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  1. In his years of living he never knew that the first time he would travel the world, it would end. People began to change and if he wanted to stay alive so should he. Before his travels to chernarus he stayed in a house where his parents weren't even present. they went to work and that was it. no commitment nor love. they were more like roommates that actual family. He himself never went out, the slur of life brought him from his office job to the house he grew up in. Having not much of a social life he wanted to go change for the better, joining some people in traveling the world. he enjoyed it, made friends and even had a lover or two. His life had changed so much that he didn't want to return to the dusty house his parents lived in. Always on the road he wanted more excitement, so when there was a group going for a place called chernarus he didn't hessitate to join. The people he went with were nice, everyone seemed to click instantly and for the next few weeks they would spend the way together. exploring and enjoying the view. Chernarus was a place not many had been to, so for everyone it was a new experience. However upon arriving things didn't go as planned. people weren't as hospital as they advertised and they soon found out that the place had it's own problems. a sickness that spread fast. For a while things seemed to go it's way, not everyone was bad and even though some were sick it was still a new experience to be there. one night things went wrong. a loud noice woke them up, people were running on the streets and nothing felt safe. He ran, first with friends, but after realizing that things were going from bad to worse his so called buddies ditched him and left him for death. hurt and feeling betrayed he thought to himself on what to do next. probably staying away from the city for a while. With his favorite brown jacket and a few camping suplies he went into the forest. knowing that he was saver there. only after his food had run out and his moral had lowered, is when he decided to go outside once more. To meet whoever was left, with a new set of believes he knew he'd never would let go. 'Don't trust anyone, but yourself.'
  2. New guy in town here, still waiting to get through the whitlist hope to get into the game soon.
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