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  1. Gonna make me sad man, stop it!
  2. Haven't seen you around, you still gotta prove you're the better twin
  3. DookieCS

    I am the Night

    Damn, Maggie had a personallity change I'm joking lad, good to see you're playing again.
  4. We have no doubt we'll run into you again someday soon Thanks for the compliments.
  5. DookieCS

    Nerf Dex

    -1 I've had the same bottle for 58 hours and it's the only bottle I've found. If something is this rare it should be worth the time you put into finding it.
  6. Really had a good time today with @Jsesse White Pleasure running into Lawrence on this character (and with these people @McLeranth @Expresso @AlanM @Jonaaaaaas) Nice running into you aswell @Cartman You're all great lads in your own way. Some more than others (Because some of you physically aren't lads)
  7. DookieCS

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    PvZ Mod is a 100% Yes from me. It's a Zombie game, it's about time infected become a proper threat like on Deer Isle.
  8. Server and location: Deer Isle, Greenville (I think) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17:30 server time Your in game name: Blythe Nordahl Names of allies involved: Leif Bauer Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was on the police station next to a small base, I see someone enter and exit, when they exit I said ''Hello'' in a friendly manner and ask them if they live there, they answer: ''Depends.'' and before I could respond to it properly I got gunned down. No initiation.
  9. DookieCS

    Staff Feedback: Fae

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Came in clutch with getting me some simple info from the logs, really helped out. Suggestions for improvement: From the experience so far, I have no suggestions.
  10. Likewise, quite a relaxing encounter we had. Loved entering the barn one at the time.
  11. Opa, things are about to get interesting again.
  12. Blythe was always quite a strange guy. Ever since he was young he always had a sharp edge to him. Lighting things on fire, killing small game for enjoyment and all sort of other ''fun'' activities. Growing up in Norway to a Norwegian mother and English father he always had to deal with not being exactly pure Norwegian. Kids would pick on him because of it and he'd usually just sit back and take it, he wasn't bothered by it at all, he knew exactly what's worth getting upset by and what isn't. The man had some serious issues though, I'll tell you that much. At the age of 18, his house got broken into by a druggie from the street while he was home alone, but he didn't hesitate to fight back, he got stabbed in the process of defending himself but ended up knocking the intruder out. This was the first time he let his anger out upon another person. He proceeded to tie the man up to the drainpipe in the backyard. Upon the intruders awakening Blythe got the ''bright'' idea of getting his fathers' reserve jerrycan, and dousing the druggie in gasoline, of course, what's the point in pouring gasoline over someone if you're not going to set them on fire, right? Which is exactly what he did. The man started screaming in a way that was comparable to the screams of a scared pig right before slaughter, as the screaming began to die out he started seeing the aftermath but didn't expect the thick smoke to tower above his home, the neighbors swiftly noticed the fire and called the fire department, at this point the fire had already started spreading over most of the side of the house. Blythe just stood there in awe both proud of himself and yet scared. He was still bleeding from being stabbed and there was no telling what the knife was covered in or if it was clean, but in his mind, that wasn't a concern, he dealt with the threat and that's all that mattered to him. He lied on the grass putting pressure his wound and trying to relax before the fire department got there, and most importantly his parents. Blythe got patched up in the local hospital, the fire was put out, and eventually, the body of the intruder was pointed out by the fire department. His parents got rightfully pissed-off, the police were called and people started spreading rumors. Blythe was taken into prison on account that he needlessly set his aggressor on fire after he was already dealt with and thus no further action was needed. He served 6 years with probation. In the prison he met an older man, they never talked about why they were there to others but they both knew each other's reasons for being locked up. Regardless of the situation they quickly became friends of sorts. Blythe also met a Chernorussian while in jail and they too became fairly good friends, they got to the point where he was even given basic Czech lessons by the guy. Unsurprisingly, there wasn't alot of things to do in prison, but they were allowed to request books that would then be delivered to them. The older man was quite a fan of Tolkien, in fact, he read all of the Lord of the Rings books while being incarcerated. So naturally, he let Blythe borrow the books. Rest assured, Blythe read all of the books in the coming months. He became infatuated with a fictional language in the books called ''Black Speech'' so naturally, he started playing around with of the words and phrases until he made up a more fitting name for himself, Burnaumn-Bur... Burning man. After getting released due to good behavior he wanted to calm down for a bit. He became a bassist in a small-time band and the only things he took with him from that part of his life were his attitude and his new alias. Basically everything that made him, him. He later wanted to regain some of the contacts he made in prison, the older gentleman came to visit as they were not too far apart, the Chernorussian however, was denied entry back into the country so Blythe went on a little trip. But of course, he met some ''interesting'' people along the way.
  13. DookieCS

    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    My POV: I'm the guy that got killed seconds before Fae. After Anezka got injured we started retreating to a better position with a person from my group (@Devin Simpson). We got to a clearing where we started to move abit faster to avoid staying on the open field for much longer. After a few moments of running I spot a few people and assume they're not going to shoot at us as most of them didn't have their guns aimed, except for one person who sprayed me down. I later learned that it was an invalid kill. I'm not exactly sure if it was one person who did it or multiple. But that's as much as I can recall.
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