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  1. Hello guys! Dayz is maturing so im back! Tnx for reaccepting my application. Im excited to meet new people and to share some unknown adventures with them Cya in game! Cheers
  2. Matt_survivor

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

  3. Matt_survivor

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

    That explains the amount of kids and trolls on the server today.. I was trying to get some decent rp, but got KOSed 3 times immediately. Not to mention the immature behaviour of everyone I met.
  4. Matt_survivor

    Dutch DayzRP meetup

    Hertog jan uber all. I live in friesland, in the north-west top, soo guess i do have to travel a bit further I went to college in Leeuwarden at the NHL (perhaps you too ). My GF lives there aswell. Parents in Groningen. I travel every weekend back to the north!
  5. Matt_survivor

    Dutch DayzRP meetup

    Sweet idea! I live in Wageningen so im pretty much in the centre. Ill bring some beers! (Belgian beer coz dutch beer is "slootwater" )
  6. I traded several sandbags/bloodbags and fish. I never used the trade forum to be honest.
  7. I would love it! Would be fun to be actually happy if you find some ammo or even basic stuff. It would definitely enhance the post-apocalyptic feeling. But the most important thing would be you will think twice to fire a bullet if you know it could take a week to resupply. The overall game could be way more challenging!
  8. Matt_survivor

    Chernarus Live Radio! [SoonTM]

    Great episodes guys! Love the in-depth analyses of events! Keep it up
  9. Matt_survivor


    would be cool but i dont see how they can implement it to the arma engine.
  10. They all look very nice, but i prefer to see more variation in civilian weaponry instead of more militairy.
  11. The unlimited possibilities you can create with only your imagination and other dedicated people
  12. Yes they will. As a doctor of VM i am already providing free medical care to any civilian that needs it, without charging. But then again, a settlement would also give priority to the people that live there already and not just hand out fuel on a endless stream. A well on the other hand offers a endless supply of water.