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  1. hey guys im new here, how do i get into rp on nyheim? what parts are good for campfire rp, and what parts are good for my pvp montages? cheers, me
  2. It was fun being around you. Still distinctly remember the threats of my nuts being thwacked off by ya @cjackson821, always a pleasure RPing with you
  3. Darker nights is a definite +1. Make people use all those handy light-source items we have available, give em some use for once. As for zombies, honestly the only way to make them more dangerous is by adding something to them rather than just buffing / lowering a stat. Is there a mod / way to have zombies give a chance of giving some new, horrible disease? That could deter most from running up and meleeing the crap out of whatever they find.
  4. Which were your best and worst moments? One time a group of 5 surrendered to me, a lone russian man with an SKS, because they thought I was trying to bait them into initiating on me. I didn't even get that mad, I just got pissed they shot my deer that I was hunting for 20 minutes up to that point. Kirill was pretty confused and tried to get them to put their hands down, saying "You can just have the kill, I... uh. Uhm. Sorry, did not mean frighten..." Before backing off and letting them run away. Weird, but funny. Are you happy with your time spent on the server currently? Yeah, I enjoy it. It's a running simulator definitely, and it gets repetitive, but overall its great! Would you like to see any shift or change? - Base raiding hours: People shouldn't be allowed to raid bases during low pop times. It'll screw over our late-nighters (sorry!), but make bases more viable a concept. Allows hub RPers to focus on rping instead of rebuilding their broken base, allows hostile RPers to raid bases that aren't empty half the time. Systems that i've seen work prior are 1 PM EST - 10 PM EST. If your worried that this will end in a thousand white-names blocking off your favorite loot spots, you can tack on a caveat that only official groups get this privilege. - Better player retention systems: Teach people who want to RP how to RP. Good roleplayers come from bad roleplayers. While some community members actively try and take new guys under their wing, staff supported systems should be put in place and should not only be available, but actively promoted and pushed onto the new people. A little more effort will go a long way. - Relax the hostile RP rules: I honestly feel bad for bandits, having to jump through hoop after hoop to do their roleplay. Villainy requires a higher bar definitely, but the rules are just suffocating to people wanting to try something. - Self-policing: Bad apples ruin the bunch. Hostile RPers should be policing their peers more, so should campfire RPers. Staff can't do this though, thats up to people like me, whitenames with nothing to lose. I know i'll do my part, what says you? - Make game harder pls: Remember when it was hard to stay happy and healthy? I do! DayZRP is still DayZ, having ample ammunition, food, and medicine is kind of ignoring the whole end of the world. Lower everything. Make acts of charity meaningful, make bandits more of an (IC) asshole for stealing your can of beans. Boost prices at applicable traders to reflect this newfound scarcity. - Be nice: Seen a lot of people try to weasel their way into a victim card. Criticism is a personal attack, critique is toxicity, -10000, horrible idea do not add. Most of us are 18+, lets try acting like it! I know, I know, i'm preaching to the choir with this one but still, just something I wanna add. be nice and have a bit of empathy.
  5. What exactly is the structure of the staff team? For as long as I have been here I'm not actually sure on what the internal order is and how it operates. What are the actual job descriptions of support, gamemaster, and loremaster? Does each staff "team" have their own individual administrator that oversees that stuff? Is there overlap between staff teams? Is there any stuff ONLY certain teams are able to handle (think loremasters for lore.) I'd like to know what each "department" of the team does, and if there is some sort of hierarchy or if it's more based on experience (would a longtime loremaster outrank a new support in terms of judgement? What about a gamemaster?) Thanks!
  6. Also could be looked at from a loot-perspective. At brass tacks, you don't really have to do things like bandit unless you want too. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as it's an RP server, but when you can find your equipment and cooperate so easily to survive in DayZRP, it makes little actual sense as to why you'd do things such as raid, pillage, and plunder. That's usually where ideology comes in, with ___ faction trying to ___ the other factions. Madlib whatever words you'd like, probably has been done before. Creative ideas are still possible, so I find it particularly eyeroll inducing when it's just another nationalist/communist/bikergang/psychward group wanting to cause terror/conquer/subjugate/befeared. Like, what, you think your special? My character has dealt with your type before, mans ain't scared. Just gonna pop off one example: Starving bandits. A group of starvers dedicated to getting their 3 days a meal in. Can't eat any food looted, can only eat food gotten from infected or players. Gives a real reason to bandit for a realistic reason, and sort-of addresses the issue in regards to plentiful supplies in our lovely third-world country by deliberately not interacting with such things. Just... I dunno. Think of something new? I think the people are just tired of seeing the same thing like everyone else. Would much rather be robbed by a starving man than a "creepy" serial killer or ideologue.
  7. Really? I've been involved with one mass-initition at Berezino involving this group, and i've heard of around two others from other members in the community. Still though if thats what you say, i'll correct myself: is now: Apologies for the misinformation.
  8. I dont think you can Kabanino shuffle your way into a group. Distinctly remember the bridgewater namesake camping the civilian trader for hours on end. It also seems clear to me that the group uses the redneck stereotypes to try and justify the low effort rp put out. Not to mention that your actual character pages have maybe a paragraph of writing and then a picture of some dude from Duck Dynasty. Honestly seems like a way to get easy group attacker rights so you can mass initiate in Berezino easier. -1
  9. Yeah but what does this suggestion do for RP if you still gotta lug around a 10kg tent that fills up half your inventory space though? If what you want is to roleplay with a tent item, A) why would tent space matter B) why not petition for the tent to be more suited for rp via adjusting size / weight Not really against this idea, the points are fine (plenty of storage already as you said) but i don't see tents being used for "roleplay purposes" if you dont also modify the weight and size of it. Unless your just tired of seeing tents in apartments, then idk. Life is pain riley stole my clout for the inventory space idea. Ignore the rambling thanks ya ease of access to a lot of storage usually means that people are incentivized to fill it up to the max. cant argue w/ you there
  10. Only acceptable night sky is one where I feel like I just took acid.
  11. Honestly? I'd just counter-propose just creating a new tent variant w/o storage space. Make them smaller than the normal space required for the storage tents, and make them lighter so RPers can haul them around without needing a dufflebag to carry them. Also, what does reducing tent storage actually do? Roland stated that it doesn't actually matter if people store gear as the loot tables are seperate from what is found both on characters and in storage, so would what would the point be? Gear hoarding? Frequency of base raids? Whats the negative impact you speak of to people like you? Elaborate upon 'roleplay' as your reasoning, as it's pretty vague and I still don't know why.
  12. Wipe? Yes. Everyone else has already made good arguments so I will just give a vague statement of "read above" for my reasonings. Loot-tables need fixing as well, everyone agrees, but the issue lies in that I think the amount of people agreeing on how it should be changed exactly will be differing. Obviously, these are my opinions, but ill list them all out and their justifications. Limit Military Hardware: Everyone (citation needed) has an assault rifle. But what if assault rifles were rare? Like, PKP rare. Well, maybe not that rare, but still rarer than they are now. Reduce spawns, increase traderman price, see what happens. If it doesn't work then just revert back to normal. Ammo is (relatively) easy to find if you aren't trying to get 7.62 via the Elektro supermarket, with I myself finding enough loose bullets to fill up 2-3 magazines by looting NWAF. This is good, keep the ammo scarcity. Adjust weight per bullet if you want to punish bullet mules for carrying around those drum-mags. Fix Raiding Pls: For base-raiding materials, it seems to ebb and flow. When it rains it pours, with some runs being devoid of but a singular rocket and others practically brimming with LAWs and RPG-7s. DayZ loot econ is like trying to save a sinking ship with a bucket sometimes. Not really sure how to fix this without pissing off someone. Reduce spawning? Explosive damage? Hell, I found a LAW and like 4 rounds of ammuniton for it ON MY OWN. I am scared of what big groups can pool together. Civvie Guns: Increase the amount of high-tier civilian weapons, perhaps boost the damage even if people get mad about the sudden lack of one-taps for PVP compilations due to a lack of ARs. I strive for a day where I can see people doing the Kabanino shuffle with the SKS and Scorpion. Plenty of other ideas but I don't wanna get too off-topic. Enjoy my 2 cents.
  13. Ah i thought you were asking for a headband to be added into the DayZRP mod proper, not adding the durag thing to the shop. Yeah why not more money for Roland, lets fuckin' goooooo
  14. How would it work / look exactly? I figure you could use it like how people use the Shemagh, by clicking to change what exactly the design looks like (headband, facemask, durag). However the main issue i'd imagine would be clipping with the natural hair of most people. It seems a bit niche, I wouldn't see too many people wearing it. Then again, thats the same for stuff like wool dresses and cowboy hats, so who knows? As long as the file size cost isn't absurd, I don't think it'd make that much of a difference whether it was added or not. +1
  15. All of the above, and the simple fact that some random stranger taking names and a good look of your face may have people suspicious that said information may be used nefariously. Nefarious people themselves don't want their names out there either, go figure. Not quite due to the government directly, but definitely an offshoot of the same tree.
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