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  1. Bad rap music? Check. All black armor? Check. M4 with 2 drum mags? Check. Yeah, its roleplay time.
  2. Journal Entry 12 I haven't felt the motivation to write in this. I've been focused.... focused on the road. Shakhovka is gone, for now. I dispersed my men across Chernarus, to hide in the shadows and bide our time until I can regroup with Polat in Livonia. He speaks on the radio, speaks of how he has old friends, people he has gathered that I need to meet. And well, since Chernarus has chewed me up and spit me out, it isn't like I have much to stay here for. Change of scenery would be nice, new trees to lie under, new smells and faces, new people. It sounds nice. Refreshing, like cool glass of lemonade in hot summer. I can taste it now. One more day, until i'm there. Been long, these 3 weeks of travel. Russia gave me a lot to think about, how society is rebuilding itself. I was being too soft, when I was doing it. I needed to be more reserved, more loyal to myself. More suspicious of others. Damn, that man. He released our information like it was pocket change, and it ruined us. My life circles around this, I realize. My life is tied to my home, and even though I am here, in Livonia, I know that eventually the echoes of South Zagoria will call me back once more. Damned to hell, one could say. I haven't slept much either. I need to rest. We will meet soon, Polat, two days time. We will meet.
  3. Getting shot. Also, a lot of personal development. Jonah has been around since day 30 and despite a hiatus or two still has enough character development to build a movie out of. No history, not yet, maybe not ever. But the russian who speaks poetry will be remembered by all whom he meets, for better or worse.
  4. Requesting an archive. Thanks to those that fought long and hard for what they believed in, and the moments and bonds we shared. o7
  5. FREEDOM IS NON NEGOTIABLE. Calling in Kozlov for a POV @SaltySully
  6. In this scenario they are just being a chode. Then again, people are chodes in general, this is just using walls instead of a gun. Is it reportable or bannable? Nah, but you'd be allowed to break it down to get to the forbidden drink, just like he was able to guard it. Maybe pack a canteen and some extra soda on the coast, idk about you lot but I always manage to survive, I have only ever died in DayZ due to sickness and getting shot at. Not against the rules, whoever blocked it blocked it. Fuck the guy up or just move the next town over.
  7. Are you cheating on me? @Monker Such a shame, smh
  8. @Nik defintely deserves some love as well. Although we had that bad start at Stary, along with some other bumps and bruises, the scars you left on me and all of my men are going to be long lasting. The way you lead the Jackals is memorable, I could see all of them fighting each other and me, feral and rabid, with only the leader being able to keep them back. It was quite unnerving just looking at the ferocity, the way you shoved the gun in my face, and despite the fact that I talked back with a confidence, you didn't once tell me to "shut up or die". One of your men however, did. I told him to shoot, my character no longer caring if he lives or dies, being at such a low point in that moment. And you saw that, and used it to further the RP, listening to the story of Jonah 'Vozhd' Blank, and how he was, in your eyes, strong. Bravo. I hope you further that style of RP among you and your group.
  9. Journal Entry 11 2 weeks since i've opened this thing, too much to do, too much to say. The Jackals carved my son, my friends, me. Of course it was I whom had an S indented into my skin. I added 2 more of them. SSS. No matter what they do, what they say. Their little S has been multiplied. What once was meant to be strong was changed by me. It stands for my country now. It stands for me, and those who've been labelled with the W. I share my S, to those with the W, turning them into me by exposure. The walls have been heavily damaged, torn down by the Jackals and the elements. Entire sections of wall have been just... removed. Gone. I have no clue how, but its glaring as a security issue. Completely open, we've had to had guards all over just to maintain some inkling of security for what remains of our people. How many more must spill blood in order for us to have a home. How many more of us must have their bones broken to defend ourselves. When the world around us wants war, we are peace. A bastion of safety no longer. And the Wolfpack and Nox.... I will have to go out and send an envoy, to both of them, to hopefully negotiate some sort of peace, some sort of truce so the south becomes that itty bitty much safer. And with the Wolfpack subdued, the Custodians will soon follow, forming a political bloc which will further safeguard our nation. Border disputes, trade agreements, no sense of diplomacy.... great. I will have to moderate children squabbling over past wrongdoings not realizing the true evil lies not in the man or woman they will scream at. God save us all. I miss you Cherii. You would know what to do, you were always so, so smart.
  10. Enjoyed my bonding time with @RiZ today, walking and talking as friends till business had to be done. Hope I get to share more stories with you man, I have a feeling you'd be good company.
  11. God, I hate parallel parking.
  12. As many have stated before, the lore is falling short of the usual standards DayZ groups are held too. If you would like help with the lore writing, more simple graphics, or pretty much anything else, i'd be more than happy to lend a hand. The group itself is quite unique though! Not many 'reactionary' type groups around these days. The whole UN deserter group also makes me a bit interested. With all the hostility against western forces, will the deserters be treated better or worse? Wish you the best of luck in your endless fight against the Corporation!
  13. A somber voice can be heard, with a simple message. "Contigency Code SEV-7 initialized. Regroup, coagulate, operate. We will not quietly submit, we will roar with a defiance until the white once more is stained with red. Remember the past, for it defines our future." "Hemmoraging ceased, DCO usage marked. Frontier point regrouping AUTHORIZED. Rally up, men. We have a war to win." Click.
  14. -removed @Aa-Ron, @MrTurtleman1107 for not playing in over a week. Hit me up to be re-added, gotta keep this stuff up to date. -added @LargePiece, @PhoenixCool, @ItHurtss glory to Shakhovka brothers and sisters.
  15. Never had it with eggs, and me cooking ramen would most likely result in the kitchen being burnt down, i'm no chef. If I cant shove it in a microwave I can't eat it, lmao Pho is also pretty good, doesn't beat ramen though, its my lifeblood man
  16. TryaxReck


    Aw shit, we gotta fight these guys?!?
  17. cup noodles. Or this authentic vietnamese ramen joint down the street, my community is predominantly asian so you get good ramen around here. Mmmm, ramen.
  18. With a click, the man's voice returned. He'd hold down the PTT, speaking officially and cordially. "Oh? A face to face interaction would be lovely. I have a lot more to discuss than mere rumors, things I think you may find interesting. Or not. All speculation. Do you have a time, a place maybe? Or something along those lines. And.... those mountaineers are quite good people, they helped me with medicine with my people. Lots of infected wounds...." "But erm. Yes. Please state a time and place, i'm more than willing to walk." The transmission faded out, static returning to the airwaves.
  19. A sad voice would be on air, the Russian returns. He'd press down on the PTT. This transmission would seem particularly weak. "Attention, Citizens, Proktors, and allies to Shakhovka. We have decided.... to resist. A contingency code I would have hoped to never use... yet I must. Hereby issuing SEV-7. Organized resistance lost, capitol region lost, insurmountable odds imminent... It's not over. Not yet. Many Shakhovkans are alive, still, old and new. There are those who may have ran, but I know its still in their hearts to fight. To fight. And as such. We fight, even if they chose not too... Glory to the Second State. Glory.... to the Second Shakhovkan State. Fight on, against the Odezvites, the Anarchists. The cannibals hiding in the woods at night and the raiders who break in with hacksaws and bombs. Fight on, against the chaos. Fight on, against evil. Fight. On." A long pause, the man's breathing could be heard. Shaky. Uncertain. But... It smoothed, a cold resolve filling the character. "To those still willing to fight. To those still loyal, to those still desperate to join our cause. Let me tell you. Let me beseech you. To come back. For at our worst times, we need it more than ever. And I promise... I... I promise. I won't falter. I won't let this happen. Not again. Glory to Shakhovka." With a reluctance, he let go of the PTT, letting his mind stirr quietly as he contemplated his next move, beginning to spread a map of Chernarus on-top of a table.
  20. A distinctly Russian voice could be heard as he pressed down on the PTT, his voice filled with hushed anger. "Glory to the Second State. We will not falter. We will not fail. You can strike down our walls, but not the ideology we hold so dear. Not us. That you may never take." With a click, the voice is gone, the man vanishing among the airwaves.
  21. what mentally deranged monster would choose B
  22. So many new groups, I just hope this one is friendlier than the others. Too many reskins of the same thing nowadays, but I know you lot are a different breed. Godspeed.
  23. Jonah dialed into the exact frequency that the message was sent on his military radio, taking the wired reciever in the palm of his hand and flicking the switch to transmit his voice. "Volchpakt, there are many things to be said about you. What.... are you? Who are you? Do you affiliate with the zealots? Are you truly eaters of flesh? There are many lies, many truths mixed in, I feel. It would be of great significance if you decided to dispel, admit, or otherwise answer to these rumors floating about South Zagoria." With a click, the switch set to recieving mode, in which he'd be able to hear a response, if there was any.
  24. - Removed @Yeetera, removed @AugustGaiusKeogh. o7 boys -Added @ItHurtss, @Mr Shaggy. -Added new goal: Collect 10 pipes to complete plumbing system
  25. There was only one voice that initiated upon us. Are you apart of Nik's group, or not? Also, you convienentally decided to attack at night where I could not see shooting. I only HEARD one person initiate. I didn't even SEE anyone. I saw a shadow and began to shoot. Also, you state that you robbed me because I was: "being really edgy and said it was time to smoke I didn't like that, I also didn't like your voice or your face mask I then decided to initiate on you " Is that a valid reason to initiate upon me? Because you didn't like my clothes and voice? I do not think so. Also, my "son" said that all you did was tellhim to drop his things and run which is a violation of making RP dedicated towards roleplay, not gear and items. however that requires his own confirmation. Also, Nik has said to me in character that he was a loner, and that he had no friends at the location. So if you all state that you are alone, how am I to know that four people will all initiate upon me if you all claim, IC and OOC, that you are both NOT in a group together, official or not.
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