossiysk, and his love for the Motherland. Two years prior to leaving school Maxim was far from the sharpest tool in the shed, however he showed amazing athletic prowess, gaining him the opportunity to trial for FC Chernomorets. Maxim was accepted into the youth system, however failed to reach his potential due to family and school issues, resulting in his departure from the academy and upon graduation military service. After finishing the 2 years of mandatory military service he decided to enlist in the Airborne Troops. He proved to be a really badass due to his athletic history and extremely determined nature and was accepted into the Vozdushno-desantnye voyska. Soviet airborne troops are among the best-trained soldiers in the Russian armed forces.The training that they receive is physically rigorous and mentally demanding. It is conducted under conditions simulating actual combat, including extensive NBC training. Airborne training integrates special airborne techniques with basic motorized rifle tactics. During the six months of specialized training for the VDV, name met with the rest company that he would serve with in Chechnya, Ukraine, and now South Zagoria. After finishing the specialized training to become a certified badass name was awarded with the rank of Ryadovóy. Under the command of Major Vyacheslav Mikhailov, they served in the line of combat in Chechnya, Ukraine, and now South Zagoria. July 17th, Major Mikhailov briefed us all for our next mission in South Zagoria. Maxim had never quite experienced a mission like this one. It was going to be a new challenge for all the men in the 104th.
  2. Only because @Jade < Me as an Aussie
  3. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Max Simons / Maxim Simonik / Whatever Country: Australia English skills: I speak Australian :/ DayZ Mod Experience: Over 2k Hours Casual Dayz Mod. Over 2K DayzRP Mod hours ontop DayZ Standalone Experience: 500 hours Roleplaying Experience: Been in the community since Aug 2013, so i guess I've experienced a few things. Also played in various other ARMA 3 Dayz and Life communities, as well as a few 'Spin off mod' communities when SA got stale. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hostile roleplayer Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yeah to many to name. Honourable mod mentions include SASR 2013 - 2014 and SVR 2014-2015. Honourable SA clan Saorise & WarMachines' OREL (Beginning of SA). Additional notes: Timezone is a bit hows ya father, however i often appear in US and EU hours if enjoying myself. Im LFG to regain some interest in DayzRP; really would only consider strong hostile clans due to the effort needed for me to play peak time. Best way to contact you: PM
  4. Still MIA

    Not sure how many of you Spring chickens know me or have played or talked to me before but I've been gone for most of 2016, briefly popping my head in for small periods here and there. So as the title says I'm still MIA; after finishing off education commitments I had this year I've moved to a tropical island in straya leaving my PC at home so I can work my ass off till I'm back at UNI in the start of March. I look forward to catching up with those who still remain present next year! Adios o7
  5. Was interested till i saw mental stealing Al Khoul's song on his character page!