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  1. Ken Davies was a Welsh Private contractor. He would put his life down for the people who would hire him. For a really good price, he would protect high-end business men in the most dangerous countries in the world. But little did he know that his world was about to turn upside down. He had a private phone call from the British Ministry Of Defence. Offered him to protect a very important person that needed escorting to a Country called Chernarus. So he took the offer because he knew the money was good. A couple of days later everything was planned and ready to go. He kissed his wife and child goodbye before setting off. Once the plane took off he started to regret about taking the offer, due to the fact that he not long came back from a 4-month mission in Iran. But it was about the money to support his family. Once they landed in the country Ken noticed a lot of military personnel roaming around. He got really suspicious and grabbed his 1911 pistol just in case shit might go down. Once the plane door opened there were 2 guys in black suits next to a black SUV. Ken suggested they were a part the of the mission and carried on with his duties. He told the V.I.P to keep his head down in the back of the car till they left the airstrip. Once they managed to get away without getting shot. Ken passed a town that was extremely strange after seeing a lot of people packing they're bags in cars and rushing all over the place. He had a gut feeling something bad was going on till a humanoid figure ran at the vehicle. And started aggressively hitting the windows and growling. Till it eventually broke the glass and bit one of the men in the black suit and ripping his ear off. Ken didn't take any of this shit so he opened the car door and gripped the demonized freak by the neck. And viciously stabbed it in the head till the bone popped open. Ken got back in the car and slammed the peddle down leaving the town ASAP. He tries to tell the V.I.P. to put a load of pressure on the man's ear till he started twitching and his eyes started to roll back and started pussing out blood from his mouth. Ken got distracted and turned his head towards the back of the car to see what was going on. Till the car swept off the road and down into a ditch. Ken banged his head on the dashboard knocking him out for 15 seconds. He was so confused about what was going on he noticed that the engine was starting to catch on fire from the impact hitting a hard rock in the ditch. He looked again at the back of the car to see a disturbing scene. The bodyguard that had his ear bitten off was ripping the flesh from the V.I.P. body gorging his chest out. The other bodyguard died after having the glass from the window piercing his entire head. Ken managed to get out of the car and legged it to a near by forest till the car exploded and attracting any nearby undead horde.
  2. Brandon1144

    S1: Sosnovka | RDM, NVFL, Ruleplay, Bad RP | 11/06/2017 | 17.45

    During the situation, me and Corpsman were just minding our own business. Till we heard a lot of gunshots coming from the Dam. So we ran to a rock that had a good view of our surroundings. And around 3 minutes later there were sniper shots coming directly from the back of us. So we hit the dirt and hope for the best.Till we saw the ghillie on the other side of the dam that killed Aristocat. So Corpsman and I opened fire but he survived and ran to a little forest that was at least 15m away from him. And then sniper shots were coming from the back and front. And then I got K.I.A.
  3. Well, I was running towards Kamyshovo and I really wanted rags and water. So I have seen this guy with a backpack, but didn't see his gun at the time. So I told him to get on his knees so I could explain why I was robbing him. But he got back up and pulled out his pistol, so then I noticed I was in danger so I tried to attack him.
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