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  1. Meister

    V3S Submarining/BadRP

    Only two of us shot at you, I was taking screen shots of you driving under water.
  2. Meister

    V3S Submarining/BadRP

    Vehicle on the island: http://imgur.com/Jet1E5q Waving good-bye: http://imgur.com/NEt7wIT Them driving away: http://imgur.com/AGMgwAP Under the water: http://imgur.com/j9ghxly Them on the other side: http://imgur.com/lW5N2Ww
  3. Going to open this up again as I've been thinking of playing a deaf character and want some feedback on it. I'd keep my VON/effects on as most deaf people are able to feel vibrations from loud noises like gun shots. As for getting initiated on I was thinking maybe roleplaying having that feeling that someone's following you. You turn and see someone pointing a gun at you (I don't plan to be armed and if I am it will be on my back). I'd just drop my gun in fear and from there I would be able to lip read. I'm debating my response to either be something like "taps ears and shakes head" or talking like a deaf person does. My background would be that I grew up learning sign language but I had a friend who taught me to make words. Maybe in SA carry pen and paper to write to people?
  4. Meister

    PSA - Loot Respawn and persistence in DayZ Standalone [LESS RELEVANT NOW]

    So can I pick something up and then just put it back down somewhere else?
  5. I was a fan of GS in the mod for a while till I realized how many problems it cause. For example, your friend(s) are initiated on and you watch it happen. You can see x amount of bandits robbing them. You decide you'll be able to kill x amount of bandits and save your friend(s). The bandits have x amount of back up watching over. You shoot the x amount of bandits who robbed your friend(s) and then the x amount of back up bandits kill your friend(s).
  6. Meister

    [Aeternus] Aeternus-Survivor Group (STRICT RECRUITMENT)

    I was invite to the group by Timothy as we're old clan mates from another clan. I'd like to hear more about the clan, what other clans you generally socialize with, more about your cause and how exactly we're suppose to act in situations as a member of the clan. Would someone care to PM me more information?
  7. Meister

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    I'm just going to wait a bit before I try this out..
  8. Damn dude... That's harsh.
  9. $500 CAD on a WoW account. The guy was from the same city as me so we met at my house and he disabled all the security stuff for me, we changed the password and put all my security info on the account. The account got locked because all of the security was switched suddenly so they required government issued photo ID to unlock it. Only problem was that the guy I bought it from got it from his friend and he didn't talk to that friend anymore. So I paid $500 to play on a WoW account for an hour. I think I'm winning right now.
  10. 7/10 I laughed at the dolls face and then read "autism" and felt like a jack ass for laughing..
  11. I still generally type in crowded areas because sometimes its hard to understand when everyone is talking at once. For the most part text RP is annoying unless you're really good at it. Its also pretty hard to communicate with zombies chasing you or when you're in a fire fight. As Vesper said, once you find a group you're comfortable with it will help you develop your character. I also find it comforting talking to the people on teamspeak and having that tiny connection over just talking in game.
  12. Accents I think make It way less awkward or weird situation. I think a few people could back me up on this But there is some Top notch Role players that use their own voice. Surprisingly thus helped me. I roleplayed having an accent and it helped me speak up. I think it was because I myself never roleplayed with voice either. When I was speaking in an accent it was easier for me to remain in character because it wasn't myself talking.