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  1. Seems to me like this entire thread is just moaning because its more difficult to raid us now. As opposed to your literally prison, with walls, fortifications, and stacks upon stacks of gates. Its an RP server, it makes RP sense. If you choose to look at it through a PvP lens thats up to you. Just pot calling the kettle black if you want to talk OP bases
  2. 100% No reason a chicken should take multiple rounds lol
  3. the only problem with zombies is that theyre impervious to headshots from pistol calibers now
  4. This is straight cancer. You cant just make the game cancerously unrealistic.. for what exactly? In what world do you need to shoot a wolf, or even a bear more than a couple times to kill it? shit 1 .308 round will take out literally almost any animal on the planet with a well placed shot. Have you ever shot something? Like anything? Honestly ridiculous. Bears already took 20+ rounds of 5.45/5.56 of 5.56 which is already insane. People bow and spear hunt bears for christ sakes.
  5. I'd be giddy if I could find even 1 single box of ammo for the repeater. found about 100 rifles at this point and not 1 box of .357
  6. If you were raiding a compound in real life are you going to bring your carpenter to the front lines to build a fucking door, cut a hole in the wall, and mount the door? Or are you gonna break down a wall or gate.
  7. Absolutely abuse of game mechanics. There is not any IC reason to be able to turn a fucking fence into a gate while raiding
  8. yep. its fucked lol. How exactly does punching zombies ruin my brass knuckles?
  9. Mod name: AdvancedModernWeaponPack Mod link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1872499573&searchtext=.357 Reason to be added: Adds really awesome melee weapons as well and some civilian and some higher tier weapons
  10. Mod name: Specialist Weapon Pack Mod link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1945945241&searchtext= Reason to be added: Would be nice to have to rare higher tier version of guns we already have in the game.
  11. I agree they should. Car? maybe not. Damage the wall sure. A cargo truck should absolutely break a wall. As well as a couple frag grenades or a land mine
  12. Some of y'all have never used a hacksaw and it shows. A pristine hacksaw should be able to get through a bike lock in under a minute. No ifs, ands, or buts
  13. I wasnt in the video at all. At the time I was wearing a tan tshirt, multicam pants and plate carrier and a black molle assault bag
  14. That is complete rule play. So if I was talking to you outside the armory, and one of my buddies initiates on your friend at the front gate, I should just shoot you in the face mid conversation because I have kill rights on your group even though you have literally no idea anything was wrong? And I dont have any idea who you even are before you try to accuse me of holding some OOC hate towards you or your buddies
  15. I have no idea who else was there. I came up after this and asked kindly that everyone who was not An Pobal leave the compound and come back at a later date. This was because the entire place was a shit show, we didnt know who anyone was so we needed everyone out to secure the place. We literally stated who we were but we were killed because they "technically had rights" because someone threatened them even though they knew (whether they admit it or not) who we were and were allies of ours. Until they decided to kill us and steal our vehicle.
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