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  1. Good luck with it all and have fun if you get in ^^
  2. Best of luck *sends in a bunch of cheerleaders* for motivation
  3. kitalri

    [GAME] Change a letter!

    *Goes for the safe option* Shut
  4. kitalri

    Robbing Juggs

    No one's really saying "How dare you rob Juggs." So no idea where you're getting that from, the general view is that it's rather bland and barely any rp in there for us to watch and that'd be enjoyable for the other person. Which so happens to be Juggs. As I've said on another video put a description below the video, not just a video as it seems lack of IC value and just "Looks what I dids."
  5. kitalri

    GTA 5 HYPE!!!

    Well... RIP boyfriend >.> he's pre-ordered it last night. It was nice knowing him.
  6. It'd be like people from PC trying to stop TESO being for Consoles >.> they'd be pissed if people tried to do that... This is why I cuddle my PC and don't have a console, especially with the hate things you get on there
  7. //You let me die! >: ( Writing down who I am and what I've done, I want people to get it right as to what's been going on and from what perspective I'm looking at it from. Name: Elyssa Jones. Ethnicity: White British. Country of Origin: Britain, more specifically Kent, England. Family: Mother - Mrs Amy-Lee Jones Status - Deceased. Father - Mr Robert T. Jones Status - Deceased. Siblings - Tyrone Thomas Jones age 12 Status - Deceased. Siena Louise Jones age 8 Status - Deceased. Brian James Jones age 15 Status - Deceased. Emma Angelica Jones age 17 Status - Missing. James Woods age 25 Status - Missing. History as to how I ended up here: (Written in third person so whoever finds this can just copy it.) Elyssa grew up with a large family who owned a farm in Kent, England. Which six siblings she was the eldest though not the favourite; she was to do most of the hard work with her father of tending to the animals and harvest. Making sure they were delivered to the markets so they had money incoming. She'd even have to drive the tractors around the place and on the roads. Elyssa was hitting 20 and seeking a way out of her current life when the outbreak reached Kent, she was travelling back towards her farm when she saw a couple screaming and running away from the field she was passing, the cows just watching them as they grazed. Somebody running after them and wasn't far off. Picking up what speed she could with a tractor she aimed towards the attacker. Bouncing in the tractor she had ran the person over not thinking of the consequences and then slowed down. She slipped out of the tractor and went to check on the couple and her victim, she grimaced as the bloodied corpse then finally noticed that it wasn't dead. Still moaning out and trying to reach the couple was a zombie. Elyssa grimaced and ran back to the tractor, she found her shotgun and marched back towards it. Shooting twice in the head making sure to double tap like she'd watched in the movies she finally turned to the couple who were still crying and freaking out. Elyssa was more in shock than anything and working on auto-pilot. Inviting the couple into the trailer she kept on working back home of course asking if they were bitten before hand. Reaching her house she knocked on her front door and was greeted by her mother just in time for dinner. The couple seemed quiet and skittish as they tried to keep down their dinner. Elyssa shakily spoke about the events to the rest of her family the reality of the situation was registering. The woman of the couple held her hand to her mouth and heaved. Elyssa's mother quickly stood and helped the woman to the kitchen to ease her stomach, Elyssa then excused herself to get herself changed and make up beds. Or well that was her excuse, really she rocked in her bedroom quietly freaking out about someone coming back to life and trying to eat people. She thought that only happened in movies. Her mental state was snapped back as she heard yelling from her mother and a gun shot down possibly still in the kitchen, dashing past her sister skyping her boyfriend she paused and yelled for the sibling to come with her and help sort out the situation. With a grumble and a groan as usual teenagers do the sister followed. When they finally reached downstairs they stumbled to a halt. Their father had his throat ripped out and the man of the couple now chewing on an arm, blood everywhere. A brother was already dead but twitching, evidently the first to be attacked. Their father had his gun in his hand it still smoking from the shot she had heard. Grabbing at the gun she yelled out to get the now zombie's attention. As it looked up to her with a blank expression she shot it right between the eyes. As the body fell backwards Elyssa remembered her mothers cry. Demanding her sister to gather what children were left she ran for the kitchen. Knives were everywhere as was blood. Her mother stood with the knife she called 'Deadly' holding the womans head in her hands as she babbled about being attacked. The band of reality having snapped. Elyssa licked her lips as she stepped closer to her mother a large gash and bite marks were on her arm. Elyssa gulped as she thought about what this meant. "I'm sorry mum." she said and raised the shot gun, not giving her mother time to answer she shot her in the head, stepping over the body she shot again. Before turning back to where her brothers and sisters would be waiting. They burnt down the farm house and moved into the stables with the horses as they planned on what to do. That night when everyone else was asleep Elyssa finally broke down and cried until she could cry no more. This was the only time she could allow herself to do that as she'd have to appear strong for them. She was the eldest, she was their parent now. After what seemed months they finally ventured out from the stables and took horses, weapons and whatever supplies that they could and headed to Dover. As they travelled everywhere was deserted and most places burnt down. Thankfully they were in the countryside so probably weren't hit as badly as Canterbury or Ramsgate was. Finally hitting the docks there was one ship ready to depart. Trotting along to the docks Elyssa looked out for any life still about. The boat was small could probably fit the group all in. Finding no one she headed to the boat and looked inside, after a thorough search she told the others to come in and leave the horses behind, they could bring them too. She wanted out of Britain and out of it now. Finding a severed hand with the keys she pried the fingers from them and started the engine, she'd travel to somewhere quiet and where it'd be hard to have a large amount of zombies that most people who were still alive would probably want to avoid too. Elyssa lost track of time as she tried to make her way to somewhere, the navigation system on the boat broke down after the first week and now they were just drifting coast to coast, dropping off to whatever land they found and seeing if it was even remotely safe. They came across many areas of land, each infected causing the group to rush back to the boat and carry onto the next area. Finally they reached land and beached the boat carefully, grabbing any left over supplies and guns and headed out into this strange area, they quickly came across some infected and rushed back to the boat to move on again, but the boat was finally out of fuel so they had no where else to go but further in land. Finding a sign Elyssa guessed it was Russia by the strange writing, this was going to probably be worse than England with the weather difference. As time flew by, some of her siblings fell to zombies not being able to move quick enough or wandered off being curious as a lot of young children do. If the body was found they were buried respectfully and deep as to prevent zombies from eating them as much as possible. Elyssa has maybe one sibling left if not two and she has lost contact with them after a large fight in which everyone went their separate ways. She didn't want this, she was meant to protect them as their mother and father would. She still searches for them while she plans on surviving. (Signed via signature.)
  8. Good luck practice makes perfect as the saying goes. I'm sure if you ever get a problem or are uncertain you can always ask around
  9. Sadly I haven't gotten to know many of the staff as of yet Rolle <3 only because of "I am the Law" I don't know much more on a personal level. Papa I approve of as I do see him a fair bit in the report threads and I kinda imagine him in real life with this giant gavel giving judgement. Don't ask me why.... I think it's also appropriate here to say a big Thank you! to Frayzies who when I first tried to get in the game and world of computers hated me and put problem over problem in front of us. Thankfully he guided me along and kept me giggling and entertained during the process. I never got the chance to properly thank him so I hope he see's this. P.S. Congrats to le new Devs
  10. You can do it I quit end of last year, due to lack of money and the partner doesn't like it. I still miss them (Especially as I have to serve them in a shop....) and it will be hard even after a while =3
  11. This has a lot of potential! I wish you luck I definitely hope to bump into him if you do decide to do it
  12. WildStar Teso DA:3 I think that's the list so far but the others I will sit back and peer at them, ready to swipe if they spike interest.
  13. Just going to give my 2p, I'm not on either side just been observing. I haven't been able to watch the full video just yet as I was going to sleep and now going to work within 15 minutes. But I will when I finish to say whether or not it was enjoyable. While I understand it's up here for rp purposes I think it could have been layered out a lot better especially with the whole feud between obviously PSI and a number of people in which we've seen in other threads that are burnt out by the flaming. So it was of no surprise when this one is getting heat for it too. Heck I even thought the signature was bad that you have until you said what exactly it was. Just my personal advice from what I've seen so far: Maybe change the threads name because personally to me at the moment it's rather personal and with the previous drama doesn't seem too 'IC Formal' so just maybe - "Execution of a traitor of RSM (And the other two clans can't remember their names) Raw Footage." Then you have yourself backed up there that people can't complain to. With the Original Post, maybe put under the video a little paragraph explaining the situation instead of just throwing the video on there. You know? Just put in a few lines of the victims name, clans involved. Maybe a brief description. Then once again you're backed up on that you've presented it as a complete IC moment and people can't entirely bitch because well you've shown it well and they've obviously not read things. Again I'm saying no need to take it down or anything just trying to help to stop all the flaming. O/ Tara!