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  1. DookieCS

    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    My POV: I'm the guy that got killed seconds before Fae. After Anezka got injured we started retreating to a better position with a person from my group (@Devin Simpson). We got to a clearing where we started to move abit faster to avoid staying on the open field for much longer. After a few moments of running I spot a few people and assume they're not going to shoot at us as most of them didn't have their guns aimed, except for one person who sprayed me down. I later learned that it was an invalid kill. I'm not exactly sure if it was one person who did it or multiple. But that's as much as I can recall.
  2. Then it would appear that other factors are to blame for the lack of quality RP in recent weeks. Perhaps it could be a mere stroke of bad luck? Regardless, I felt the need to bring it up and get it cleared up in a healthy public enviroment instead of only talking with the people who agree as that would only cause bad blood, and trust me, if I wanted to make enemies OOC I wouldn't be making a thread about a cencern I had. Glad we cleared some things up, now I only hope things get better from here.
  3. From the responses I've gathered and read, it would appear to me that the people who agree with my statement know exactly what I'm talking about, and yet the people who seem to disagree or ''don't know what I'm talking about'' remain ''confused''. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it does seem just a little bit odd.
  4. Yet again, I'm in no position to make demands or making accusations. We're in a discussion thread, and all I want is to provoke an interesting discussion that would provide people with an insight into what some people think and feel about the community as it stands. This is only a discussion thread so instead of trying to assume the superior status let's get on even ground and discuss things, trying to prove someone's wrong purely on the fact that you disagree is doing the exact opposite and isn't contributing to the discussion as a whole. With that out of the way, the way I see it, it wouldn't be the worst thing if larger groups with more man-power didn't share a common ''nesting'' ground as it takes away from the overall Roleplaying experience. In the past weeks we've seen a steadily growing server population on Server 2. When I have asked some of these groups and individuals why they decided to move servers it all lead back to the unification of groups. If you ask me, moving to a different server isn't exactly a good sign. I'm not saying it's not going to get better over time as it most definitely will, but as someone who has really enjoyed the enviroment on the server up until recently, I'd love for things to get better before they get worse or completely screw up. It's also no secret that more and more people are looking for alternatives in terms of Roleplay servers which truly is a shame as I'd love for this community to keep growing.
  5. This is completely beside the point, have all the friends you'd like, but consider the fact that this community involves more people than just the people in your proximity.
  6. "Forcing" people to provide engaging and interesting storylines that involve more than just a single group? Honestly doesn't seem like a bad thing to me. Again, just my opinion.
  7. They are restricting the roleplay themselves by barely allowing any outsiders to interact with the groups and barely leaving their bases.
  8. Clearly my opinions differ from the majority here. Got what I wanted, opinions on the matter, feel free to close the thread. Thanks for the responses, especially those who provided your own insight and took your time to understand what I was saying.
  9. The size of groups is not only effecting the RP in the area sorrounding them but also people who aren't remotely connected to them, as they drive the RP away from most other parts of the map. Would people agree or disagree? I do hope I made myself clear now.
  10. This is a discussion thread and not a suggestion thread. Not asking for anything other than opinions on the matter.
  11. Large groups are a part of DayZRP and that's a fact, I personally enjoy it when it's done correctly and I feel like they can provide great an interesting RP. Although I'm not too sure if the way certain groups are working at the moment is benefiting anyone, including the large groups I'm talking about. When 50% of the server population is based in a single area with nothing to offer other than internalRP and hostilities, that's why I personally feel the need to express myself in this way. I'm not saying to remove the groups or anything like that, but perhaps find a way to make these large groups benefit the server and everyone playing on it. Maybe a different rule set that applies to large groups of 30+ members or something similar? (This is just a quick idea I came up with on the spot, don't take it as an actual suggestion) Fact is that it's probably getting hard to control the quality of RP when there's so many people to look after. The size of groups is not only effecting the RP in the area sorrounding them but also people who aren't remotely connected to them, as they drive the RP away from most other parts of the map. I'll end my opinion by saying, we're here to play a game and to have an enjoyable experience while doing so. But with the current state of the groups I find myself enjoying the game less and less and I know that I'm not the only one that thinks that. Please let me know below if you think my opinion is completely false, so we can have a discussion about it.
  12. DookieCS

    Gas mask buffs

    Doesn't mean it's the only thing people should wear as an ID.
  13. DookieCS

    Gas mask buffs

    I'm part of a group that wears Masks as an identification method, so I don't agree with any of these suggestions. I didn't ask for tear gas to be added so feel free to remove it if it means masks stay on the shop.
  14. @Devin Simpson @Hazard @McLeranth Never a dull day with y'all around. I however need sleep now. @Franny @Ducky @groovy ToeZies Love getting to know y'all better.
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