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  1. Not sure what you even mean... You where flying around people and their cars? It is possible to tow a car with a heli and for people to get inside the car after it has been towed. I think that is what he meant. Ok that came up for me too, but if he brings like a million cars to a player camp and leaves them there to be found, he should expect a screen shot or a youtube vid gloating about destroying them all...
  2. All I could see from the citizenship and trade license was ''blah blah blah PAYMENT blah blah blah 1 week blah blah blah more payment.'' I think both of those are over priced.
  3. Not sure what you even mean... You where flying around people and their cars?
  4. It would be great if you could add a DUTY logo to somewhere on my Sig, just small so it does not cover the text or the cat.
  5. Welcome!!! I hope you have a great stay and get the most fun out of it, I would love to see you in-game so we can RP together!
  6. Firstly, you need to install ArmA OA Beta which you get when buying ArmA II Combined ops, then you either download the launcher or the mods it's self, after downloading that you can use the launcher or launch OA Beta and just put ''DayZRP'' In the Host and the servers should come up. You can download these things under the DayZRP drop box it will be called ''Download''. (click the red ''Download'' Writing in my post )
  7. The fact that put me off is how you constantly say that it will be better then Sanctuary, came across a bit offensive, especially to the Sanctuary CR's. Other then that if you fix the problem with the open field it will be ok.
  8. I have had awesome RP when we are not attacked, but since it is rare that we are not attacked we don't get too much RP. Hell, every small three man group thinks they can just walk in and shoot a couple of people and take everything. I mean event that new clan Holden PMC was talking about coordinating a attack and I do not see a single fucking reason a PMC group would attack a neutral settlement, thats just bad RP. PS: 100 POSTS WHOOT WHOOOT!
  9. That is just... Wha.... That should be against the rules.
  10. I completely agree, but people need to propose ideas of what to do. I have seen many ideas, but all of them get turned down because ''attacks are something that will happen, you need to keep that in your mind when opening a settlement''. I think that mentality is one sided, settlements are there for RP and a place to go when you have no where else. They are NOT war zones.
  11. And I am saying that something needs to be done to improve everyones RP. It's not fair if the attackers have fun but the rest suffer.
  12. I am aware attacks come with opening a settlement but in no way does it make sense that clans attack once or twice a day, there is not way that they would have the men power for it.