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  1. Forgot this existed, you're slightly late to the party
  2. Cheers mate, I am somewhat glad to be here.
  3. Maybe work on some proper events and not just mini-lore events every few months. Lore Events are there to prevent the lore from getting stale. TV show producers don't just ignore what happened in Season 1 just because season 2 came out.
  4. This one does not spark joy. I don't see anything good that can come from that. Players are banned and blacklisted for good reasons.
  5. Loving the story, can't wait to run into you homies in game Goodluck
  6. DookieCS

    Hello guys!

    Welcome comrade, hope you have fun
  7. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
  8. *Alex presses his PTT* 'Well sir, as long as you're not too deep in you'll be fine. Just don't lose sight of civilization, like roads or cell towers.'' *After the short message the radio turns to static*
  9. *An unknown voice comes through the radio* "Let's just hope we don't run into eachother Doctor, for your own sake." *The man let's go of the PTT*
  10. *Alex would press the PTT and respond to the man* ''We all need names and faces, this wouldn't nearly as much of an issue of we knew who was behind it all. But feel free to do some investigation on our behalf, or perhaps contact me on a private frequency if you'd prefer to keep things on the down low.'' *Like always he lets go of the PTT without saying much of a goodbye.*
  11. *The radio sparks to life as a man beings to speak* ''Good evening to all. This is Alex, some of you might know me as Arson from a few days ago.'' *He takes a big breath and sighs* Not even 5 minutes ago I was informed by one of my fellow hunters, that some more human remains have been discovered on the road from Novy Sobor to Gorka. I advise, everyone involved in the initial hunt, to stay especially safe around that area as the people who've commited the act are most likely still around and probably headed to the nearest town. Remember to keep your groups close and do not wonder the forests alone. Stay safe out there and don't get caught with your pants down. *Alex would let go of the PTT and continue cleaning his weapon while waiting for more radio contact*
  12. *The PTT turns on as a calm man begins to speak* "Let me actually give you a better idea, contact me on a private frequency and we can talk about how you can put that tent of yours to good use, how does that sound?" *Static fills the signal and the man remains quiet*
  13. Alex here, likewise brother, glad to have all of you involved with the cannibal hunt, and good to have you on our side
  14. My character is a guitarist, that's all I'm gonna say.
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