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  1. TryaxReck

    Mini Text RP events.

    Aww, but like, that wouldve been cool. Like just passive dynamic events
  2. TryaxReck

    Mini Text RP events.

    Oh so like using the global chat system, to make events? Babe. Lets do it man.
  3. TryaxReck

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    That green theme tho I rate 6 Shia LeBoufs out of 3 George Cloonies.
  4. TryaxReck

    Saying Hello

    Welcome to DayZ mate, nice to see more people arriving. If you need pointers on textRP, or maybe wanna join a group, pm me! Self promotion aside, I hope to see you in the wastes of Chernarus soon!
  5. TryaxReck

    S1 | BadRP, Unnecessary OOC, Possible Metagaming | Severograd | 10/20/2017 20:00

    @Jade, the OOC comment was more of a joking jab that I see many other people do, so I cant really explain that away. That's the only thing on this report that actually has proof, and I would accept my punishment for it. Also, judging by the fact that the entire ordeal involving the OP was just a incredibly shady and low way for evidence for their case to be extracted from me, I think that I would rather have this handled in an official way where my private messages don't get leaked and staff members are able to handle it. I honestly didnt know that people would sink to such lows for this.
  6. TryaxReck

    S1 | BadRP, Unnecessary OOC, Possible Metagaming | Severograd | 10/20/2017 20:00

    Once again, I am unable to use a microphone due to me not having one. That is why I textRP, that is why I don't use teamspeak or discord, and that is why we were talking in the DayZRP messages instead of something more normal. Thing is, I was trying to understand you and telling you to be specific, but it didn't seem you had anything in mind and wanted me to start the conversation.The conversation went like "I wanna talk to you about the incident." "Okay sure, which part?" "Just the incident in general." "Okay... but what do you wanna talk about?" "The incident, I said that already." You see, that was the problem. You kept on just saying the same thing, as was I. And at this point, talking it out is no longer an option I would persue.
  7. TryaxReck

    *nods a hello*

    *Tips fedora* M'lorean. Welcome to the server man, and if you have any questions regarding TextRP or need a group, message me! Self promotion aside, hope to see you in the Chernarussian wastes, and good luck against the wolves!
  8. TryaxReck

    S1 | BadRP, Unnecessary OOC, Possible Metagaming | Severograd | 10/20/2017 20:00

    No, your example isn't good RP. this is good rp. *The man who approaches you seems twitchy, with sweat covering his forehead. It seems like he has a fever of some sort.* "I am the holy ghost, who haunts this hotel. BE GONE!" *He would then proceed to walk into a wall and fall over, scrambling away, obviously scared and confused.*
  9. TryaxReck

    S1 | BadRP, Unnecessary OOC, Possible Metagaming | Severograd | 10/20/2017 20:00

    Okay, in your video you all raised you weapons immediately after your leader said to put your hands up, all in under a second. You guys didn't say anything, yet all at once you raised your weapons. Its almost like visual and audio queues allow for reaction. So, lets just say that this phenonema of all of you RAISING your weapons can correlate to me FIRING mine. This would mean that once @Anaconda figured out that gunshots were being fired, he wouldve raised his gun. And if we really were using teamspeak, wouldn't have @Polat had time to shoot someone as well? Also, NVFL could easily be disproved due to it being 3v5 and @SmashingMedal being hidden from view, as well as the guy that was using a hunting rifle who waved at one of our guys, who @Anaconda probably thought was a friendly. And keep in mind, BadRP is kind of subjective to the person involved. For me, I was using propper grammar, sentence structure, as well as emoting actions (A standard MUST for any textrper such as myself.) Sure, the things I said mightve been stale, but not ONCE did I ever call anyone by the name other than the ones they gave me, ever reference events pre lorewipe, ever say any trollrp shit, and I kept myself self respectable the entire time due to me being leader of the URS and not wanting to engage in combat so early on into the URS infancy. I think I am beating a dead horse here, however. So I will refrain from posting unless an staff calls me in, or I find significant reason to do so. At this point I am basically just making the staff's job harder by repeating everything over and over again but mildly rephrasing it so as to try to explain it towards the other party. So, until something new comes up. I will not make another new post.
  10. TryaxReck

    S1 | BadRP, Unnecessary OOC, Possible Metagaming | Severograd | 10/20/2017 20:00

    @SmashingMedal Alright, ill be fair, that makes enough sense and ill excuse that. You had an accurate reason towards why you can use automatic weapons. But still, no evidence is being provided for any of your claims. I will try to contact @Polat and look for the video.
  11. TryaxReck

    S1 | BadRP, Unnecessary OOC, Possible Metagaming | Severograd | 10/20/2017 20:00

    @Sleepyhead, you said in another post that your team does not use automatic weapons, yet in @SmashingMedal's video, there is a clear automatic weapon being used during the exchange. Did you put "very rarely" in there to mean "Only when I am involved in a report"? Either way, regarding @Jamie, the only reason I died is due to the single man that was behind me during the entire encounter. If it wasn't for him, this report would've turned out either a lot different or not have even happened in the first place. Also, I would just like to repeat myself by saying: WHY WAS THIS REPORT EVEN MADE? It seems obvious that there is no good evidence towards any of your claims to "BadRP" and "Possible Metagaming." In reality, only the unnecessary OOC is something that holds up, and even THAT is quite a stretch. And if the "BadRP" was for @Polat and @Anaconda, we discussed ICly that they were not to speak so that their robbers wouldn't recognize their voices, and could identify them. If you are upset by that... well I dunno, maybe don't rob every other person and that wouldn't be an issue. If you really believe our RP was that stale, keep in mind who was asking the questions and taunting us. For the most part we were just answering your questions, and didn't have much time to speak freely. And @SmashingMedal, do you have full video of the entire ordeal or just the initiation.
  12. TryaxReck

    S1 | BadRP, Unnecessary OOC, Possible Metagaming | Severograd | 10/20/2017 20:00

    The main problem with that story is the fact that the "hostileRP" as you call it was mostly just you and your group insulting us, which didn't do much other than give you an excuse to fight. This is the problem here. We came into Severo looking for campfireRP and maybe some limited hostile, but you wanted PVP, and therefore initiated on a well armed group. However, you didn't REALLY want PVP, for if that was the case you most likely wouldve initated when we had an ability to fight back. Instead, you (most likely ) took us hostage for our gear. This could be backed up by your initiation on a completely friendly Daniel Bash that you robbed at gunpoint. And EVEN then, what legitamite reason did you have to take us hostage? Insulting you? ICly, that isn't that good of a reason unless you are all ICly insane and have insecurity issues. And for your arguement that "The roleplay didn't make much sense", I would just like to inform you it mightve not made sense due to the constant interjection of your people, which we were trying to answer as best as we could have. To be honest, I don't know why this report was even put up. You won that fight, you didn't lose anything other than 2 lives (One that was taken via friendly fire, by your statements) and some ammunition rounds.To me, this just seems like you got angry at the fact that we offed your leader and she had to walk back to your location, and are now trying to ban us as payback? Because you don't have video (which I find unlikely due to you having 8 people involved.) as well you don't have any witness testimony outside of your own group, which would most likely want me to get banned. I also never really made.... BadRP. Its your choice if you didn't like our campfireRP, but in the chat logs, you do see me emoting things and talking with propper grammar. If that is BadRP, then I should probably report over half the server. All in all, I really don't see a reason in which this needed to be put up, half due to the lack of evidence, and half due to the nature of groups involved. We were looking for CampfireRP, and you were looking for gearRP, simple.
  13. TryaxReck

    Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    DayZ couldve made it interesting with the smaller things in life, like for example, while scavenging, I found a russian reading book. They couldve made it like project zomboid, in which you could learn things from books. In this case, I was thinking you would have access to a different textchat channel, called RussianDirect or something of the sort, so you could speak in russian, and only people who also read the russian textbook would know what you were saying. That wouldn't take too much effort, and it would be a good placeholder for the soft skills they planned on implementing. Another thing couldve been rendering. It takes me about 2 minutes, looking straight at a street sign to be able to understand what it says. A simple fix wouldve made it so I didnt have to do that. Either way, hopefully most of this will be done by .63, and if not, they will eventually have to make it open source. Until then, DayZ, and DayZRP in paticular, will continue to exist.
  14. TryaxReck

    S1 | BadRP, Unnecessary OOC, Possible Metagaming | Severograd | 10/20/2017 20:00

    Jonah Blanks POV: As me and my team arrive in Severograd to find a group of black clad bandits who robbed one of our men, as well as to hopefully recruit new members to the cause of starting a government. We walk around, talk to some people, and eventually we spot 2 people dressed in an attire that somewhat matches our description of the robber. So, we keep an close eye on them. After some desync issues,the 3 of us begin to talk in chat IC to another group, who begin asking us many questions, along with insulting us for no real reason other than an cheap excuse to initiate eventually. Once it is apparent that they plan on initiating, I attempt to vacace the area with my group. they follow, once again. Once they circle us, a woman armed with nothing but a silenced pistol initiates, and I raise my gun, and fire. After the short exchange was over, @Polat, my brother in arms at the time, told me via steamchat that he got shot in the head as soon as the bullets began to fly, as well as our other member, who was shot dead as well. This would contradict the statement made by @Rainey's statement, in which he stated: If this were true, the logs will show it. Also, do you really think I would textRP in DayZ while use voip teamspeak in another. In other reports and conversations in general, I have always stated my lack of a microphone. And thankfully, the fact that I only use textRP will disprove the fact that I said: "That we get airdrops from our country". In fact, I never said we were from a country, but building a society down in Shakhovka. But ANYWAYS. After the incident I was pmed by sleepy, which went as follows, only she forgot to add the rest of the logs, which I will do when I am able to screencap it using my computer. As more information and more POVs are posted, I will try to elaborate.
  15. TryaxReck

    A Home In Severograd (OPEN FREQ)

    *Jonah would be rummaging through his medical kit looking for some ointment for his face when the transmission from the crank-powered radio blared on. He would apply the ointment, get up, and speak into the reciever.* Fuck Severograd. You know whats there? Bandits. Shoot you for nothing, they don't care. At this rate the entire city will be down to 5 people within the month. I already got fucking blasted up there for trading my goods. I give up on that place. You wanna survive? Don't go to Severograd. You want a place where you can rest, contact me on a secure frequency. I can provide a reprieve. Not Severograd. Its hell. 3 months and everyone starts killing.. Není divu, proč lidstvo přišlo k tomuto osudu. Either way, signing off. Don't die. We good people are becoming an endangered species. *Jonah would let go of the transmission button and begin to wrap up his face in bandages, looking that of a mummy. He would walk around his camp, grab his assault rifle, and count the bullets in the magazine while reading a book, waiting for something to happen.*