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  1. Understandable but what about all the people who cant start storylines or even find people when they play becuase its dead Both Livonia and Chernarus are within traveling distance of eachother and are within the same DayzRP cinematic universe so im sure people can find a way to continue and move along story lines
  2. Crazy to think i used to wake up at 3-4am to play this server when it was POPPING, ain't no one wanna log on when theres 30-40 cousins looking at toes around a campfire
  3. Yes. Better map, plus winter sucks on chernarus. Hard to get keen to play sometimes when both maps are not close to full and other servers are.
  4. I like this one a lot more, however i might give a little constructive feedback. Seem like the land to building ratio is a bit off, the inside seems a bit large and open for the buildings within (Mainly the middle is very wide). Gates are a bit fancy for something wolfpack created the walls for. The old camp this is built around might have had a dirt path or something running through the middle, could add a little something to the very open middle section. A little more character could be nice, maybe add some more clutter and small items around the place. Buckets, hiking maps / boards, rubbish ect Good work though! Massive improvement and a huuugeeee step in the right direction.
  5. HostileRP is a two way street that can lead to more interesting experiences down line. This server has changed a lot of the years, however one thing that hasn't is the need for hostileRP and people getting robbed because they have good shit. My extended stay in DayzRP has a lot of memories, majority of the good ones are a result of hostileRP. In 2013 i was taken hostage for my gear by the SKA and held over and hour untill my group could pay my ransom, the entire time me and them had solid RP. This same group would terorise our settlement every day but they brought fear to the server and made it interesting. In 2014 i rolled with SVR and we issued gun liscences to those who knew proper gun control and maintaince. We would rob and train those who didnt. We won group of the year and had it revoked due to OOC issues. SVR and other groups of this time brought fear to the server and provided a topic for RP all throughout Chernarus. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 in the early mid standalone era i played with groups like PAU, Saorise and VDV, three of the most influential groups in DayzRP's SA history. All of these provided primarily hostileRP. For example VDV controlled military areas, not letting people into the NW. in 2019 the jackals run around and rob those who are weak. We ask you to prove your strength the next time we meet you, setting up storylines for down the road. Whilst these run ins may end with people loosing gear, they all set up storylines for everyone involved. If someone is engaging you with hostileRP it will suck if you make it suck, If they are robbing you and not providing any RP or badRP just report them, if you dont want to be robbed be nice and run with low quality gear. War DayzRP never changes.
  6. I've seen almost every map under the sun be used at some point over the last 6.5 years and they all fail after the hype is up. Only way i see a map being played is if it is the only map available, which will never happen lets be honest.
  7. As stated by you i never initiated, was hostile or looked like i was allied with them. Yet after waking up you decide to straight up kill me even when i pose no threat to your life? I have no issues with this report being solved privately but would like to know the staffs stance on my death / involvement.
  8. FULL POV: Looting the airfield by myself and im ran up on by two dudes. At first i kinda get the vibe im going to be robbed. After a little bit of chatting they find out im Aussie and let me in on how they where going to take me as a slave until they heard my accent. They ask me to join them, i say ill tag along as i feel like its that or being kidnapped. We head towards vybor water pump because i need a drink and come across a guy, Joseph asks for a radio and the guy talks about how he knows about that trick and sprints away. Joesph chases him and I jog on after a few seconds. A bunch of shots go off about 100m ahead so i sprint to cover as i have no idea what is going on. I ask if the guys dead to the other Aussie i went to vybor with and he screams back yes. I walk over to check out the bodies and after a few seconds i am shot in the head. Turns out the random guy was knocked out on the ground. TLDR: Was RPing with some guys and went to vybor for a drink, dude says something about a radio and runs away. Shots go off, looks like two people are dead. I jog over and i get domed even though i never initiated or was hostile
  9. Max Simons

    Gun racks.

    No from me. With the current state of settlements and how easy is it to close off areas its just going to turn into epoch with everyone hoarding shit and never using it / having it stolen.
  10. Back in the day we had to do a lot more to get something into the server... Settlements / bases are great but need to have lore and cant be OP for defenders. As someone who ran Desal plant and attacked a lot of settlements in the mod days i remember each settlement had at least 2 separate main entrances and one somewhat additional entrance as a minimum.
  11. thats some nice looking chernorussians
  12. IGN: Max Simons / Maxim Simonik / Whatever Country: Australia English skills: Dingo stole my English DayZ Mod Experience: Over 2k Hours Casual Dayz Mod. Over 2K DayzRP Mod hours ontop DayZ Standalone Experience: 550 hours Roleplaying Experience: Been in the community since Aug 2013, so i guess I've experienced a few things. Also played in various other ARMA 3 Dayz and Life communities, as well as a few 'Spin off mod' communities when SA got stale. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hostile roleplayer Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yeah to many to name. Honourable mod mentions include SASR 2013 - 2014 and SVR 2014-2015 and Volki Honourable SA clan Saorise, WarMachines' OREL (Beginning of SA) and was in VDV the entire time(Where is my bloody title!) Additional notes: Timezone is a bit hows ya father, however i often appear in US and EU hours if enjoying myself. Man is just looking to re kindle old romances with the lads from the golden days. Best way to contact you: PM
  13. Desolation wont work. Only A3 mod that might have a shot is Exile.
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