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  1. I was a US Army Soldier serving with the 82nd Airborne in the Middle east when the Infection Started. Our unit was in a remote location out on mission and we did not find out about the event until the everything had fallen apart. We traveled trying to find somewhere safe. We lost soldiers along the way until there was only 3 of us left from our platoon. our gear was useless due to no longer having supply from the Military. Our clothing had degraded to the point of no longer being good for anything. The day before I arrived in the country side my last to companions in this world, Jonathan Riggs and Steve Daxter made a fatal mistake and opened fire on a group of zombies. They were over run and perished before my eyes. I arrived here with nothing but the clothes on my back. My gear was with my companions. it is time to see what This new area i have walked into has to offer.
  2. ForgetfulPanda

    Not really new just been gone for a while!

    Well i finally have a PC again and wanted to get back in the community. was hoping my character was still on here but hey guess i get to rewrite it out. wanted to say hello to everyone. last time i played was early 2017.
  3. ForgetfulPanda

    Good day!

    Hello everyone. My name I Josh nice to meet/play with y'all. I am glad I get the chance to join your community.
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