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  1. LET ME WIN YOU GOD FORSAKEN WHITENAME >:(((( But fine, I choose.... you. Tewudin
  2. I heard my name? What did I miss? I hate to roll with the cool kids, but Xehara
  3. TryaxReck

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    Thanks, @Combine. I'll be sure to check out all that, appreciate it a lot. And yeah, don't worry. I'm most focusing on the Cacausus region for that exact point, a Chernarussian character wouldn't know much more outside of that scope. Thanks!
  4. TryaxReck

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    What is generally going on in the Caucasus region of the world? I'd like a quick summary of what happened to it during these past 2 years, who was in charge, any new nation states during the years? etc. etc. From Armenia to Southern Russia, I wanna know a quick rundown before I start spewing off things IC that didn't actually happen.
  5. Aye, welcome. I hope to see you ingame before the bandits do! Enjoy your stay.
  6. TryaxReck

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    I always feel torn with this. On one hand, I want to be the guiding hand for these RPers and teach them how to be good at roleplay. I despise how I've been called a "stupid f**ing whitename" more times than I can count when on a discord channel or talking to people. But I also get the anger towards me and other whitenames. People come to DayZRP for a good experience, and they get upset when stuff like this happens. And considering the vast majority of players are whitenames (and most trolls dont buy ranks), I get it. Yet I don't believe restricting the age limit would be in any way a good idea. I believe that simply having a harder whitelist would be the best course of action, maybe even alongside pairing up veterans in the community with these new people.
  7. TryaxReck

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    11/10. Overall, a grand story with a good, well rounded person. So many are written like journals or biographies, yours feels like a.. Story. A story with an open end. Splendid work. I'm definitely taking a page or two from that character sheet. Graphics were nice too, but you aren't supposed to judge books by their covers
  8. Well, I guess we caught another one in the DayZRP flytrap! Kidding. Pinky swear. Welcome, I hope you don't get swarmed by infected your first day
  9. TryaxReck

    False Report?

  10. Ive had this problem as well, and there are a variety of issues that could do this. 1: you arent using the built in DayZ Launcher. Do NOT try to log onto DayZRP via the steam launcher. 2: You dont have all the mods. Do NOT enable the DayZRP Beta mod, if you have it. 3: Your files arent verified. Be sure to verify your files and make sure everything is in tip top shape before you log on. 4: Your name isn't matching the name you whitelisted as. If in the DayZ Launcher, there should be a name parameter. Put in whatever name you RP as, exactly as how its spelt.
  11. Can't go wrong with making a story book in a game revolving about stories, right? Good idea. I like it, at the very least. (Also, love your pfp. Beep needs more love with the hivers)
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