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  1. until

    Rubles, just like the last time!
  2. You guys are in denial, I swear. And I'm still viewing this thread, bad idea. Ima pick Nozzy though, I'm easily persuaded.
  3. You know I dont think Nozzy is here, personally. Why not Pussywhipped?
  4. TryaxReck

    God Bless The United States of America

    Haha its funny to be edgy and hate America! Jokes aside, I love America, but you cant forget the mistakes we've made, or we will be damned to repeat them. I ain't gonna let this country fail on me, or anyone else. Its my duty as a citizen, a neighbor, and a friend. God bless the US, and those whom fought for us. God forgive the politians who made them fight though, I hate suits.
  5. Bursts in Room GET DUNKED ON! I'll take uhhhhhhh Nozzy
  6. TryaxReck

    my first interaction

    they just ruined this mans whole career
  7. Pfft, as if. Everyone knows this is the time Tryax posts! That being said, Xehara
  8. The voice returns, the crackling of static flows through the transiever. Alarming, she left the country. A shame, indeed. If that IS the case, we request information on those affiliated to the Kingdom in general. Most specifically, soldiers and high-court members. Locations, names, and other things such as that shall be rewarded if found to bear fruit. Specific rewards are not specified, and depend on how helpful these finds lead us to the desired outcomes. The voice pauses for a moment, then continues. Specific radio frequencies, especially private ones, are extremely valuable. 40 Rubles. Possibly weapons, if found to lead to extreme fortune. Other forms of payment can be arranged. End transmission. The voice fades away into the white noise once more.
  9. A voice would fill the airwaves, crackling at times due to bad interference. White noise could be heard in the background if far from the coastal areas of South Zagoria. Hello. Hello? Yes, hello. We are looking for information on the Queen of Severograd, her whereabouts, or anything she left behind. Mementos, information, booklets, anything. If you have any information or items RELATING to her, it would be greatly appreciated if we were contacted. Rewards negotiable, items will be paid for in rubles or something else, if requested. Information can be paid in rubles, but only if the information is valuable. Whereabouts are useful, firsthand accounts are useful. What she ate for breakfast 2 months into the outbreak is NOT useful, however, if out of the kindess of your heart you decide to say if it was an omellete or scambled eggs, it is still appreciated. Once again, this information is relating to the Queen of Severograd. Thank you for listening, end transmission. He'd stop speaking, and let go of the transmitter button. He'd leave the radio on as he was organizing supply boxes, listening attentively for responses.
  10. TryaxReck

    DayZ Update Thread

    Added: Wooden Crate (crafted). YES
  11. Because you have failed me before, Tew ;( Pussywhipped
  12. TryaxReck

    Adjust persistence timers for some objects

    Same with tripods. Campfires alone can despawn normally, but if upgraded, they should stay for a LONG time.
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