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  1. Mr. Autumn why would a Irishman be in Chernarus? Why are 90% of all Russian oriented clans bandit clans? Why are you so bothered by our back story? If you played Super Mario would you complain about a Italian plumber being in the mushroom kingdom? I play the game to interact with people and have fun. We strive to make people laugh and have a good time we do not care about gear nor about who has the largest clan. Maybe you should try some RP in game rather then trolling the forums telling people their ideas are garbage and are not in your vision of a perfect Chernarus. Have a nice day
  2. I'm happy to see people showing some interest in our little MC. With any luck we can meet all of you in game and provide you our usual brand of RP entertainment.
  3. Hey thanks brother. I half expected someone to start something with someone but it turned out to be a pretty good RP experience.
  4. I was having a rough night at work until I received a link to this thread from Lue on steam. I couldn't help but smile after reading what Mace and Lue had to say. Thank you guys for that. I will try to hop on more often if anyone wants to sit around a fire and listen to a old man tell you tales of his youth then come on down to New Hobokin. I'll keep the fire burning.
  5. Zodiac13

    What do you want us to improve/add?

    Would it be possible to add a economy to the game? Kinda like there is in epoch or the life mods.
  6. Zodiac13

    DayZRP Standalone very SOON

    Yeah there would be some KoSing but for the most part I feel that people will be too busy running from the new zombies and their improved path finding to be wasting those hard earned 9m bullets on another player. The fact that there would be no more skins really doesn't matter considering how many different kinds of clothing there are to choose from in the game. As for reports, people will just have to have video proof. bandicam is a free to try program that can record up to 10 minutes of video at a time. The only problem I can see is the fact that 40 slots is the most you can have on the server at one time. I also feel a new whitelist might be a good idea to weed out those who have had past issues with the rules.
  7. Zodiac13

    Moving and merging servers

    MMmmmm Altis life. *Drool*
  8. Zodiac13

    Reborn Teaser.........

    WWSD? What Would Sako Do?
  9. Zodiac13

    Reborn Teaser.........

    Good to see you guys "RISE" from being "Fallen" to be "watchers" again.
  10. Thanks guys I can't wait to RP with some of you guys. These characters are a new kinda RP for me and Lue so I hope we don't disappoint.
  11. Zodiac13

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    posted I needed a GUID reset on page 96 must have been over looked still need a reset please. //Mush: Reset, please re-enter.
  12. Zodiac13

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my GUID reset please. I used dayz Commander to get it before I read that I shouldn't. //Mush: Reset, please re-enter.
  13. Ok I had the same problem as you Frank and this is how I fixed it. First go into steam right click on your arma 2 OA and go to properties. Then go to updates and make it so that it doesn't auto update. After that go to beta tab and click on older version 1.62. Now after the down load is done go to DayZ Commander and change your version to 103718 it will throw up a wrong key error but just click ok through it and your version should be good for the DayZRP servers. Now relaunch the DayZRP launcher and see if that worked.